go into that

not much happening. Days off i dread coming back to work. This is contrast. This is feedback i am using. I have the bot farm in place and it has been profitable.

Next step is to expand on this. Get in the light and you will see what's relevant for you. Right now it's out there. At least i have something here going for me. How to get investors? When the timing is right, they are going to line up to your door. Son got his mouse yesterday. He is proud of the setup.

I get the watch today? Me thinks so. I can get in on to work. I can use that thing on this bag instead. That is an option. What else is out there? I'm not sure. For now, only write. It's that extra time. You don't have to go there.

You can always nap on the bus going home. That's the fun part for me. There's always that fun part you can put yourself in. What happens next? I'm not sure. Plenty of cleaning. I can do that as well. That takes a lot of time but this is what's here and needs to happen. Let it be so. I am going to miss this one.

But you know where you are headed. Finish this off then you'll see how it goes. These are the things you hae. And then what? I can cook. That oer there is part of what's relevant. Eat, cook travel. These two. Four actually including rain. It's all about having fun. Why not that way? So much fear in there but you already know how to use up the energy.

How? You simply sit yourself into it and enjoy the process. There is always something here for you. Next stop is weekkend plus you have dinner time tonight to run the bot. These are your moments. That's how you gets to the other side. And then what happens? Just do this for now. I got the first one going.

That's alright. I wasn't even there yet but i guess there was error in that part. Just do this and see how it goes. Maybe they send them out as part of the marketing thrust. Or not. But you know how to use up the energy. I didn't write. What happened there. No sleep. How do you use it now? I don't know. When it's not there then it's not there.

For now it's only this. It's also part of this equation. You will live up to that. You are have gotten started. Your path is different. You don't have to go there. Know though that this is part of your equation. You know what to do here. Then you can find what's relevant for you. I think you see it here.

And then what happens. How do you explain that to them? Start with what's present then work your way back. I get that then they call you back. Not really. You simply break it down for them. That's how you get to the next call. It gets shorter and you get to work your way through it. But you can do that later. You can crowd it out?

No. Use up the energy in a different way. What time is he going? I'm not sure. What comes next? Them things. The winter jacket is coming up. It's been a long time due. You get to that level? Pretty soon. You can level up now if you need to. Maybe not just yet. You know what happens next. Test this new bot.

If need be i can go into that. I felt woozy last night. Maybe i need to get more sleep. Then skip that one. You know the drill. You can go here and there but that is deep into that equation. You do so once a day only. And then you find what happens next. You just write about it. I guess she's already left.

I can check out the mailbox on the way out. It was at the post office yesterady. It would be delivered today? I think so as well. What comes next? It depends. These two are not yet delivered. Look into it. The ones available are not there anymore. At least you see contrast get feedback on how to do this.

You see what comes next. For now, only write. Finih writing this. You are not breathing. I have that working on the equation. Then you can gets on with your day. What happens today. I go there. I take a nap. I do the laundry. Do one year into that and you see how it goes. Is that the exact amount? There seems to be something off about it.

What are my options here. I feel woozy. What can i do about it. I am not sure. Stick with the plan. These two are coming with you. Just do this then and see how things are going. I can compute but for now, what happens next. We get home. I get my stuff going. These two are enough. I can explore other things.

Like what? Tools? Hobby. Get something new and up and about. You can test another thing you can do. But for now, it's all this and that. Do you get your stuff from there as well? I think so. Then you have it all in here anyway. Trust the timing. It's all here for you. I can get...she goes to school late.

I don't know if there's time there but if she's still leaving i can get them oatmeals. Remind me later. I have in there now. You simply go and follow the energy. You put a void in there? It's more like a connection. If this then that else this. That's a simple equation and it works as a great reminder too.

Kids are getting ready for school. One last and then you are done here. How to get that matched up. You trust the timing. It's coming but there are other things you need to take care of. Once the connection is there it all points downstream. You hardly have to do a thing.