when it's this

i'm not yet sleepy. Payday farm harvest this week is three percent. Not bad. It's within expectations. We have crickets in the house. I don't mind as long as it's continuous rather than just one. I used to live in a farm with crickets everywhere. What's different here then?

It's the resistance in you. You know how to choose to respond. This is your creation. It's a positive step forward. I added more fuel to the bot. Maybe i can do two lots next time? As long as it's there, you can set as many as you want. From observation thus far, it touches one side and goes up the other. If this is consistent then i can scale up next time.

I had coffee before going home. It's why i'm not that sleepy now. I write so i can get there cross that threshold. I had a very long call. It was a simple atg error but the user didn't know how to browse. I had to literally do hand-holding to get things done. He was on the phone for three hours trying to get his gmail activated again.

Why didn't they think of that sooner? Maybe they were looking to lower their stats. You know better now. At least it was this one call. You can average down everything the rest of the week. In the meantime, it's all improving moving in a positive direction that i prefer. No insistence. It's just the general direction i'm going.

Son is like a pc consult now to his circle of friends. That's awesome right there. It's like knowing how to build a car back in my day. It's still a useful skill. How else can it move forward? I don't know. Work starts tomorrow at nine. The last tu hasn't gone through. I may have to do manual tu from that store by the stop. At least you get that instantly.

If not, you may have to check into it. Why is that not efficient? I'm not sure. You may have to give them a call. What is that? It sounded like a bird chirping. Wife gets home two hours. I can wait up or not. I took a nap earlier. I can do that from here on. Is that positive? What is that noise?

It sounds like birds chirping. Or is that a leaky faucet? It could be. We might be moving again. Our edge is that kids go to school. This means we stay for long term. There was another family there. Let's see how it goes. There's a good chance owners are asian. It's the connection but it's more resonance and relevance. I trust the synchronicity.

I can go to bed after i finish writing. I feel more confident in my work. It's just the mornings that get to me. Once i start, time and space folds. Next thing you know it's a monday and time for the weekend. I put one hundred in so i can have spares later. What is that sound? It's the night sounds. I go to bed after i finish these. I did not get to write two or three days.

Maybe i should have coffee more? Only fridays and mondays. These are weekend markers for me. It's fun this way anyway. I can still leave at that time. Then i can catch bus and have plenty of time there. Let's see how it goes then. I can do something about it. Or not. Let's see how it goes. It is the initiative. At least it's moving forward this way.

Do i talk about these things? Of course. At least it's moving forward this way. You don't have to go this way or that. I can read my book when i go down for bed. Or relieve stress that way. Let's see how things go. It's almost midnight. Do i finish writing? This is better than just lying in bed trying to sleep.

This is like detox for the brain and to get the flow going. Then you are blood-letting of some sort. Does the indent work? It looks like it. I will find out soon as i start coding. In the meantime, only do this. They do come from different env. Why is that? What's the synchronicity here.

Do i quit now? Take the leap? Not yet. You are forcing things to happen. Ride the wave. I am going to have to be pushed in the direction otherwise i am still getting something out of it. If not, then i can always do something else in the process. What are my options here? Get to the other side. Soon as you have that you can always be in the light.

But you can continue writing or stop now. I will finish then post. Then i go to bed. If not sleep, then i can read my book. It's always spiralling expand this way. I have an abundance and i learn much in my experience. You have the keys to creation? Yes. How does it serve you? I see how it unfolds. Everything is here and now. You just gotta be in the right channel.

How can you tell? It points downstream. Everything feels easier. You hardly have to push to make things happen. You allow for things to fall into place. You always get something out of it. It's all connected that way. Yo udon't have to go there. You see the reflection and contrast evenywhere. Is that enough yet?

It has always been. We are on the weekend. I have double weekends. I wonder if she found people to play badminton with? Perhaps not. Maybe get her into a club and join her there for a while. I think that will do a lot of good. This will help her socialize in a way. There are others in her bracket that might be in it already.

How else are you going to do this? I don't know. That too is a reflection for you. It feels like i did something right there. This is how it all feels like. I am getting sleepy. I write mornings and i get sleepy. At least this way i am about to go to bed. I rush through this so i can get on with my day.

This is a bit late. I can stop now or do later. Let's finish this. This is what the habit is about. Then i can see where this is all going. It's all connected that way. How did that happen? It was set into place by long term visionaries. They knew what they were doing. You do too. Now you are building up bankroll so you can do indie from here.

How soon? No expectations. Trust the timing. When it's the right time, you'll know when to take the plunge. Is that a bird? It sounds like it. Are they trying to come in? I don't know. I've never heard of that before. Should i close the windows? About five more lines or so. Make that ten.

That feels like a lot. In the meantime i am getting sleepy. I've done my chores. What else needs to be done here? I'm not sure. You rae going to bed anyway. Let's finish these then get on with the day. I don't have positions open. It's best to harvest when the fruits are there. Or not. But this is how it feels right. So let it be so.

You do that every week and you can get off soon. Simply add to it, scale up and be patient. You don't have to get into all that anymore. Now you seem to have something good up and running. Trust the timing here. What else needs to happen/ it is above previous day high. Is it going to continue? We'll find out.

An easier way is to stop the instance then close trades manually. That way the bot isnt running and you can close on the manual. Then you don't have to wait much. That is a step in the positive path. How else can i use this? Finish writing. Then you can go to bed. They don't have school anyway. They will go to bed on their own. They play games all day.

That helps in a way. It keeps them sharp. Let it be so then. I saw a chunk in his armour. I respond differently. I was going to say better or worse, but the path is different for each. It's how you use it that counts. It's the state of being. I am getting sleepy now. Let's get going soon.

I go to bed when i finish posting this. It wont take long now. I stumble when i rush through it and think too much. You know what to do now. Let's get going with this and see how it goes. Maybe i need my own coaster. You can be a slob that way. You know what to do now. I can get one or make one my own.

At least it's moving forward this way. I've taken my meds. Then i can walk tomorrow. I may have to tu on the way there. Or will it work tomorrow? We'll see. It's taken longer this time. I wont go there again. I can stop by smales but that is one extra stop along the way. Maybe do so when pick up wife.

That is an option. I am almost done here. What time are they going. I am sleepy already. What happens next? What do yo udo then? I'm not sure yet. Right now it's python plust forensics. I think that's a good combo there. You know what to do. I see that want ad. There is going to be a lot of activity in there. What does that mean?

You will know.