have that point

the app shows the folder and filename. That's good. It's befor you start making changes to the file. Best to name it that way. It's getting a response that you are playing with. How do you use it then. I can go back take another nap later.

That's what i'm doing then. This is i clarify my frequency. Once started, see it through. Finish it. You can always do another one later but if you dont, you wont finish both in two weeks. Just get something off the hself, go through it and get on with your life. Just do one hour minimum. When you feels like it, add another. This is how you move along and resonate.

No expectations. You are doing it because it feels good to learn about it or t ogo through that experience. Just the experience. You are adding to your pse. Then you can expand from there. Everything you do is for that pse anyways. In a sense, that pse is who you are. Do you have to go that way. Perhaps not. How else can you make this yours. No needs for that but you have this with you.

And you can make that change. It's that strong ego sense that affects the energy. You can change that yourself. Then you can and will see how everything connects back to you. Just do this. It was good yesterday. It was a friday and i made it through nine days of work. It started slow but gained momentum soon as the shift took place.

That's how you experience it. Put yourself there everytime you need to resonate with that energy. It's how shift happens. It starts from the inside and you layer it in through your experience. And then you can also start these things. Why not do a change your life video. And everyone is doing that anyway.

I can do a fast today. Needs to bring out them brisket then salt them. I can put it out after i finish writing. How else can you do more of those. Ride your bike. These are your mini adventures. Take a club and do one hour of that. Find your spot and then whack away. It dont have to be a public place. Just any spot that's safe will do.

Will it affect the environment. I'm not sure. You will find out though when you get there. In the meantime, you are not going to see it when you are not in that energy. It's all like this. Do you need a van like it. That can be a project for you. You can start up a garage. You can start building your tools and fix up things. Then you can make changes.

It's paranoia. It's the perspective. How can you change these things. You allow the energy to be there. Then you pick up. You expand. You accelerate. You slow down and taake up more space. You ground it through action. It's how you become resonate with that energy. What else can we do here. Not much laundry. I can look into that. Coffee. It's a long walk. But it's aligned walk.

That shows you how much you've changed. The energy there is different now. You have moved up. That energy there has remained the same for you. Trust the timing. You have what it takes anyway. Remember that. Ground it through action. You have it in you all this time. Then ground it through your actions. How will you behave. How are you going to respond to these little things.

Once you see it through that perspective once you have that point of view in your energy then you have created shifted into that dimension. It dont matter what energy they are in. It's your energy that matters most. This is your universe. Everything here is for you. Do i go for a walk. Do i ride out to the city. What's in there anyway. I can have coffee out there. I can go to takapuna and have coffee there.

Then i can get that case. I'll go check out the nearby case stores first then see what else is available. I have this other one coming. It takes a month though. Is there a different way to do this. Check out takapuna today. You can do your fast this way then take the bus home from there. That sounds good. Or can i go there and waits for the wife to finish. I have chores here anyway. I can look into that.

I have much to do and got up early. Couldnt sleep. I can go take a nap later anyway. I have decaf in here. I can go get coffee on that shop when there's time. For now, it's not here for you. What else. What are my other options here. Why do they finish early. It's like a hotel lobby. Yes, you are right about it. The atrium does feel like a big lobby.

How did they make it so. They are the biggest. It channels rigth through. They could have done so in australia. But i built it here. This is for me. What can i do with this creation. I'm not sure yet. Take it one day at a time. It's here and now. Can i tether into this. Will it be faster this way. I'm not sure. I can check that though. I am shifting into that other one.

Have they changed that default. I have one more but it can wait sit this one out. Then you will see how things can connect abck to you. It's the information. You are always evolving because of the information. And you get that going. You are happening right now. You can play. Or you can do something else. You dont have to. Just be here and now.

Do you have to respond to that. You can allow it to be there. Just be like fog. Or something like analogy. You dont have to change the outside. Just change you from the inside. All things fall into place after that. I havent heard of that one in a long time. Do i go to the city. I can go to that restaurant. I can have lunch there.

What are my other options. How can i spend item with the son. I'm not sure yet. That thing finished and unplugged. Can i run tonight. Of course. Let's see how the feet feels like then we decide later. What are my other options. I'm connected and online anyway. Cancel that and see what opens up for you. Are you going to give them balance for their devices.

Or is it cheaper to go that way instead. We'll see how it goes. I'll look into it when i finish writing. She snores a lot. How do you change up these things. That's like the bus money you spend anyway. Use it this time for the good of all mankind. You dont do it tothe outside. You bless from the inside. You bless your soul.