happy birthday

i have them tracks on my other phone. I'll bring that with me today. Turned off the net last night. I learn stuff with every experience. I will look into that some more.

Are we taking calls today? It's not that bad. It's the anxiety that i deal with. Those thoughts come rushing and you aren't bad yourself. Keep it up then.

I think i see what's happening. Synchronicity reminding me where i am. What's another word for that. Is there a word you don't understand when you have google there with you. Don't have to learn them in advance. You will see them when it happens.

Then you can make it out as you go along. Do i want to keep writing then? It's for the experience of writing. You can continue on with this or not. That's not much happening during the day but you can keep it up and see how it goes. It don't last a week these days. You see what's happening there. Why not filter.

I can do that go there. It's all up to you. You can keep this up and experience something new. What is similar and what's different this time around? I'm not sure. But there be less of that anyway. He was down there this time. It's the people around you that matter most.

Is it that kind of energy? It's a reflection projection for you anyways. So you see it and it's there for you. I still have that going for me. Let's see how this turns out and take it from there. That hone started happening midnight. At least it don't burn up as fast.

Then is that the ideal candidate for you? Or try this other one on for size anyway. Daughter sees me writing. They'll know i write and have a repo for these ideas. That alarm is on again. I leave at fifteen to seven. That allows me time to get my bus.

Go for the experience then. It'll all heer for you anyways. And then what happens. I can look more into that. You do things for them then you won't find it entirely. You can take them calls or not. It's not that much but it's the experience that's more important. Go for that instead. I see what you meanthere.

Go for quality. Then it's here all for a reason. When is that coming in? I don't know. I start counting soon as it gets shipped. Other than that i haven't much to do. Walk around the city and experience things. Like what? Watch people. Sit and have coffee. Sit in the library. I have books to read anyways.

You can cancel these things. They are algorithm. They see what it is you do. No need to go deep into that. You can buy into a business. It revolves quietly around it. Then you will know what to do. That path is where i'm going then. What are my other options. This one goes quietly trending.

This is one other pair i can look into. She leaves early. It's the time in the library. These things are part of the process. What now? It's the no news situation or is something big about to happen? I'm not sure. The kiwi would have been a good trade this week. The others not quite.

I go in half an hour. And what else to write about. Tell me about your day. It was full of learning new experiences. Every call is that. You don't know what you get next. I see why the soul put this here. It's always for a reason.

That is water running. People always see these things. What can i do about it then? I'm not sure. Write what comes to mind. This one goes to work. The other two as well. This is what it's about now. Next week i start an nine thirty on nesting. I might be on my desk.

I'm fine with that. At least i get support with team coach. That's available at all times. It's a useful resource. There's a lot of good people there. Keep to it then. New changes in the horizon. It's there for you anyway. You can look into that. The soul is for experience.

It's awareness of the experience. No need to invalidate. It's all part of the process for you anyway. Listen in and figure out what the problem is. I think you see what is happening. It's turned off so we take down instances and do a trace as to what happened. Can't make it right now though.

How else could i have looked into that? You have an edge with the troubleshooting? It's not an edge per se but a different perspective. Was i wrong? It's not invalidation but at that time, i saw things differently. It's always different anyway. Next week she goes on without me. I finish at six.

I stay back fifteen minutes to grab something to eat. My first break is about twelve or so. I can have a thing to eat then to last me through to lunch. The next break is two hours after that. I think you see what's happening. Then take it to heart.

You think too much about it. Write instead. How does it feel. Like i stop breathing. I am aware then i take three breaths deep. This way i get oxygen to my system. Then you get attention? It's the awareness. They tune in and connect.

It happens both ways. You put more energy into it and you see what happens. It's all here for you. How long will you be here? It's what needs to be here then. You can trust that this happens. I may need to create my own. What are my other options?

This came back. At least it moved that way but it's a mixed signal. Going into christmas things slow down. That's where you want to see it. I get what you mean. Use the other one watch out for news. But this here looks enticing until it's not.

I get home later but wife has work. What are my options here. That felt insincere. I see. I can live without that. I have other things to process. Then allow for that to be there. Why the need for that. It's contrast you feedback from. You don't really need that one.

It's about word and you don't have to go there now. You can simply go for this here and use it for a week. That's how much energy changes. You have processed much already now it's time to see what you get.

Dunning is the process. Use it and see how it goes. I don't know what happens now but it's all the same anyway. You can see what is here. You took calls there and it's all the same for you. You can fix that? I htink so. It's all fodder for the process.

It makes it easy to find info when you filter things altogether. Write it down. My friend here flies off winging it and he gets lost in his own thoughts. Why is there a need for that? He doesn't know how to connect. For him it's all mental and responding through his own illusions.

How do you use that? I don't know. It gives me awareness of what my own energy is about. I go around one block then walk back. This is my process then. No need to invalidate. That was your reflection anyway. You got good feedback and showed how it's not that bad anyway.