move on now

i couldn't sleep. What else is new. I have interview tomorrow and my head kept running through the different scenarios. At this time i'm going to go for the 'admit defeat' platform and explain why i can be the better candidate--i have no place else to go.

It makes sense as others may be physically capable but soon as they get a better job find one, they leave. That cripples your team and you don't want that. I think that makes sense. I can take a nap later on at around six. For now, it's good to write and run this bot see how the market plays out on the london close.

This is what i do. It only needs one percent. I don't have to keep this bot running all day. What to do next? The broadband is going to be off for several days worst case scenario. I might run this bot on eurchf. It doesn't move about as much and i'm not sure if there is news coming. To be sure, i will turn on the timer.

The bot runs from london close to london open. Is that enough time? Should i even run this bot? We'll see. If i get this job, i have two options. I may have to set timer anyway. Or i can run a different bot. But it's going to be offline for several days. You don't want to go there. What can i do then? Turn it off when you get the job. Get back when you go online.

That makes sense. That's what i do then. We move tuesday next week. We sleep there tuesday? I think so. We check back every now and then. How to turn over keys? I don't know yet. We'll know when we get there. She's pissed off i get that. Who wouldn't be. I allow that. I integrate this into my experience. It's part of the whole. It's my process. So be it.

I don't know what happens next. Simply be open and trust the synchronicity. I guess that's it, that's where we go now. Start off addressing the elephant in the room then build up from there. Soon as i get to one year i don't have to go. I can either move to a different department or something else comes up. I'll open up to options then. In the meantime, do one year.

I'm there to lose weight anyway. It gets easier after twenty one days. This is the plot then. I see where it's going. So now i have a process for the interview. I can stop thinking about it now. How do you make it stand out? He has needs. He needs a team that will deliver results. He can get someone else but their good resume is also used to get other jobs. I have no where else to turn to but to make my resume good by doing a good job--commit to at least a year. Then things open up by then.

Why would he want that? Wil it work? It's time consuming and takes a lot of effort to hire and train someone for the job. You want people who will stay. Is that his main concern? That's one of them. What else? He is responsible for check-out. It's to move people out so others come in and give customers a pleasant experience.

What else? If you were manager what are your wants? I guess that's it right there. I can focus on that. What do you talk about then. Price is headed to moving average. Should you be concerned? It's them bands. You want candles inside near ma not on the bands. That tells me it could go down. Wait until it's inside.

Then i do nothing. Trade price on the inside. Soon as they ride them bands you can't see a pullback soon. Getting back to writing. How do you get started. Point out the broken cv. I'm committed to stay for at least a year and put that in my resume. But it's a good company. I see that people are happy. There's a good chance that i will want to stay and explore opportunities then.

It's difficult having to move. I'm sure there be salary increase on a regular basis. I'll take that and see what i get out of it. Is this going to trend? Europe is about to close. I don't have to explain all this. It's confusing. Stick wit that plot. It's going t owork because it makes sense.

Let's do that then. Is there anything else i need to know? I'm not sure. Only that it's here anyway. I didn't get a call this time so i might as well do something else. I don't have to go there. Is there a notice? Of course there will be. I write. Wife had cramps earlier. I can doze off for an hour then get ready to go. I have everything in place?

I think so. Let's get cracking there. Finish writing. How far do you wants to write? It's them bands that concern me here. What else is there for you? I don't know. It it going to be like that price action? It looks like it. It's going o ride them ands until it doesn't. Then you can trade that. It's closing soon anyway. Let's see how it goes. It's been like that for a while now.

There you go. I turned on bot for euraud. I think it's about to go nowhere now. Let's see how it goes. How far down? Test that ma then bounce back. Price tests back them bands then figure out where it wants to go from there. If not, then see what happens. But price seems to have stagnated at this point.

How do you convince anyone? What questions do you have? I know i should ask questions but if you are not going to hire me then i'll be wasting your time anyway. But if you hire me i am sure questions will come up as i do my work. I think i have better context asking them then. For now, the only question that matters is when do you want me to start?

Is it going to be that easy? I think so. If he doesn't answer that, then there's a good chance i go look for something else. So be it then. This is the path. I am ok with that. It can go this way or that anwyay. What can you do here to dsr everything. What would it feel like? How will you respond? The response is key and it ties in with everything.

I respond to let's take a nap when i feel like it to help the body adjust. I'll be in the sun all day. That triggers everything. Plus i'll be dead tired coming home. Maybe wife can come pick up? That'll be fun i think. Or not. I'll bring bike and ride the sidewalks. That makes sense too. What else is there anyway? I leave at ten and i get there in about ten minutes.

That's more than enough time. Is this more than enough for now. Should i turn off the other one? The spreads are pretty close anyway. I don't think this is going to go deep anyway. Price is headed into them ma and it's right next to each other. I can watch videos. Or not. First finish writing. I am not a writer now. I guess so. I am more a baby sitter to this bot.

That's good isn't it. Yes. And then i add incremental improvements to that other bot. I get ideas and it comes back to testing. Then i can see where this is going. Does it go as low as that? It's where it's supposed to turn bac. That's hot. Who is that? I don't know. You see the contrast there.

Things have turned around already. You don't control that. I see what you mean. I see that. Is it rude that way? I don't think so. I am being practical anyway. Then we can do something in here. I can move on now. I see what you mean there. What did that lady mean? Surely there are other factors. Then i will find out when i get there then.

I see the people working there. I think it's about people skills. You want them talking to the customers making sure they have it right and in and out faster so they turnover sooner. Or not. I don't know how things go in here. I am excited about this. Why do i have definitions otherwise. It's contrast. At least i am aware of them.

Can you write about it? I already am writing about it. It don't have to be fancy. It's going to be like this for a year or so. After a year, the bot will have sufficient funds to get me a bike. I'll be processing that account as well for the corporation. Then we make things happen? It's my second wind in place. Aha. This feels right then.

What else is there? I'm not sure. You can take this as far as it will go and see what happens. It's righ tthere anyway. What else do you go for? I don't know. We'll see. It takes a while but this is my time now. You see what the horizon is like? It's like sunrise at dawn. It looks bright and serene. How do you see more of that.

It's on the milford side. I'll find out what it looks like then. For now, i write. I finish writing then take a nap later. That's more than enough for me. I tried sleeping but it didn't work. Why is that? Is it cold? I can get me a blanket then. This is going nowhere. What can i do here? Turn it off later before you go.

I'll do that. Then this has to run on the cloud. I'll do that when this closes on profit. For now, this runs for another three hours or so or until i feel sleepy. I don't have to force it. I feel sleepy, i take a nap. This is what i do now. I finish at noon. I get back later. Son is at home. The other kids maybe at home as well.

All is as it should be.