it somehow denotes

what's it like in there? Is it really different or are there small details thatwork the same? You know how prime radiants work. It's all about resonance and pathways.

Then this is an opportunity for me to play with the energy. I can start playing later on. Last night was a long stretch of nothings. So it's like this. Autohotkey, or ahk doesn't seem to work this time. I'll look into it. Surely they want players to multi-table. If that doesn't work, what's the point.

Or are they on investor profit mode now? That's sad. You may have to look into other sites for assistance on this. Are they eager to provide support on that? If that were the case, what's the point of doing things in windows?

You can simply copy paste the folder and run on wine. That seems to work with mt4. I have that in me. I tend to look at these things. I am aware of that now. I have a choice. I will write between sessions though. What's different this time? I go back to work tomorrow. What's up with the wife?

I don't know. She has issues here. It's the spiral thing. You go back but it's not the same river. It is your awareness that sees the same thing but it's not. Widen your view and you see things differently. That's the point of it all? Not as much. But you get the point.

She's making her smoothie now. It's going to make a lot of noise. What are those files? Do you need it t ogo thhere? No editing. Write and get to the other side. Next weekend is five days from now. Let's cross this bridge then and see what happens.

Is that an alarm. Is she going out? I'm not sure. I'll ask her later. School is about to start again. Buses are going to fill up. Why is that door open? It's for th esmoke to go out. I write but this is connected for me. What are my options. Where is that thing? I think it's in the bag.

She'll use my bus card. Not much cash around these days. It's the new way? It's a different way and you are looking into this. At least you have a standing chance here. I get home for dinner anyways. It's the mornings that i'm not around.

We'll get to that when the timing is here. In the meantime, only do this. Get them solutions so you're not thinking baggage around. I'll have my coffee and be right back before she heads out. I can leave the card in here anyway. Did that alarm turn on? I think so. She did something about it then.

They see you write a lot. I have a custom domain for that. I don't know if i should keep it. Are people doing searches for that? How much is the traffic in there. People will want to read about these things. Will it work? Look into these as well. You might want to go for them videos. It's this and that.

You tend to have long stretches where it's going nothing. You want it that way. That's the grind. You can will find something else in the meantmie. It's all connected for you. I did not nap yesterday? I think i did but only for a short time. What's she doing now?

It's the wake up grind. I guess she can't wait for that to wait. I'll complain about it if i did not get much sleep. It wakes people up. It is a bit noisy. Is there something i can do here? I guess you can explain things to her. It is bothersome though.

That's life now. I don't want to go there but if that's where it needs to be then so be it. Why is it picking up on my browsing habits? It's not a habit. You are aware of it. But when you are not then do somehing about it. This is how everything is connected for you.

Do these kids have work today? It's expanding as always. I can see this. How much farther are we talking about? Does he need that as a job then? If that were this week, how much did you make? Can you level this up? You have much to process here. It's the energy. That's what you do.

I get what you mean. I am leaning into it. You always have a choice here. Then you can make something out of it as well. It's different now. You can check this out and see how it goes. In the meantime, you can find what needs to happen on in here. You can find that info as usual.

It's that products line. What are my other options here? Look into all these things and you can connect with it. You see the contrast. You have accelerated yourself and the dam is rushing through you. You have a choice. You can be bitter about it and crash or redefine the energy. That is your creation.

I was going to say power but it somehow denotes a negative feeling in me. Creation sounds feels more neutral, more elegant to describe how or what it is. Then i can use it from that perspective. There is a feeling of dread in me. I use that energy. Everything is here for me. I am in the future and past.

I can change htat. I own it. Then you are outside of the forest. You have different perspective. I can get that solution and two things to do in there. Let's get going then. Can i get that instead? I see what you mean. Moving on now. Almost done with that. Do you need more storage?

It's the same price but it's an annual thing. This here has been sitting there for years and it costs the same. I get the answer now. I don't need it. I don't travel around much and don't work with other people on this. One hour bands are narrow. At least the grid is wide.

This is part of the process then. What can i do about it differently? Let it go. This here is what i have. Both active and passive. At least it's working for you. How do you proceed from here? I'm not sure just yet. It went short of that.

Is this optimal? It feels like it. Then you can let it go for now. Focus on what's here and now. If it's not, then do something else. She'll spiral on around eventually. You have all these here for you. What's going to happen next? I have that here and now and it looks like a feast.

That one was really funny. It looked real though until you look much more closer. And then you gets the joke. But what are you doing from here? Simply get to work. Get your head down and see how these things connect. There's a lot of support going on in there. Who are these people?

It's what you say. She's making her lunch. Does she have enough cash? Not all of them do. At least it's moving forward this way. I can look more into that as well. For now, only finish these and see what else opens up for you. That was a long stretch. You are spiralling around?

You gte what needs to happen here. Trust the timing. It's all here and now. Soon as you get into that frequency you will know what to do. For now, this is where i am. I can close that door now. Or not. You have this all connected and you can make changes every time all the time.

I get how the energy works now. Let's get cracking here. You are in alignment all the timing. It's always perfect weather and it isn't seem to be like summer. The weather has shifted again. Are we geting much colder weather this time? That would be interesting. I used to know what that means.

Move expand.