happened to that

i am feeling a bit negative. Does this have something to do with the little sleep i had last night? It could be. But i can choose my thoughts. I am upset that it takes this long to open an account with them. Why is that?

Maybe they are one of the big boys and don't really need more new customers. How do you propagate expand on that platform. I don't think you have ot figure that one out now. Just start trading. The rest will come to you when you get there.

If i don't hear from them at noon, then i go with the status quo. I'll build up from there. It don't really matter that much. I can setup the account that way. It takes months but i can get started work on this immediately. I can go to the bank to get that sorted then work my way back from there.

Is this path of least resistance? It feels like it. Then let'sget going with this. What are my other options? Just get to the other side and see how it goes. Am i going to get something differently? I don't know. Just be open to the moment and see how it goes. I can skip yoga today and go for a run when i finish.

Then i can go take a nap sooner? I think so. Or forgo that and have breakfast and then take a nap. But that's not me anymore. I am this instead. This is clarity. This is alignment. You don't have to go there. I do the shorter sequence today. Is this good? Why did you not go there? It is pointing me upstream.

I'm not sure what to write. Then write about anything. Ican move to that table. Maybe she won't use that much and i can go there full time now. That one table is higher. Is she still going to use this? She holds on to negative energies more longer. Why is that? She don't know how that affects her energy.

I can only set an example. I don't have to teach her as she won't see it anyway. She is in the dark. I can shine my light or keep to my light. When she's ready then she'll find me there and waiting. But if not, so be it. This is her process. This is my process. Not that i don't care but i am not going to make an effect when i go too in the cave.

So it's best to sit here? She has a choice. I won't go in there chasing her around in the dark when she is not ready to come out. But i am putting more energy to this. At least there is some semblance there. Or is it the other way around? Maybe i am the one in the dark? It is a valid point.

How do you know it's not relevant for you? Path of least resistance. It doesn't feel good or positive or at least zero point to do what she wants have me do. I would rather do what i do now. I know what i am doing nad i am excitied about it. I don't have to preach. I only choose to be in zero point. Then i can run later.

I finish these then i do yoga. I get back and no word from them then i'll stick with the status quo. I don't have to preach. I don't have to get rom them. But it's almost there anyway. I see that. How much longer can we make this go? I don't know. But we'll see what happens. It takes twenty four hours to get something done here?

Don't they have enough people working there? It's sad that way isn't it. Anyways, i can get going with my day here. I don't know if i should be trading this way but it did work in the past. Let's get this going in here and see how it goes. Sometimes you need a long break to transform the energy.

Or it's a simple opportunity to choose what you prefer. Then i can continue with this. Do i have to apply for that job? Soon as i'm set up then i can consider that option. For now, i think this be good enough. I have other options but it's all here and now. Maybe you can set yourself up with institutions but that's not here right now.

What do i do now? Put yourself in the light. Act on what gets you interested excited. Picqued. Energized. You know the drill. I don't have to be moping like hers. I can get this up and running and see how it goes. I think it's time to get something going and see how it goes.

What happens next. I can go to the bank tomorrow soon as i have this setup. Then i can create other things that needs attention. For now, this is what's relevant for me. How'd he get there. I don't know. At least he's feeling better. At that age, it's ok to let go. But maybe it is part of his process. Maybe he has to find an answer to it.

We'll see how it goes. This is where i am and it's alright to be here. I can do much other things. I don't know what else to write about. I have been put on hold. Is this how it's going to be then? So be it. Let's get going with this other one and see how it goes. It's ok. I can move on with this. What else is there?

It is a company account. You need to get things going there and see how it goes. You have enough pictures there to add to blog. Do you have to add other things as well? I don't know. But if it's here then go here. Or not. You have one coming up next weekend. The coming week is going to get busy. I'll see what we can do in here.

What's in store for us then? I am not sure yet. But it's back to this energy and it's a whole new different level. It's connected in the process this way. That's a nice floor. I like wood floors. Specially when it's old and patina'd. How do you get one? Find a house with that energy. The cat was here. He had chicken.

He likes chicken. He knows when we have chicken. He gets in there and rowdy as well. That's how he thinks is relevant. I'm ok i just got out of frequency there and it's all valid anyway. I do yoga later. I finish these and see where it's going. This is part of the process for me. I think it's going to go up?

It looks like it for now. There is demand for now. I guess that's where it is. But you can do both sides. This is what's good for you here. You can do this or that. Is that frowned uponp. I don't know what it's about but the ea is in place and they didn't say anything in that regard. Just do this and see how it goes.

Others are able to withdraw their money is six figures even. That tells me people make money in this game. That tells me i can make good as well. I wonder how those people are now. Some are trading still. Others are doing completely different vocations. That's their path. This is my process. I've been doing this a long time now.

What do you make out of it? I don't know. What happened to that? They picked peoople who are posers? Not really. It was no longer relevant there. Then set it up and get going right away. When are they going to make things work? You don't have to go there but this is where i am now. I wonder what else they need to set something up.

Should i apply for a different account? I can go for that. Maybe that will hasten things up. Or not. We'll see how it goes. I can assign a signatory. Maybe that too will work. We'll see what happens. I only need to finish these and get on with my day. I don't ahve to go there anymore. Everything is here and now. Get going with this and see how it goes. What else?

Finish writing. This is what's next for me. Then post, then i do yoga. I miss that ride from cubao. I used ot enjoy going there. What happened? The energy is different now. I can visit that. But it's not me anymore. What can i do different here? Match that frequency. It's all you anyway.

I have something in the wash. I do that after lunch after the nap when son is coming home. I have a batch in there already. Then i can add more when the time comes. I have more than enough already. I am at peace. How did that happen? It just fell into place. I can setup more if needed but this is more for now. I have enough.

Then play with the energy. See where this is going. I did not write yesterday. It's alright. I can stop writing at any time. This is still connected. It's all connected. Even when there is nothing it seems it's still conneced. I write this all thi time even nothing. Then i finish and not make sense.

I'm fine.