i'm doing here

that was off center. Where did that come from? What's different this time? It has to be from the inside. I'm headed towards a birthday. I intend to have this over and done with. How will my response be different?

I will choose alignment. What else. What is that for? Is she going to use that light from now on? I am using them batteries. It wasnt meant to be for that. He has a phone already. I dont get it. How come my daughter's phone has faster speed mobile data or wifi than mine. Shouldnt it be all the same?

Is there something on mine that slows it down? Perhaps. It's all hardware. How do you change things up a bit. I dont' know. I can change music. This is something i do now and then. I do nt look forward to that coming up but what can i do. I am shifting this through using up the energy. What comes out of it.

I'm not sure. That this is part of my process. That even if it were like this, i am getting something positive out of the experience. It doesnt necessarily have to be negative. It's up to me how this is defined. Even if the other person in my life is a neg, i can choose how to respond. This is the insight i get out of this experience.

If that were the case, then i got something good out of it. They could have done that but i made it positive for my self. That's what counts in this experience. And i chose to make it positive. It dont matter what the interaction was about. This is the response for me from now on. This i make positive all the time.

I seem to like this app. It's a web app. Ho do you make these things? I dont know but it works. There was this other app before. I think they made changes on this one. Anyway, i can see how this affects my energy. At least it's all here for you. This is why you have this perspective. This is me going through this. And it's different for everyone. And it dont matter if you are this or that. It mattters that you are you.

And you are on your own path. I lowered the font on that to change the cpu showing. I think it is working well for now. In other case i can change that differently. What was that? I dont think it was part of the video. Anyway, i can switch to another one. Or this is good listening until you get the other one. These are upvoted everyday.

Not everyone listens to it. It dont matter what she does. I get something out of it anyway. Do i shower? I can shower tonight so i dont have to do it tomorrow. It starts tomorrow so i wake up monday with 24 hours on the keto having started. That's a perfect way to start the week. And it headbs back to you anyway. This is supposed to be metal music. Do you dig this?

I dont know. Let's see how it goes. Do you want to keep this on your file? I am open to it. Let's see how things go. How is this different from nirvana? I dont know. It's not my generation. I just listen to these things. It is part of their energy. What do they get out of it. I dont know. But you know the big picture here. It's not this or that. It's all connected and the same one thing.

You dont have to keep in mind. It's part of your definition source code etched in stone. Then you get something out of it. Were those my pants? I dont know. I did wash them. Where did that come from? I did not see it washed. I go check it out. Perhaps it's there. She goes into control mode. That's not the thing for me. She dont get it. I dont have to teach her anything.

At least he knows what it is i'm doing here and he responds differently to it. But that is her path and that's how she treats herself. And i am getting something out of it. This is my path. Are you sharing this? The light is there. If they see it, well and good. If not, so be it. I dont have to level up. I am perfect where i am. This is the path for me. No need to push to make things happen.

As long as i have this in my light then i dont have to do anything but point downstream. This is a perfect analogy for me. I get it already. Do you like this music? It is part of the playlish. I write much and i write fast. Not really fast but it is here. When i zoom out then i see it. He's not playing soccer anymore. Why all that stuff? I dont get it.

So be it then. He dont have to go there. We dont have to talk about it anymore. Just move on and see where this is headed. Why did he quit? I dont know. Maybe things are different this time. He could have gone for that other sport. But it's him. Maybe things be different for him eventually. But my path is different from his. This is mine here.

Then there is no need to compare. Just do this and see where this is going. Just write what comes to mind. Do i have to restart this. I like this track. There is this femaill vocal to it. I can listen to this all day. I guess so. Then you can change a lot of things here. It's all up to you. It's part of the process for you. You see where this is headed anyway.

Is this part of the bubble? Why is it not? It's still running. What else is there. It's always like this? But you have changed the response. You have already shifted. Then it dont matter what is on the outside anymore. It's all this and this is what keeps you here and there. You always have choice. It's all opportunity for you.

Then you can stick with this for now. Is this indie rock? What makes it so. I dont get it. Maybe if i go deeper into it. But it's not relevant for you. Then you can let go of it and shift differently. Then you can choose. I can do something else now. When is that coming out? Soon. At least it's there and you are aware of it. No need to change the outside. You can only change yourself.

And taht's all that matters. Knowing that this here is for you all is done and well. Is there a need for that? Is it relevant for you. Well then. What comes out the other end? Who is this. Is she creating all these tracks? How do you get one yourself? When you shift into that then it's yours. At least it's here and now. You can line up with the energy. Then you will see how it's connected.