else to use

this feels like a better size--smaller, tight so it wraps around to next line sooner. But will it make any difference? I want to simply stay home and take a nap. But the energy is different. Use it up. What's good about it?

I am in better shape. I've lost two inches since the day i started. I was having carbs in between. I have tightened up. There was pizza but i didn't choose to have one. It feels there's a disconnect in flow after i have carbs. Is that what it's like? HOw do you change things around?

Why are they so set in the negative? Am i that way? I guess so as this is in my contrast. Or since it's contrast, i have feedback now that i can use. I miss that coffee morning. Tomorrow i have day off. It's an isolation thing. They are upset they are not that connected. But it's a definition. You have to be connected to be disconnected.

HOw do you change that? You can't. You can only shine the light. He was so set in his way. I can't teach him anything. If so, let him go on his way. Even that guy was upset with himself and it simply reflects back. HE knows what he should have done. You simply give them space to expand. It's not about you, it's the energy.

You observe and see that anyway. I have time for yoga. These kids have their own world. Am i trying to control? It's been fun. What happens next? There's me and the nesting group. Or it could be something else tonight. We'll see how it goes then. I think that's what we do about it. There was no rant and it went on fine.

You can move forward with this then. It gives you different perspective. HOw can hero change the creation. HE creates it from within. It's about the contrast but still being in the light. That is what this is about. I can go that way continue up. Or cut through the library.

That sounds good. I'll do that now. Here you see the difference. HOw is that happening. What can i do about it? I may have to shift into that to change it. Or not. Simply do something else. I don't think i can use that one as it has a symbol in itself.

I feel upset. It's always like this mornings. Why so? What's in your source code. It's not what i prefer. Then you are moving through contrast. Use it as feedback. Change your response to it. This comes around, change it. I can check that bill and see what's happening there.

You will still see that it is about this. How come she can't change it up. HOw long you gonna be here? I'm not sure yet. Simply trust the process and see how it goes. You are going to be here anyway. You have it still but the response is different. It is in my memory. HOw is everything up there.

It's no longer relevant other than it gives you contrast. But what else can i do there. You get the energy. You can use it from there. That's not going to last as long. I finish at midnght get home around that time. You have options then. That has heavy foot walker.

She finished a whole box of it. That's too heavy. I needs to vote on that or choose to ride the synchronicity. This is my choice then. What other options do i have? Be in the contrast. I'll do yoga after this. I can have coffee as well. It's different this time.

Do i have to go that way? We'll see how it goes. I can stop by the shop on my way to work. Then i can check out my own stuff. I get picked up so i can see what's happening in there. I don't get to walk though. At least i get home sooner. I don't have gifts for them. Maybe on next payday we'll sort things out.

They can decide for themselves. Or wife is not going to take it this time. She doesn't. I gives it to her freely and by choice. So i own it. Why can't people own it? It's not out there. I don't get this as much. Let me pull up that information. There is an app like that. Why not simply use existing apps?

It's free anyway. That product didn't solve things much. I think you see what's happening here. Is there a perfect situation? It's out there or you can make one for yourself. Like how? This be good for a week. Why does it come up and back like that? It has a trigger. Use it for what it is. I do this everyday.

HOw can hero change things around? By choice. You go inside out as wel. These cans are comfortable. I can wear them through the walk up. It is a good walk. I can make it so and is there traffic this time? What time did you get there? I think it is enough time that way. I can take...lost by questions.

She's getting ready to go. Is it trimming down? Do you want to go that way? Is there something else in here. Is this going to crash down some more. That would have been activated. But monday is coming up. You can let this go for now. At least the fund is intact. It can be used that way.

It is this scale that you seek. You can add funds then start adding to position size. This was the lesson here? It looks like it. What to wear today? Then it is so. What are you going to do about it? It's all the same if you ask me. Someone is in that light. I don't think i want to go there.

Why is this in my energy? It was contrast. This is opportunity to align line up everything. You can choose do be that or something else. This is why you have it in you. This is the contrast. I can go take a nap now. Or do this later instead of yoga.

But yoga feels so much better. That is making too much noise. Why were they getting noisy in there. I'm not sure but it is what it is. You learned something from that experience. The soul needs this? That doesn't line up for me. I guess it is the experience.

It is what it is. You can find something else to use. Or use up this energy and redefine it. It is noise. You stay in bed all day tomorrow. Do something else. Like go have coffee there. Wife is gonna go shopping. I'd rather be home take my naps. I can go for a walk.

That settles things then. I don't enjoy going shopping with her. It takes too much time. I go in get my stuff then do something else. I don't walk around looking to see what else is there. I can look around.

So what happens now? I guess this is the part that equates to everything else. And then you see how things are happening. You have this energy in here that seems to work out that way. Now you see it then. I am upset? I can choose to let go. Redefine all the time. It's here and now.

What else is there. You can use it for euraud. Hedge that and see what happens. This hoes side at times. Or not. I am finishing this up to get on with my day. Just do one page and increase from there. Why force youruself that even? You say you are not.

This is simply writing to connect. I am sleepy. Can i take a nap instead? I can do that. Sleep in the bus sounds good. It's refreshing. HOw else do you get comfy there. You know how to make it work. Get sleepy you sleep. Even if for five minutes it's a lot and you restart.

You reconnect and it works that way. Now that you've seen it, what else is there. Why are you putting energy? It's echo lag. I've changed that already. You have everything there now? It feels like it. Do yoga. That's my coffee. The coffee here don't take as much. Then you can change that later on. Why not use that thing.

I will look into it.