it this way?

This thing didn’t almost open earlier. It didn’t. I had to close the app and go through other means. Had weird dream. It was about dark and had negative stuff about it. I guess it’s my contrast. You always have this when moving forward. I write more then.

I can get up a bit earlier to write. How much time does it take? I got up before seven. This is late wakeup for me. i’m not attending the charity this time. i’ll go next time my schedule seems fit. I wasn’t really planning to. Synchronicity now confirms i’m not going anyway.

What happens now? Get to fifty two weeks. I now have one week under my belt. I used the time for testing the bot. It gained six percent plus this week. I’m testing the other variant. let’s see where this one is going. Do i have to reinstall to clean up system? Not really. You have much to do if so and i guess i don’t want to go through that now.

Can you create a similar app on linux? Why not? it’s a simple database app using gui. It can use mongodb or postgres. i’d go for postgres because of the bazaar. You can even create one as a web app. This way, more people can use it. How can you do it for security. How tight will it be? Then this is what they are after, the database.

I see where that is going. Where is this located? It has to be local for easy access. How come it’s not as effective on the training room? What is that noise? I can do two pages easy. I can expand to three or four soon as i get to two. But for now, get the habit. Make it a habit and it gets easier for you. There were two. They knew about it. What happened there?

I don’t know. Where did that come from? Can you use it this way? It takes a lot of time to do that but you can make something out of it. This gathers data everytime it’s activated. You then process that data and make it yours. So you make database apps an use it that way. How to go from there? I don’t know but it is interesting to go there. Not today though.

I can put that out for later. What is that button do? It looks like something for config. Let it be so. Leave it as it is. it’s being clear about these things. I can look under the hood to fix that or not. Then i can find something else to play with on that side of the road. let’s fix that thing later.

You can always pull out this file easy from the menu. cat’s here. How come that one don’t work. Maybe there’s a trigger of sorts. i’ll look into that. I didn’t set anything for this one but to be sure let’s check. What else is there for me. it’s been eighteen years. That one has the look of envy? it’s disconnection.

She don’t think she has access to creation. Then it’s about this and that. You can redefine when the energy tells you something is off. it’s not in alignment that way. I used to write a lot. let’s get back to it. Can i do yoga? When they leave for church. I think she has work later. Are these two going out? I don’t know. i’m not sure they want to.

Then keep things moving around. You have much on your plate anyway. Where to do yoga? On this spot. At least i have the playlist. It keeps adding this way. This is how it’s connected. I walk-abouts a lot during the day. that’s part of my day otherwise i sit on my butt all day. it’s not relevant for me that way.

What can i do about it? Expand on this one. Maybe you want to try a different skillset. Start with what interests you. Go to a dealer and see if you get financing. You start from there and you teach yourself how to ride from that. You then hone up your skills then take the test. You have a quiet road here to play with. You have much roads to travel then.

i’ll look into that. How to get there? Fill up a form and see if you get approved for it. From what i see you already have this much. But let’s see how this goes. it’s a partnership but i have the business running on the side. Then this is what makes it work then. Some are like that. Take care of each other. This is how it’ll work.

it’s because you are all connected anyway. You look after each other that way. I think you see where this is going. How to find one? I don’t know yet. These boxes have to go. The rubbish goes out tonight but won’t be collected until tuesday. Monday is holiday. They don’t work holidays. Take them out tonight though just to be sure.

This is what makes it less better? that’s not the right word but get on with the day. I will see what opens up for me. For now, finish up then post.