Here is another Abe dialog on teens.

GUEST: About some uncontrollable teenagers: When it comes to a point where they're doing things that are not coming from your integrity, how do you allow them to live their lives and keep your integrity intact at the same time.

ABRAHAM: By minding your own business.

We certainly understand that, as a mother, you are wanting to guide them -- but we have to say to you that this is what is going wrong with most of society. They're saying, "I have this idea of what's right, and when I focus upon what I believe is right, I have a nice connection with my Core Energy. Uh oh, but I see you're not doing what I need you to do for me to have a connection, so I need you to follow my laws. I need you to believe as I believe, in order for me to be connected." And we say, even if you could be dominant enough in that one's experience in order to control the way he lives, there will always be another who will not be a match for you. And so, what happens is, as an individual, then, you join groups. You say, "We need more influence. We need more power of influence to make them behave. We need to pass laws to make them behave. We need to get punishment to make them behave." And we say to you, "Is it working? Are they behaving?" > What happens, when you want to impose your beliefs on someone else, even if you are right, and we all think we are, don't we? Whenever you want to impose your beliefs on another, and they are not in vibrational harmony with your beliefs, they just find more devious ways to go about what they want to do. In other words, they'll pacify you. They'll pretend that they are minding. They'll pretend that they believe as you do, but they'll continue to vibrate and attract as they are vibrating and attracting.

So, the alternative that we recommend goes more like this. As you see them doing something that you disapprove of, and you feel that contradiction going on inside of you, and you are afraid for them or you are worried about them or you are angry at them, if instead of saying to them, "You must not do that because I can't feel good," instead say to them something like, and feel the match in this, "If I were standing in your physical shoes, I would not be choosing that, but then I'm not the one standing in your physical shoes. And as I worry about you, I recognize that it's from my place of vulnerability that I'm worried about you, so I'm sort of superimposing my vulnerability on you. In reality, I know who you are. I know that all is well for you. I know that I can trust you to do what's right for you. In other words, somewhere, along in here, I just have to back away and allow you to live your life." And then if you have opportunity, and if they are asking, teach them about your Guidance System. Teach them ab but their Guidance System -- but then release them to their own experience. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy and them too. Now tell us, if you want to, what's bothering you most. In other words, what is it that they are doing that has you so concerned?

GUEST: Stealing and drugs and not going to school.

ABRAHAM: All right. Now remember earlier when we talked about the Nonphysical Energies that are coming forth. They are coming forth absolutely knowing their freedom. And when they come into a society that's wanting to confine them. That's wanting to send them through the curriculum of school. That's wanting to guide their every thought... These freedom seeking beings are feeling great consternation at that. In other words, to know that you're free but to be observing evidence that you are not. Can you image the tug of war that's going on inside.

Now, they have discovered that the drug eases their sense of this struggle. In other words, when they are smoking or experiencing the drug, they don't feel the contrast so dramatically. Now the drug isn't the answer. All it does is dull their sense of disconnection, but it is at least evidence of their attempt to try to get into a better feeling place. And, of course, the stealing is just a by- product of that. It's just a stronger statement that says, "I want so much to feel better. I'm wanting so much to feel who I really am. And since I can't do it in what I'm observing in this confining, restrictive society that is so anti, so opposed to, who I really am, I take this drug -- and when I take the drug, I don't notice it so much."

As physical beings, you are very creative about the way you fill that void. And what we mean by that is, when you are a vibrational match to your Core Energy, and your Core Energy is flowing through you, you feel confident and secure. You feel good. There's not any void to feel. But if you've been thinking you're not enough, if you've been angry or blameful, if you've been fearful or guilty, if you've been the way the society's has been teaching you to be -- and you are one of these powerful Energy beings -- you're feeling a great contradiction within you, and the drug eases that discomfort.

Imagine a car going down the highway at a hundred miles an hour and the car slams right into a tree which is standing in the middle of the road, causing a big problem. There are two factors involved in the problem. One is the speed of the car. The other is the tree standing there. If this car were only going five miles an hour, even if it hit the tree, it wouldn't matter much, and at five miles an hour, it could go around the tree. Or if the tree were not there at all, the car could go 200 miles an hour or more and not cause any problems. The reason we give you this analogy is because the speed of the car is synonymous with desire. The tree standing in the road is synonymous with contradictory thought to that desire. Those are the doubtful, fearful, mismatching thoughts.

So, these children that you are talking about were born with their car going faster than almost anybody you know. They have desire for freedom. They have desire to live life in a more dramatic way, but society in all of its worrying and in all of its confining has provided for them these trees that they keep banging into. Well, the drug makes it not so painful when they hit the tree.

We notice as we watch society, as we watch physical humans, that you've found many creative ways to fill that void. You buy one more thing and bring it home or you take drugs or you drink alcohol or you eat food. In other words, you're forever trying to find things that soothe that void -- when in reality nothing really does it other than finally connecting to the Non-physical Energy.

So when you say to them, "You're doing something that's very wrong," all you're doing is inflaming. You're just making a bigger tree that they're banging into. When you say, "I trust you and I know that all is well and I know that you are freedom seeking and I know that you are going to find your freedom," then you help to help them lower the resistance.

This issue of drugs is very much overplayed. We agree that it is illegal, and we certainly understand that doing something that is illegal would cause resistance within most of you. If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would step back and try to adhere to a bigger law and that is the law of trying to feel better, the law of trying to find some way in this sort of crazy world of reconnecting with who I really am. Now, rather than condemn their drugs or condemn anything that is helping them to achieve the drugs, which is the same as saying, rather than trying to thwart their attempts to feel better, what you're wanting to do is withdraw your attention from that and focus upon who they really are.

As you focus upon who they really are and you trust that this is a phase that they are moving through and you trust that this is their statement that they are wanting to connect with their pure Energy and you look for things to appreciate about them and you remember who they really are and in your mind you paint scenarios of them living happily ever after and you acknowledge them getting through this and you acknowledge them coming to these decisions on their own -- you will find them, little-by-little, withdrawing from that, because the crevasse between who they really are and who they are being in this moment will be filled with that Energy that you are flowing. In other words, the drug will become less necessary as they find other ways of connecting to their Core Energy.

Now a very powerful rule of thumb is this. Remember that as their mother, or as a stranger who just wants to uplift, your goal is always the same and that is to help them connect with their Core Energy. Because if they were connected to their Core Energy, they wouldn't need the drug. So, here's a powerful statement for you to remember: You can never blame somebody into their connection. You can never find fault of somebody into their connection. You can never demand somebody into their connection. You can never make a > rule somebody into their connection. You can never bomb somebody into their connection. You can never jail somebody into their connection. All of that trying to exclude the part of them that you do not want excludes them from their connection, or your influence relative to that. You appreciate them into their connection. You love them into their connection. You praise them into their connection. You trust them into their connection. You see the best of them into their connection. Which feels better to you? When you appreciate those kids or when you worry about them? So which is a match to who you are? So what you're wanting to do for a while...don' t have this conversation with them. Don't try to teach them anything. Just try to hold them in your mind's eye more in the image that causes you to connect, and we promise you that when in the privacy of your mind, you're loving them and appreciating them and knowing that all is well about them, then any time you focus upon them their receiving some of that, so then they don't feel you as a threat that they have to hide from, they find you a friend that they are willing to confide in. Then they open to you. They talk to you about things. They give you opportunity to guide them. They ask you questions that you can now answer. They don't try to pretend that they are something else because they know you are going to flip out if you really knew what was going on. Everything will be all right here.

Abraham -- G-3/17/96
Dr. Chandley:
Since gestures and symbols are universal, are there certain gestures and symbols that one could learn, to facilitate the communication with the extraterrestrial consciousness?

The Association:
Now, recognize, again, that the integration, in and of itself, will allow you to be emotionally connected to any other being and, in that way, gestures are not necessary. You will simply know each other. Do you follow me?

Dr. Chandley:
Yes. And rather than a kind of visual gesture, it will be telepathic?

The Association:
In a sense; although, again, the idea you call telepathy is still, to some degree, a separation idea, whereas what I am describing now is more in the line of simply direct integration. For, even though telepathy is an emotional connection, integration is something which removes even the concept that there is a connection that needs to be made. It is simply the oneness of everything and, therefore, the automatic knowingness of anything that is desired to be communicated.


Dr. Chandley: From one point of view, the mind represents all consciousness and the brain represents its physiological representation. Would you share your point of view on this idea?

The Association: Thank you. Now, the mind, so to speak, is the product of consciousness filtering through the creation of the physiological brain. The mind is not so much all consciousness, but it is representative of all physiological consciousness, and makes use of the electromagnetic field of your earth for the creation of what you call mentality. This is why your brain is an electrical, magnetic, chemical phenomenon. It is a processor for consciousness and renders it into the form of consciousness by which you communicate in physical reality.
This form of consciousness is called mind or mentality, and represents fluctuations and vibrations in the electromagnetic field of your planet that connects you all. It is why you can have the idea of telepathy; because you are all immersed in this fluid, and the brain is connected, and will always process and funnel and channel that electromagnetic field or fluid through itself in whatever ways it needs to form identifications with identical patterns in other individuals. Thus, the fluid for every individual will, usually, flow in the same way, allowing there to be what is called a recognition, a congruence, or an identification from mind to mind, forming the ability to translate the similarity of vibration from one individual to another, so that both can share a single idea, a single thought in mental form.


The Association:
Allow me to remind you, all ideas of separation and the mechanism that perpetuates separation will dissolve from the fabric of your society. All will be perceived as interwoven, inseparable, though, once again, will be perceived as individualized.
And in this way, you will beat with one heart.
You will think with one mentality.
You will believe with one knowing idea.

And in all of this oneness will still be the granting of validity to the infinite diversity and further recognition of yourselves as All That Is.


snippets from
New Metaphysics (1987) Darryl Anka
Animia; Are you worried about having abundance?

Guest; Perhaps, Perhaps,

Animia; Realize that when you focus your energy on upon the idea of worry about not having something, you are telling yourself that you believe that you will not have it. Your reality will reflect that belief.

You may simply again, allow yourself to know that the vibration of abundance is equal to your own.

Realize that you are creator, you are automatic creator, you do not have to know the how of acquiring, the how of creating.

Simply allow yourself to know that your self image right here, right now, of your time, as you know it to exist, is equal to that idea.

Allow the creation to take care of it's self. It will do so you know.

Otherwise if you focus on just this particular method you will close behind you all the other doors through which that idea may have come.

Being very stubbornly focused on only one gate, waiting and waiting, tapping your foot, wondering why it never showed up. When it is knocking on the door you have locked all the time.

"Constructive thoughts do not simply affect the system for good in some sort of a generalized fashion, nor do destructive thoughts simply happen to affect the system directly.

The effect of any thought is a quite precise and definite one that is set into motion specifically because of the nature of its own electromagnetic identity.

The physical system operates best within certain electromagnetic patterns, and is adversely affected by others.

These effects change the actual molecular structure of the physical cells of the organism, for better or for worse, and because of certain laws of attraction a habitual pattern will operate.

A destructive type of thought, then, is dangerous not only for the present state of the organism, but dangerous in terms of the future.

Poor health is indeed caused mainly by habitual destructive thought patterns which directly affect the physical system, because of the particular range within the electromagnetic system in which they fall; and despite any objections I will stick by this statement.

The bad health, for example, does not occur first, resulting in unhealthy thoughts.

It is indeed the other way around."

Session 198
comment from basharList:

"...Since we've been so trained that we must maintain focus, be in control, make things happen, keep our eye firmly on the ball, etc. etc. -- well, the second part of letting go, surrendering (meaning releasing it to the other aspect of ourselves that does the next part - that being the higher mind) ahh...

Abe has spoke of handing it over to The Manager and allowing the Universe to surprise and delight you.

And Bashar goes a little further, explaining the physics of reality creation, that once you've done the imaging, it must be released, because the creation doesn't come from the physical realm, the physical mind must let go of it's control and allow the higher mind to do it's job of bringing you to the experience you're desiring. That if the physical mind is still holding on to it, it's still telling itself it doesn't have it. And if it's still telling itself it doesn't have it, then it can not be the vibration of having it. Letting it go and knowing that the mechanism automatically works, that you don't have to make it happen, that physical reality is not designed that way -- letting go and then acting as if, allows you to be the vibration of what you say you prefer. SWEET!

I remember Bashar saying that Creation doesn't take place in time and space. So yes, we must release it to the larger part of ourself, our higher self, to allow the creation wave to "collapse" in the physical realm -- and then all we need to do is to continue following our joy in each moment, and enjoy the incredible ways the higher self delivers! Our job is to 'enjoy the ride'!"
On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:56 PM, brenda_elf wrote:

Just notes on what I feel I need to remember for later when listening to the session.

Bashar 11/15/2009 – Bricks Walls and Beliefs
Morning session

You are automatically propelled to reinforce your beliefs

2 basic motivations in life
• Move towards more pleasure
• Move away from less pain

Manifestation – your desire already exists in your reality; it is the process of giving yourself the ability to know that your desire is already here, already existing in reality; your belief system makes it your desire invisible to you; to obtain your desire requires an alteration of perception.

The power of paradox – because you can perceive both realities, they are coming from the center of your being

First comes intention, focus and concentration which works on higher levels, this is the first 15 minutes
Then comes surrender and letting go, letting go means you really know your higher mind is doing its job

You need to clear out your negative beliefs first

By focusing on your desire you expand your energy and the frequency goes up, you "collapse the wave form"; expanding your probability net with all probabilities; as you let go it collapses the wave form down to your highest probability, the path of least resistance, most likely probability to allow the desire to exist in your reality

All beliefs are ephemeral and have self-reinforcing mechanisms to exist, which inspire you to continually choose belief since every moment is s different reality

Negative beliefs, energy dissociates, polarizes, it's like a crystal, it's rigid and it has tricks to you make you not see the light.

In contract positive beliefs are fluid and can expand

Negative beliefs lock into your fear-based survival instincts, if you don't follow the belief you think you will die, which is a fallacy because you always exist, makes you think if you change the belief you will commit suicide and die, neg beliefs make it seem like you cannot ever change them; neg beliefs say to you "there is not doorway here, this is your entire universe, you cannot change".

When you are positive and in an enlightened state, you see all choices, you always have a choice to go back into the light.

Negative beliefs uses positive reinforcement (reward) to get you to buy into the negative beliefs, it makes you feels safe, protected for choosing the negative belief.

Give light to the negative belief, validate it as an equally valid belief, tell the neg belief that it will not die, expansion is the product of inclusion not exclusion

Everything has light, even negative beliefs; keep the negative diagram in front of you to remind yourself what the structure of a negative belief looks like

(note to self to research – is there anyone else in new age, growth and development movement, talking about negative beliefs as having a structure, like a crystal? Bashar makes it seems to simple. Most negative belief technology out there makes this stuff so complicated. Seeing negative beliefs as a three-dimensional structure makes so much sense.)

Negative beliefs can sometimes make you feel nauseous because you are experiencing vibrations that are out of alignment with your true self.

"What would I have to believe is true about this situation/people to generate this feeling?" (heard this statement at Landmark communication course leadership training in late 90's)

You need to behave as if the manifestation has happened, take the actions to know that show the reality is real.

Negative beliefs don't disappear, they are integrated as an equal choice; they are a mirror and can be used a great tool.

You can change a core shared agreement like gravity if it's relevant or probable to your expression in this life.

"chop wood, carry water" – never assume the physical and spiritual are not the same

If you are living your excitement, it does not contain the idea of destitution

All pain is resistance to the natural self

Entropy – from absolute equality can come the seed of a new creation

When there is no action to take, all the rules are gone and you can do what you want

Karma is self-imposed

Notes from after the Holotope Experience; Afternoon Session: After 15 Minutes and Counting

It only takes 15 minutes to go from plasticity to hardwiring a thought into your system

Manifestation – making the invisible visible; Bashar's counterpart is Anima

Stories allow you to experience the person's story energetically, so you feel, tasted, see and smell the experience.

Bashar told a story about learning to become a first contact specialist

You always carry a piece of your home world with you.

The "I am discourses" from St Germain are combination of higher self and physical mind

On UFO sightings, there will always be observations made and allowed to test a person's frequencies.

Blood type is an indication of the theme you are exploring

The threshold of believability – it's only your belief system that determines the timing of when something will happen;

Once you become aware of a situation that it is out of alignment with your true self, and you know it's not a habit or a pattern, you can examine the structure so you know the negative beliefs that are driving the situation

You cannot change what you do not own

Question about schizophrenia – making the infinity symbol with your hand makes the brain cohesive for a few seconds

2010-2015 the span, highest opportunity to rid the rest of the wave, any deviation from your true path will be experienced as pain

2013 – incidents of political relationship changing
2025-2033 – contact with ETs

Anything is possible, but is it relevant to your expression for this lifetime?

72 million years ago, the annunaki (from Sumerian history) came and created hybrid creatures with dinosaurs, what we know as reptilian ET.

Time travelers - could be shifting from parallel realities.

USO – Unidentified submerged objects, there are temporary ET bases under the ocean floor, in the crust of the earth

Bashar said some of us have travelled to our past.
Pirate Mike,

Thanks for the question. I appreciate the opportunity to describe my perspective and my experience. Composing this response was incredibly helpful to me. Thank you for your question!

· Bashar and other teachers have said that the past and the future are illusions. Only the present matters.

· Einstein said – “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

· There is a relevant quote that I really love:

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the ‘present’. “

· The ‘present’ is where everything happens.

· Living in the moment can be a challenge.

· In the now, I have less connection to the past, and fewer expectations of the future.

· Rather than expectations, I have a knowing. I know everything works out eventually. The timeframe may vary, but everything always works out for the best.

· When we worry, we are not able to appreciate the wonder of it all.

· I envision the universe as a great machine which is like a masterful clockwork that meshes the desires and needs of everyone in a grand symphony. This concept works very well for me.

· One of my sayings is “It’s all good.” And indeed it is.

· No matter what seems to be happening, I remind myself that “It’s all good.”

· The more I go with the flow, the more the flow goes with me.

· When something seems to be going off track, I remind myself that there is a reason.

· I believe, no, I KNOW everything works out for the best. This allows me to go with the flow. I see it as completely coordinated and not at all random.

· I look for the synchronicity that I know is everywhere.

· I find so many syncs now that it’s truly amazing. If you are alert for them, they are everywhere. I would give you an anecdote, but there are so many that I can’t choose. It would be like telling you about a particular breath I took. It’s that pervasive and ever-present. There are hundreds each day.

· If I’m in a traffic jam, it’s for a reason. I know the sync is there. I just keep going with the flow.

· Sometimes the syncs are very visible, often they are subtle.

· Sometimes the syncs happen quickly, and sometimes the experience you just had syncs up weeks, or months, or years later.

· Instead of worrying, I work to observe the syncs. They are always there, but if you aren’t alert, they can be easily missed.

· I engage people in conversation. I look for connections. I ask questions, and they are everywhere.

· When you are open, and friendly, and positive, people open up to you and bang, you get tons more syncs.

· In focusing on the now, I get to be more conscious, more present, more engaged. When I see others who are focused on what is coming up, or what has already happened, and I can see how they are missing out on richness of the present moment.

· Remember, what you put out is what you get back.

· When I take the perspective of the now, I see things as more connected. I see the past and the future more as a part of the present. I see how things got here, and I see where they are going, all at once. As I do this more, I can see more of the past and the future possibilities that are present in each moment of now.

· When in the moment, I look for how I can be of service. This is HUGE. Sometimes the best way to be of service is to let another person serve you. I accept it with great appreciation and gratitude.

· I am less scheduled. I have larger blocks of time with less specific ‘deadlines’. We still have deadlines and such, but they are less of an effort.

I recently read a story where someone asked a monk how meditation can ease pain. He said something like, the pain is still there, you just don’t care about it anymore. Another aspect of pain is the anticipation of more pain. This is less of an issue if you stay in the moment.

Also, my friends seem to go with the flow better than ever now too.

The positive expectations are contagious.

No worries.

It’s all good!

Of course, I’m still human and I’ve got some stuff that worries me. Those are my projects. I work to apply the flow there too. They are more challenging because the sync timing is a lot longer. It’s taking months and months for some things to line up, but I can see it lining up. I can see the symphony of orchestration unfolding. Part of the reason some things are taking longer, is because I’m less clear about my goals. I think I want X, but then I play it out in my head, and I can see how X has all these drawbacks. So then I think about Y, and then I see the drawbacks there too.

I am trusting that my higher-self knows what it is doing and that I just have to be patient (one of my greatest challenges). Rather than go down a path that’s off track, and then get on another one in 6, 12, or 24 months, I’m seeing these alternative paths materialize and dematerialize in days and weeks instead. The pace is incredible.

Everything is a sync. This question of yours is a sync. It helped me to put into words some ideas that have been floating around in my head. I wanted to get them down in writing, and along comes your question. Bam, there’s another SYNC!

Just did a search on sync and found this book “SYNC: How order Emerges from the Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life” by an MIT Mathematician, (Released in March 2003.) com/SYNC- Emerging- Science-Spontane ous-Order/ dp/0786868449


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Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 1:07 PM
To: Bashar-List@ yahoogroups. com
Subject: [Bashar-List] Living in the moment

Hello everyone,

I am new to this group, and have been reading all of your interesting bytes of information. I have a question rather to pose to the group for discussion.

How do you live in the moment?

That is a personal question to each of you, not a rhetorical question.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in these discussions!

A note to a friend that is putting on a show and they Believe they can't
make ENOUGH with the tickets already sold.

I refused to pray for you because you come from LACK.

This is my thinking (energy) If I/We/Us create more participants you
will not see them as ENOUGH either.

Because as long as you are not happy NOW, you won't be happy WHEN.


My thinking is, I'll jump on your energy train of lack and help you
co-create your reality of it, by not participating either.

For in this you will FEEL that LACK does not serve you, (icky, icky
feeling) so in that, it will encourage you to choose Abundance.
(pleasant, pleasant feeling)

Lack is only a sign post to help ones become aware that they are fooling
themselves with a Belief that they NEED more.

When in fact, they have all they NEED, or they simply would Have More.

So I BLESS the lack of participants. Because their no show has
co-created lack for you, showing you, that you simply would prefer,

And far be it from me to inter-FEAR with your sacred choices.

As the old saying goes; There is MORE to been seen than can ever be

Bless All and Kiss it with Love.

I Love Love Love your LACK, for on the other side, is just waiting a
break through of your Utter Abundance!

So Lickity Lack, Lickity Lack, I choose to create you back onto the
Abundance track!

lov yah
"And so you are yourselves, in your way, all Seths, for you kick apart the structures.. ..

...Now to be a Sethite, you do not have to follow this Seth. You simply follow the Seth in yourself, and that Seth in you is a questioner, and an explorer, and a creator. And the Seth in yourself knows when to passively flow with the wind that blows through the window above a summer town, and when to go against the force of your environment. You were Sethites before you met me, and there was a Seth before I was Seth, and the spirit follows through the ages as you know them."

-- From Conversations With Seth

zero meaning

B: We remind you that a new habit is in order, a very important new habit in your behavior. We have discussed this several times, but it will not hurt to remind you again because it is so important for you to develop this new habit; so remind you again, we will. Until such time as you make this part of your day to day personality, until such time as this is second nature for you, we will always be willing to discuss this, to remind you, to implement and incorporate this notion in your behavior, because it will assist you in making the changes that you wish to make in your lives, on a day to day pragmatic level.

And so, we remind you that this new habit is simply the habit of not automatically, nor immediately, no matter how the situation looks, assigning or ascribing a negative connotation to it. To give yourself a moment to look at what is going on and to learn to see it as a neutral circumstance before you see it as negative or positive or anything in particular. But particularly in those circumstances where you may have been taught to, more often than not, automatically assign a negative connotation, a bad feeling, colloquially, if you wish to put it that way. Then, even more importantly, can you take the time to incorporate and instill this new habit of neutrality within you so that you can get more out of the situation. Learn how to change and transform the situation in a positive way, rather than simply, automatically assuming it must be negative because of how it looks, based on how you have been taught.

Now, of course, we are not talking about ignoring your feelings, glossing them over, covering them up, pushing them down, suppressing them. By all means, if feelings come up, you should pay attention to them; but the idea is to understand why you have them. They are not automatic, and certain situations do not necessarily need to automatically generate those feelings in you, but if they are there, then you must pay attention to the fact why they are there. And generally, as we have said, they are there because you have been taught definitions about the situation that make those feeling seem to be the only logical reaction to have, when in fact they are not.

Again, we remind you, all situations are neutral. And if you learn to balance yourself and look at them, first and foremost, in that way, then you can gain more information, more discernment, more enlightenment from the circumstance as it has unfolded, no matter what it may be, no matter what it may be. And in remaining neutral, at least for a few moments, you give yourself the opportunity to learn to assign new meanings to it that will be relevant for you, regardless of what anyone else's intention in the circumstance may have been, regardless of what you may have been taught in the past to think about such circumstances, as you see them.

Remaining relatively neutral at first, will give you an opportunity to gain greater insight, more depth of understanding as to how the circumstances came together, what they are based on in terms of the definitions that are going on in you and in others, in your society; and give you an opportunity to learn to replace those definitions in such a manner, so that in doing so, and in assigning new perspective and new meaning to the circumstance, you can then glean from it new impact, new effect, new meaning, new feeling. And learn how any situation can serve you in a positive and constructive and creative and expansive way, rather than continuing to live your lives assuming that certain situations must only, and can only be capable of generating negativity in your reality.

You are, you are the one that is generating the reality you experience, and even though someone else may be involved, it is your perception and your definition of it that determines the effect you personally extract from it in your life.

Learn the new habit of taking a moment to pause and not automatically assign a negative meaning to circumstances, but give yourself the opportunity to see it as simply a neutral set of props, a neutral set of equations, a neutral circumstance that has come together for a variety of reasons, and in looking at it as a nexus point, you can then begin to assign new meaning by exploring the definitions that are within you, that have given it the meaning it already seems to have. For remember that these meanings, these feelings, these reactions to circumstances do not come with the circumstance; no circumstance carries a built in meaning. The meaning, the feelings, the reactions you have are already built within your consciousness, based on the definitions of life you have been taught. Learn the new habit of letting them go, and not automatically assuming that those definitions are definitions of an absolute reality, for there is no reality except the definition you give it, and that's what reality is.

So learn the new habit, it will serve you, day to day, in practical and pragmatic ways. And we will remind you of this as many times as is necessary for it to become a part of your daily behavior and personality, and when it is, I guarantee 100% you will see a difference in your lives. And you will see that you have more ability to determine exactly in what direction your lives ought to go and what it is you are capable of believing, that is possible for you. And also, simultaneously, in looking at circumstances neutrally, you will become more capable of understanding how it is you may be of assistance to others who may be caught up in their own definitions, and unable to see a way to break out of the situation and circumstance, and unable to understand that it is their own definitions that have made the circumstance seem so iron clad, when in fact it is made of nothing but tissue paper definitions.

Learn that reality is only the product of your strongest beliefs and that is the only thing that makes it seem so solid and so immutable in that sense. Transmute these things by changing your definitions, by changing your awareness.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to see cosmic consequence in every thing that happens to you, though on one level, of course, there always is. But nevertheless, it will give you insight, like what you would call an x-ray vision, into the nature and structure of synchronicity and circumstance and will give more ability to understand how circumstance hinges upon the strongest definitions you have been taught to believe are true.

We thank you for allowing us to share this notion, this perspective with you this day. And in return for the gift that you are giving our civilization in allowing this communication to unfold, I ask now, in what way may I be of service to you? Sharing!


We choose, we CHOOSE to believe that you are headed for harmony and peace. If we did not perceive that to be so, if we did not believe that we would be interacting with you in a short time on an equal level, as co-creators, in harmony and love, in all likelihood these conversations would not be going on. Your civilization' s vibration would be far too unlike our civilization' s vibration for us to be able to interact. For you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of. All vibrations attract the reality that is indicative and representative of who and what you believe yourself to be.

That is why conviction is so critical. You always have it, you always have trust, you always have conviction, there has never been a second when you have never had it. Remember once again that your civilization defines doubt as a lack of trust, we do not define it that way, we define doubt as a trust in the negative. Allow yourself to remember therefore, that you have always trusted in something, It is now up to you to decide whether or not you wish to trust in the positive, or continue to trust in the the negative definitions, those definitions that say, it must be so, it has to be this way, because that's the way it is, that's the way its always been. Those are simply beliefs, they are your definitions, you have created them, you can change them.

We know you can because you always do, when it suits you. (laughter.) Let it suit you to create peace upon your planet now. There is much acceleration going on, there are many more opportunities coming up for our civilizations to more blatantly interact with your civilization.

Bless us All

reverse speech

Q: Yes, and can you just very briefly discuss the mechanics of Reverse Speech and how that works?

B: The idea is that you’re always, because you create a polarized reality experience, because you create physical reality to be a polarized reality experience, a quote/unquote "matter/antimatter experience," the idea is that there is always, interpenetrating in one

reality, two polarized opposites. So every expression of consciousness will always have the idea of a reverse aspect, because physical reality symbolically functions as a mirror, and therefore, any information, any communication will always have a reverse aspect or counterpart. Because, just as you see the reverse image in a mirror, physical reality, being a mirror, will always also produce a reverse image. In that you have, as a species, deigned to hide many aspects of yourself in the forward facing image, or what you consider to be the forward facing image, you will often then reveal the true state of your consciousness in the reversed facing image. And that is why in Reverse Speech, many times, you can hear the true intentions of an individual, no matter what they may be saying in the forward mode. Does that make sense to you?

Q: It does, thank you so much.

B: Thank you.

why not?

Hi All,

Just came across this piece of transcript that i soooooo much enjoyed that i "have to" share with you:

Love, light, joy

Each Idea Creates Its Own Complete Reality

Q: I’d like to talk a little bit more about the technology of living the dream – this waking dream.

B: Technology! All right.

Q: (Laughing) And I was here a couple of weeks ago when you talked about how you live in ecstasy all the time on your planet, and I ... this month, I have not earned any money.

B: What have you earned?

Q: Well... I’ve been surfing a lot.

B: All right. What have you earned?

Q: What have I earned?

B: Yes.

Q: I’ve earned... to feel at peace about it.

B: Thank you.

Q: I don’t feel any fear about that.

B: Thank you!

Q: And I want to continue in that mode.

B: Go ahead.

Q: But then I start feeling like... well, I just payed my rent today and...

B: All right.

Q: And now there’s this fear that crops up, it’s like I’m afraid that I can’t sustain surfing and just doing stuff and going through the motions on a daily basis because I’m starting to go into fear about the future, and about not having money.

B: What future?

Q: Ah...

B: Can you show it to me?

Q: Okay then, using it up in this present and not having...

B: Oh! Do you have what you need right now in the present?

Q: Well...

B: Do you have right now, what you need in the present?

Q: Okay. Yes.

B: Then why should the next present be any different?

Q: Um... oooh!

B: All right.

Q: Ooooh! (Makes funny sounds of realization and everyone laughs)

B: No better reason have I heard! Now, if I may say so again, understand that what you are exploring is, in and of itself, its own separate idea. You do not create partial realities. Do you follow me?

Q: No.

B: You create whole realities.

Q: Whole realities.

B: You do not create partial realities. One reality is not a lesser part of another greater reality.

Q: I don’t really understand.

B: All right. In other words, the idea, in and of itself that you do not ever need to worry about being abundant is, in and of itself, its own idea. The idea of not worrying about ever being abundant – except now and then – is not the same reality. It is its own reality. It carries its own patterns, its own timing, its own unfoldment. It has nothing to do with the reality of always being abundant.

Always being abundant – except every now and then – is its own idea. It is not a half way manifestation of the idea of always being abundant. It is its own total, complete reality. Do you follow me?

Q: Are you saying that if I... yes, I think you’re saying that if I create the reality that I’m abundant only now and then, then I will live in that reality.

B: Yes. That is its own reality.

Q: So, what I’m saying is that there are negative thought forms in me, if you would call them that, that are still wanting me to live in some kind of reality of less than total abundance.

B: But understand that the idea that you have negative thought forms in you, that wish you to live that way, is also its own idea. Every – now you may certainly take me quite literally! – EVERY IDEA...

Q: Ouch.

B: Oh... (Whispers) is a complete idea. EVERY IDEA IS A COMPLETE IDEA.

Q: Right.

B: Now, I do not have to underline this many, many, many times, but I will: Complete! Complete! Its own complete reality! Every idea that you consider to be simply a variation of an idea is not a variation in the sense that it still contains the original idea; it is its own complete idea. And therefore you experience it as your own complete reality.

The idea that you have these negative thoughts is its own reality, its own idea and will be created flawlessly, because you are a completely flawless creator.

Q: Well, this morning... see, it wasn’t my idea...

B: Oh, yes it was.

Q: But this morning you see, I espoused what you are saying to a friend. Like, I...

B: That was this morning.

Q: This morning I was...

B: Another idea.

Q: I told her of my abundance and she said, “Well, I hope you have good karma to always be able to be abundant like that, but I think you have to go to work, and slave.”

B: All right. But what allowed you to accept that – to change your mind and go along with that reality, instead of the one that you felt?

Q: I didn’t. I felt really strong about my reality.

B: All right.

Q: But I feel like these are little chinks that keep chipping away at...

B: One more time! One more time. Each idea is separate. Each idea that is separate always forms a separate physical reality. If you believe there is a reality in which there are chinks, that is the reality.

Q: So, if someone comes into my sphere that has negativity like that...

B: Understand that you, in creating your positive reality, simply recognize that you are able in that way to share and exchange with any other individual, positive and/or negative, as they greet you. But understand that all you will return in that way is the reality you know yourself to be. What has their belief got to do with you?

Q: Well, that... maybe that’s the purpose of it. I feel their belief penetrating me.

B: Then that is an idea that creates your reality. The fact that you feel that they can penetrate and undermine what you believe – what you know to be true about yourself – is the reality you have created. Do you see how very clear and simple it is? Whatever you are experiencing as your physical reality is what you believe about yourself.

Q: So then I can keep reaffirming positive things about myself.

B: There is no need to. Again, the idea that you need to keep reaffirming implies that you do not feel it is stable to begin with. Once is enough. Do you follow me?

Q: Well...

B: If you know, without a shadow of a doubt what your name is, do you need to walk around all day reminding yourself, because you might forget? Or do you take it for granted that you know your name?

Q: I know my name, but I don’t understand how...

B: But, but, but. “I know this, but...” That is another idea.

Q: How do I get it down to just one idea?

B: It is one idea. Each and every moment that you create time to exist, you are always creating one idea for you to experience – each and every moment.

Q: So, I should keep choosing...

B: Not should... how do you feel?

Q: I can keep choosing to be the positive idea.

B: Yes you can, if you wish.

Q: A positive, pleasant, idea.

B: But understand again, it is not a matter of reaffirming – you simply know that you are a positive idea.

Q: I know. Ah ha.

B: Ah ha. And why not? Can you answer that?

Q: Okay, so now I’ve had the experience of that, I’ll have to reaffirm it for the next time, is that it?

B: There is no reaffirming.

Q: But I don’t experience that!

B: That’s another idea that you have – that you do not experience it.

Q: (Laughing) Okay.

B: Understand that the idea of allowing yourself to continually exist in a state of ecstasy is knowing – knowing – that you do not have to reaffirm it. In other words, believing is seeing. Your reality, what you consider to be your solid reality, is only what you believe it should be.

Q: I can feel in my body when something is right.

B: Yes.

Q: Well, I’ve been feeling...

B: All right. We are leading to the next phase. Go on. I know what is coming.

Q: Yes? (Laughing) Well, I talked about this the last time I was here, and the best example is that for a long time I’ve been feeling that I need a new car. I’ve been really feeling that – I’ve been feeling that abundance and that faith. But I don’t have it... that is not physically the situation.

B: So what?

Q: So what.

B: Yes. So what?

Q: Well, I’d like proof! Of that which I feel to be...

B: Oh, proof! Thank you! There it is! “If I do not get the proof I exactly expect to get, I will not allow myself to know who I am.” Expectation: the most limiting of all limitations.

Q: Ooh, yes! I can tell you I’ve been noticing that.

B: Oh, very good.

Q: I have been very disappointed in myself...

B: You have been creating expectations; therefore you have been creating disappointment. The idea of expectation, in and of itself, creates disappointment.

Q: I’ve noticed that.

B: Very good. Then realize how you are getting proof of the fact that you are creating your reality exactly according to your beliefs.

Q: Ah ha.

B: Understand that the “skeptic” that wishes to say, “I told you so,” are getting exactly what they said.

Q: That is a strong part of me – it’s very ingrained.

B: That is also an idea!


Q: Oh! Oh, you are so great!

B: No. You are so great.

Q: Oh, thank you.

B: Thank you. Now, allow me to say simply that the idea you call proof, in that way, will always simply be what you are willing to believe about yourself. Therefore, if you simply believe, if you simply know – which is even, in a sense, easier than believing – simply know that you have every idea in your reality that exactly needs to be there to allow you to recognize the perfect and perfectly timed unfoldment of your life as you have chosen to live it. Then you will allow yourself to live through all the ideas you are now holding back. And then afford yourself the opportunity to see that when you take it for granted that you are always functioning perfectly, that your life physically will reflect it.

Q: Is one of the ideas to unfold all those ideas I will be living?

B: Life itself – living itself – is the unfoldment of all of those ideas. When you recognize that whatever occurs within your physical life is the unfoldment of those ideas, then you will see them work for you, rather than against you. Because you will be willing to accept whatever occurs as the unfoldment of those ideas, and not something off-track.

You cannot be off-track – until you create the idea in your reality, that you are off-track. And then that is what you see. Because that is what you are creating. It is still flawless creation. You are creating the idea that you are out of control, and that is what you get. Therefore you are still in control.

Q: I like the way that you are so definite about it.

B: Oh, thank you.

Q: I would like to walk around with that kind of sense of conviction.. .

B: Go ahead! Go ahead. Do not put a but on the end of this sentence!


Q: I’m not going to put a but at the end. I’m just saying that I would like to walk around with that kind of conviction.

B: All right. Would you do me a favor?

Q: Yes.

B: Are you sure?

Q: I will do you a favor.

B: Thank you.

Q: I am happy to serve you.

B: Oh! Thank you. As we are happy to serve you.

Q: Yes.

B: Now, with the same degree of definiteness that you are willing to serve us, allow yourself to serve All That Is by taking it for granted that as a part of All That Is, you are automatically supported. Do you follow me?

Q: I just realized that you are so much bigger, more powerful, more true...

B: What?

Q: I feel that you...

B: What? What!?

Q: What I feel is that all...

B: Do you realize that in your vernacular, at this moment – if I may be allowed to play around with a word – that you are insulting us? You are telling us that we now can no longer be of service to you – because we are no longer equal. We cannot share anymore – because you view us as so much greater than yourself. You are removing yourself from the sharing of the equality of our vibration.

Q: Hhmm.

B: You are pushing us away, by deifying us. You are removing yourself from our vibration. You are creating us to remove ourselves from yours because we no longer see eye to eye.

Understand that our service to you is only to reflect that which you already contain. If you can perceive the idea of that greatness, that power, that assurance, that definiteness within us, it is because you already must contain it – or you would not be able to perceive it. As you say – it takes one to know one. You cannot perceive that which you do not contain for you would not recognize it if it were to smack you in the face. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: It is very simple. That which you perceive – you are. That is why, if you perceive love you become love; and if you perceive hate, you become hate and support either side. Now, my perception, I do not just mean a simple observation, but the willingness to feel that the ideas you do observe, positive and negative, are something that must impinge themselves upon the reality you know yourself to be. Where you feel they have control over you in that way and where you wish to play victim and elevate all nature around you as more powerful than you – you are at the very beginning of what you term to be the creation of your religions and the creations of your government upon your planet. You are taking the responsibility for your life, for your fears, which you are not willing to face, and giving them to someone else to take care of for you. You are deifying. Making yourself less than you really know yourself to be.

Always do we wish to serve you through unconditional love and sharing. There is no way to share with someone who does not perceive themselves to be equal. This will be true for any idea you call a relationship. Do you follow me?

Q: (Speaking in a whisper) yes.

B: What?

Q: Yes.

B: No need to cower. I am not scolding you!


I am sharing with you. Now, first of all, how do you feel?

Q: (Laughing) Cowering.

B: All right. Then that is your choice. I have now given you an opportunity to feel the reality of cowering before the deity that you have created.


B: How do you like it? Not very pleasant is it?

Q: No! It’s not!

B: Thank you! Then I will thank you not to deify us. Therefore we will not need in that way to reflect your cowering back to you so that you will feel it so strongly.

Feel equal! Be bold! Live and breathe the air that you have created. Does it not feel wonderful? Have you not the same right to life as any consciousness within creation!? Yes, no, maybe?

Q: Yes.

B: All right. Period. Yes. Period. Say, “Why not?”... Go ahead.

Q: Why not? I... I’m...

B: Ah, ah, ah. One moment.

Q: I’m wondering why...

B: One moment please. Will you do me another favor?

Q: Yes.

B: All right. Say two words: say, “Why not?”


B: Very good! Now, can you in all honesty – in all honesty – give me a reason, why not? Can you give me a reason why you do not deserve ecstasy? Any reason that you really feel is an honest reason taking into account the incredible variety and diversity within all of creation. Each experiencing its own path, its own life, its own creations, its own portions of that which it is and knows itself to be as the creator. Can you give me any reason – truly any reason – that if you should ask yourself at any time, “Why?” that you cannot say, “Why not?”

Q: No.

B: Thank you. Then understand that the only – the only! – reason that you create the “Why?” or “How can I?” is by judging yourself to be less than what you are. Which is nothing less than All That Is. How do you feel?

Q: I’m trying to experience myself as All That Is.

B: What? What, what, what?

Q: I AM experiencing myself as All That Is.

B: Thank you. Very good!

Q: It’s awesome!

B: Why?

Q: It’s a lot!

B: So?

Q: It’s great!

B: Thank you. Awesome means you are awed. Again, you are awed by deification of greatness. “Oh, this must be more than me.”

Q: Then I feel equal.

B: Very good. You are no less and no more – no more and no less. No need to feel less than – no need to be more than. You are exactly All That Is. It is that simple. Realize that being All That Is does not mean that you have to be All That Is, pompously. You may simply know that you are that idea, the love of All That Is. Now, let’s get on to living.

Q: All right!

B: Let’s get on to enjoying. If everything really is, “Why not?” then, “WHY NOT create peace and ecstasy – since that seems to be what I would enjoy the most?”

Q: Yes, I’m sure that is what you do.

B: Thank you. As – in our eyes – you do.

Q: That’s true.

B: Then you really have no reason to experience anything else. And everything else that you do experience, that you recognize as not being “ecstasy” in your definition, is still a variation of ecstasy because it is always another opportunity to experience another portion of yourself. Which is always for us, an ecstatic experience.

There are no negative experiences, in the sense of allowing yourself to experience that which you believe yourself to be. If you fear to experience it, then you create the negative effect. If you live through it, always it is positive. Because always you will allow yourself to be clear-sighted enough, clairvoyant, clear-sighted enough, to be transparent to yourself – instead of opaque. Thank you!

Q: Thank you!

B: Very good! Sharing!

(from 1985-JULY-1 FORTH DENSITY REFINEMENT) Copyright Darryl Anka 1984 - 2009
Many of you already understand that the true self is very strongly connected with the idea of doing the thing in life that excites you the most. So living your dream is a very balancing and healing thing to do. That's why laughter is such a healing thing, because it raises your frequency.

Anytime you are doing what you love to do you will feel more like laughing. Anytime you are laughing and enjoying yourself, you will feel more like doing what you truly wish to do. Laughter gives you confidence. Confidence allows you to laugh more easily. All these things are interconnected; if you can do one, then the other will come more easily.

allowing what is

--- In Bashar-List@ yahoogroups. com, "Andy" wrote:

hi yuki
thanks for the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. is it possible to be in a reality where there is no war? yes. and no. a paradox we shall get to in a moment.

first off, let us examine how one shifts to a state where there is no war.
3 steps:

1) IMAGINE the person you would be if you lived in such a "state".

2) BE that person; meaning, act like that person at ALL TIMES. eat like that person, walk like that person, breathe like that person, laugh like that person, etc... be that person and YOU ARE THAT PERSON which means you will have only that person's experiences.

3) LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Or put another way, ALLOW the reality around you to continue to be as it needs to be. this is very, very, very important. For even though you have shifted to the state of being that contains no war, the world about you may still contain a reflection or idea of war. LET IT BE, let it be, let it be...

the quickest means by which to "effect" change is to ALLOW whatever is to be AS IT IS, while radiating another example, your preferred state of being-ness.

put another way: you very well might find yourself walking around your country with a loving, beautiful smile on your face, radiating joy and happiness while all about you the world is fighting. just know you won't be affected by another's reality, for you are your own YOUNIVERSE and all you ever ultimately experience is your own energy.

it is okay to know that war is not your preferred vibration and as a god you are given the free will to experience the vibration you prefer.

but if you judge another "part of ALL THAT IS", if you invalidate it or declare it to be LESS THAN something else, then that part will come screaming toward you with a singular message "love me, validate me, accept me too, for I exist, I am part of ALL THAT IS."

war is but one part of ALL THAT IS. does it belong? of course, or it would not be.

do you have to experience it?


you can have the blissful state you prefer and the way to that state is through paradox:

ALLOW WAR; INTEGRATE WAR into your being, and you will paradoxically release war from your conscious judgment, thereby releasing the negative charge you have placed upon it and in turn giving yourself the freedom to experience the beautiful.

love without condition is the greatest act you can now give yourself and all of life.

**one last thing in regards to your urge to leave the country... remember, your higher self, (the mind standing upon the hill and looking over the valley) offers you direction through your imagination, through your feelings, and if you FEEL it would be best that you move, then perhaps that is you feeling the message being sent by your higher mind.

in other words, don't listen to me, listen to yourself.

waves of love to you,
wife has been cold again. i think there is an issue here. maybe she has issues with her work and i have issues with self worth. i think that's it then.

yesterday, the camarilla pivots failed to work. i did not get a trade in. that was a good thing. i decided to look for a different indicator and i did find one. it doesn't show historical data, but it's ok. i trust the pivot levels. i can trade with this. at least my attention is focused on the here and now.

there was no water last night. it was strange. there was no notice, but maybe it was in the newspaper and we did not see it. at least we were already finished with washing for the day. and i was about to go to sleep. i had dreams again last night. it somehow clarified issues with me. that i can use this indicator. and that i can trust and be open to what is. the intention is tehre. just trust it then.

what if i made changes to the lines here.

what now? just do this. feed marcus in a short while then i can do yoga. i can trade today. i have my levels in place now. the template works. work with what you got. this is now, this is all there is.
Oh Shauna ... I like your style!!! I think that you and I could live life LARGE if we were together!!! Yippee ... who cares what someone else may think ... dance as if there is no tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the wonderful images!!!

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From: S. Arthurs
To: lawofattraction@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:49 PM
Subject: RE: [LawofAttraction] Shauna, if I may ... [1 Attachment]

I love it! I, in fact, do still have that sense of wonder, and often (I believe) am thought of as crazy because I stare at fluffy clouds and smile when I'm flying in a jet, for instance. I love it when another jet passes at such high speeds right near us and always wonder why no one else is looking!? Oh, here's a post I wrote about that in May.

I look up at birds and beautiful skies with a mad grin when I'm walking, and I dance and clap and sing whenever I'm happy - which is often! In fact, from Tony Robbins I learned to identify my personal gestures that make me feel happy and empowered and clapping excitedly is one of them, so I do it often. Perhaps people think it's immature, but I've had my share of loss and of growth and I KNOW what's important... just wanted to articulate this to the group. Thank you so much, Donna.

In this spirit, here are some things which bring me delight - I re-commit to always choose delight and fabulousness!

Red shoes
Sparkly things - water in the sun, fountains dancing, gems, sequins
Beautifully colored birds
Secret places - coves, caves, crooks of trees watching things or pondering (I still climb trees - my daughter is so proud! [and her Dad says SHE'S immature for doing so, at 12! pffft!]), riding a train behind people's houses where 'normal 'people don't get to go, being up in the middle of the night, esp. if it's for a trip
Luxury - beautiful things, exquisite food, decor, hotels, penthouses - yum!
Beautiful music - contrary to the site 'Stuff White People Like' I actually do love both classical and jazz, as well as reggae and lots of other music, and use it to regualte my moods.
Turquoise water and palm trees

Life is SO good, you know?!

Shauna Arthurs

To: LawofAttraction@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:35:04 -0400
Subject: [LawofAttraction] Shauna, if I may ...

Shauna, pertaining to your last email, I would love to share with you an epiphany I had during the last 40 Days of Affirmation.

Shauna wrote:
I mentioned this conversation and was further pondering... about how, when we are kids, the world and life seem so magical, and somehow we lose that as we grow up...and isn't all of our dreaming and searching just looking for that feeling again? So, again, if we can just define for ourselves, what brings us that fabulous, magical feeling we can do more of those things - by choice.

How lovely!

Donna's email:

DAY 28

How I love to watch the clouds
Peacefully, peacefully drifting by
Silently upon the breeze
They ease across the clear blue sky.

How they build and roll and tumble
Just like angels out to play
Dancing with the sylphs and fairies
Head o'er heels along the way.

Each new shape is quite amusing:
Puffs to great majestic towers
Building for their loving gift
To bless the earth with vital showers.

Marshmallow- Fluff clouds fill the sky, and the air is sultry and damp - so damp that you can almost wring it out! The rain water has collected in great puddles on the sidewalks and the roads, and the leaves glisten and drip huge audible drops from the branches of trees, (drip, drop ... drip, drop ... the sound is almost hypnotic.) The pungent smell of the earthworm-ridden, rich, dark soil permeates my senses, and I am transformed back to my childhood. I remember how much fun it was to scoop up great globs of mud into my make-shift pie pans, and how perfectly wonderful the taste was, (worms and all, LOL). I made the BEST mud-pies ever!

It's such a shame that we lose that sense of wonderment ... the belief that we were capable of anything and everything. We weren't embarrassed to dream, and we lived magical lives ... we knew that whatever we wished for we could have! Somewhere down the road of life, we lost the "Secret" ... we listened to others who told us not to be silly - not to dream senseless dreams. We became disillusioned, sober, and narrow-minded. How did this happen?

Our society believes that dreaming is a waste of time ... nothing more than child's play. I am going to reclaim my Inner-Child and find the "magic" once again. I am going to believe in miracles, and I am going to once again make the best darn mud-pies on this planet, and I'm going to savor every bite! The only limitations to my dreams are my doubts, and I will no longer allow these crippling thoughts to erase my potential. I am capable of achieving great things ... a happy family, a loving relationship, a life of abundance and good health. I believe this, therefore I will achieve and receive these things!

Life is there ... waiting for me to reach out and grasp it. I am welcoming it with open arms!

being, all that is

I don't think anyone notices...but this IS the unification, it does explain all of science....and yes,it is that simple.

So start taking it serious...start to verify it...start to question it...because this is the thing that will get you all enlightened. ..through exact science.

The matter in cosmos...stands for 'Beeingness' ...Bashar mentioned this many times...he calls it 'All that IS'.

Now science makes big stupid mistake...thinking there is a particle behind every other particle..or anti matter,or superstrings. ..whatever it is...they think its material...they are about as stupid as thinking earth is flat...they insist the final answer is some material one...and so will not find it.

That what explains all behaviour and shapes and colors of the matter all around the field it stands in.

And that never noticed,because you might think it is empty space...nothingness ...meaningless.

But it is an actual actual Entity...the exact opposite of matter...the field of 'Not Beeing'...aka Heaven.

And this is not only hard to understand.. .but also not needed to understand what this field consists off.

What is important... .is to place it next to all the matter....and then see...if this field does explain all behaviour of matter...then when you tried like a douzen things on it....physics being the easyest..... then it might start to dawn on you...that this could be truth.

And i am so sorry...that unification is that simple...a huge dissapointment to all ppl...showing you this whole complex society where everything is devided and proved to be a hoax...because all the hype about how the hell this cosmos false.

The answer is absurd simple...and thats why none sees it....not even when you get it spelled out in front of you.


Do i ask you all.....TEST heaven next to all matter....and then ask yourself.... does it explain the behaviour of matter?

May i say also that this is truth...this is way cosmos works...and yes it as about as old knowledge as when men started thinking.... its not new at all....the chinese call it the Tao.

But i garanty you...that no scientist has verified this....none thinks cosmos can be this simple....none dares it.

I give you an objective knowledge of universe.... that is provable...verifyab le....and will lead to revolution on earth

And the unification. YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS.

And when mankind does realise this is the unification. ..and does learn this...the conscious of mankind will will become full knowing...all powerfull... it will cristalise.. ..humans will turn into grey aliens...into beings nolonger affected by material laws....mind over matter...superhuman s.

Because the conscious is what created universe itself.And consists of the 2 things...that cover all....being and not being. And in the physical split up in eather male or female...but your spirit...your conscious... is both.

I got lot more to tell about this...i basicly expect ppl to question this as serious as serious gets....TILL YOU ARE ENLIGHTENED. ...with logic....with the truth.

bashar - worthiness

"...Bashar was talking to me about fear, fear of the unknown, generalized fear. I worried that with all the spiritual learning, perhaps I was doing something wrong & keeping myself away from my good. And he finally said: "Your physical manifestations are not an arbiter, an indicator, or a harbinger of your worthiness. You are worthy (all that you want) simply because you exist. This is a fact, whether your physical mind agrees with this or not"

- Bashar 8/18/09
hello, Kelsey
good question
Yes I can share some of that
would you like the long version or the short quick one LOL
I did it by training, many years of meditating and focusine till it becam who and what I am I losten always to the highest and the best input form higer guidance and teachers of wisdom and consciousness to be with friends and traon my brain and mind consciousness to connect with it as ONE - I wold think with my heart and my consciousness together not limited mind and utilze my mid brain area quite well too form channeling training inthe past I found that I channeled my higher self and that works for me
though through intentionand develpoemtn practise can link with others on a higher plane also like telepathy whichis instant and directly connects us all right
It was a discipline I have done for many years with set purpose
I now went to to teach meditation from the heart chakra which is a living breathing life force and intelligence. As well became a good lightbody energy worker transformer, fun to align energy into wholeness much fun and better than making hubcaps all day LOL as I tended to get bored easily always a new and inspiring challenge and growth factor came.
with focus and intent and guidance you can turn off the world outside the illusion and I have now had the heart vortex of consciousness as my driver and developed lightbody for many many years now. Because it was FUN and brought me the most and highest joy and excitement and knowledge and empowerment and to clearly see the creation you make come into being for the greatest good of all is the journey and the purpose really, for many of us here, so many.
I have had great joy watching this heart centre evove with love, frequency and grow and glow and expand and now Whoosh ou tin a new bubble format, ( that recently happened ) and so bring others into my environment to share with. I use it with respect guidance total trust and discernment for living in the light here on earth, and in multi dimensional realites, that I am made aware of always.
It always seems to know what to do and when to do it I listen from within, and not without.
there are many wise ones and higher beings who will commuicate with you from this portal and that is where we all link and communicate As ONE I have been taught, and form my feedback position IT WORKS
mostly to get it going just as der basahr says Have Fun and follow you highest excitment, boy does it light up and GLOW THEN
so perhaps maybe most certainly I will see you in my dreams and we will talk more
hugs Annula 144

facing difficulties

Every problem faced and solved, with capacity and courage, is a long step forward. You will meet again, in another guise, perhaps even more exacting, every problem that you run away from. No one who habitually runs away can know the luminous security of he who is conscious of Diving help in solving his difficulties.

my self definitions and reality

i had an insight this morning after i woke up. i realized i did not like my self. not that i did not like, but that the physical mind's job is to pick this one or that, to discriminate, to choose. i realized that my thought habit, my definition of my self is that i do not like this but prefer to be that.

hence, reality as a reflection of my vibration i see a lot of things i do not prefer. when i react to what is, i get more of what is. i see now that i basically have a definition of my self that i do not like my self. i see that now. i do not have to go through a process to change that definition. simply by seeing that definition, i have changed that.

i am now doing that practice of liking my self, of increasing my self worth, of appreciating my self. this is probably why i find it tough to lose weight. the definition is there. i create my vibration based on that definition, by reacting to what is.

i see that now.

the "i already have what i want" list

- i already have a person who loves me, as i am. my wife.
- i already have four great kids, and they are all marvelous, and healthy and loving.
- i am already running my own business, managed fx. i already have clients, i have a marketing and sign up website.
- i already know how to trade and now trading well, making at least 2% a week in profits.
- i rode my bike yesterday along beach road going to long bay, and i had a great time doing so.

i made this list so i can focus on something that i want and already have, rather than worry about something that's in the future and i don't have, which is pointless and does not serve me.

bashar - this terminal has no more data

This part jumped out for me: "A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered "That data is no longer available from this terminal". He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

Is this related to the 'weird' ending of a previous session, where we heard "This terminal has no more data" ?



Ship to Ship

Bashar’s ship is 2979 miles above Sedona. He and others are balancing the energies for our transformation. There are great fluxuations in energy. Bashar and others will aid in creating a buffer, positioning many ships in areas. Creates entrainment, frequency to guide you toward your higher self.

You will come into contact with more parts of yourselves. You are always being guided by a buffering energy of unconditional love. Forming the more whole being that you all are. Balance between physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said that his ship is a representation of their higher selves. They are linked telempathically from the heart. We can create this type of connection, an energy bubble around you, commonly known as the aura. It is the link between the physical self and the higher self.

Bashar means messenger. The vibration of Bashar’s ship would translate as Nexus. You can communicate with his ship using this name.

You can create your own ship. The SS Relationship. It is a relationship with yourselves. A harmonious relationship between the physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said he would use a Star Trek concept of a neutral zone between two forces. A border, a barrier.

The center of the brain is the corpus callosum. Vibrational energies come together here. There is a neutral zone where the energies of the pineal gland, the corpus callosum and the base of the stem of the brain come together in a neutral zone.

Imagine a circle split in half. The bottom half is the physical mind. The top half is the higher mind. The line is the template reality. In the center create another small circle. This is the neutral zone where the higher mind, the physical mind and the template level come together. It neutralizes everything. Like you throw bleach on everything. Everything is undifferentiated. It creates a state of neutrality. Definitions that are not working for you, feelings, everything out of alignment, give to the neutral zone, like throwing into a washing machine. And, it comes out new. The neutral zone is truly neutral in attitude. No, expectation, > everything you throw in there comes out neutral. It is all about hyperspace where everything exists blended together into one neutral vibration.

Even your scientists are recognizing that every single thought changes the direction of the neurological pathways in the brain. When you aim them at the neutral zone it will change them rapidly. When it seems that things are going too rapidly you can neutralize that.

As you form stronger relationships with yourself , you will form greater relationships with us and all beings.

You are on the verge of great acceleration.

Everything is in perfect timing if you stay in the vibration of your higher self. Be on the vibration of the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

When things accelerate, the more resistance you have to your natural self the more painful it will be.

Clean out the old beliefs that do not serve you. Create new beliefs you prefer.

Change your definitions in ways that serve you.

Following you excitement is the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

In response to a question about which way to go: There is a third reality created by the two. That is where the true power resides.

Q. What is the significance of Bashar’s ship being positioned over Sedona. Sedona is a vortex. It is a neutral zone. It is like having your hand on the main control switch. Since it is a vortex all of the energies are harmonious so they are more easily worked with. Bashar’s ship connects his physical mind and higher mind. Shifts in the collective consciousness resulted in Bashar’s move from above Cairo to Sedona. It was a collective understanding of how they needed to reposition themselves—like a dance. Others in his society are positioned around our planet forming a grid. Someday he will tell us where they are.

Telempathic; communicating with the heart.

A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered “That data is no longer available from this terminal”. He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

About fear: The mantra that works for us (Bashar), “So What?”

Bashar asked the questioner what he was afraid of, the answer was something like that I might not exist. Bashar told him that in order to no longer be afraid of this he must experience ego death. He said “Ask for it and it will be given to you.”

Location is a variable that exists within the frequency vibration of an object. Nonlocality.

Downloads. Open up and it will come. Get in touch with the energy that you enjoy doing this. In the blank space of joy you can receive the download. (the woman that asked the question enjoyed music) chords that make you feel centered are the best vibrational state to receive downloads.

abraham - control

Attempting to Control Others Attracts More to Be Controlled... It is easy to understand how you would come to the conclusion that your path to feeling good is through influencing or controlling the behavior of others. But as you attempt to control them (through influence or coercion), you discover that not only can you not contain them - but your attention to them brings more like them into your experience. You simply cannot get to where you want to be by controlling or eliminating the unwanted.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from from Abraham's newest book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

message from Ra, the weavers

The blogspot for Eileen Adair Hetherington is
http://sevenstars61 .blogspot. com/

============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ==

Channeled by Eileen Adair

Ra: Greetings. We have messages from entities who wish to speak.

Q-and who are they?

Weavers: ~~~We are the creators of what you term wormholes between realms. We use thought and intent to create structures on all levels of reality. We are the dimensional weavers. We are a malleable essence of adaptability and invisibility. We have never communicated with humans. Selfhood is our work translator.

This entity speaks through council of channel. [Information from this creator must be stepped down in vibration by another entity, in this case the Ra council.]

We wish to address those whose inner calling choose to ground information in certain geographical areas with particles of divine truth and love. This is the completion of one cycle. To those who engage in this completion of one cycle, and geographically impregnate with light, from formula of love and intention, for creating material reality.

Becomeing self aware and finding resonant frequency in your geographic areas creates a unified construct experience-to use
when cycle complete and unification of forces serve to move that planet.

Turn attention of groups toward each other so they may weave too, the new fabric of consciousness they choose. Each has a part of the quilt of higher consciousness. Time together will form unification. There are suitable symbols in major religion constructs. Choose those symbols infused with truth that resonate for you.

We advocate those easily accessible to mind /spirit. Of those we suggest; focus and meditate at regular times upon chosen constructs. We suggest eye of Horus, rose, sacred heart, divine Mother, merkaba. Consciousness can use love and color. That will improve the form to carry them. Six pointed star, three pointed triangle, flower of life. Kabala good.

Choose those that resonate to match energies to reach cohesion thru special time for spiritual symbols. Chant simple invocations with thought form of oneness.

Lightworkers should move away from Religions, thoughts of danger, thoughts of rescue or pick up. Light workers light up resonant field. Electric and magnetic wiring of earth is accomplished. You can now create a mechanism of special force to plug into the new grid and weave the new reality.

We are RA. We greet you in the love/light of the infinite creator. We comment upon previous information. The described process is that used by our social memory complex to lift our understanding from one dimension to the next.

We are heartened by what we observe as the election in the united states.

Energies that are dramatic and hopeful are released into your atmosphere. These carry deliverance from oppression and hostility. For -those- who have fears of disaster or hopelessness consciousness, we say "lift up thyne eyes to the mountains." This is in your scripture document. Do not become cold or indifferent. See or let love restore growth and release bondage. It is not for you to be concerned about the planets evolvement. Lightworkers create the picture you desire. Cooperate one to another, this is your work.




Blessings to you both, Alba, I somehow missed your original post but saw your original question in this one. Bashar has reminded us many times that life is eternal. We never really die, we just change forms. When we come into this life we have set up the circumstances which may involve a lesson, something we want to work on, or it may be by agreement with others to serve as a reflection for the others that the person comes in with. At any rate I don't think that there is any need to believe that if a person does not complete something in this life that they will have to repeat in the next. We do not know how the suicide served their higher self's purpose.

I was reminded of what Bashar said in the recent channelling about souls that come in for a very short time. He spoke about souls that wanted to experience just a little bit of physical reality and so move on very quickly through crib death or stillbirth or even abortion. Looking from the outside we can not see that their purpose was accomplished and that they moved back into nonphysical.

I know that it is often difficult to discern my own higher purpose and impossible to know someone elses. I don't think we need to be concerned about things like karma and punishment or having to repeat the lesson. I know that this is what we are taught but I think that its much simpler and that we just need to trust that the higher self knows what it is doing. No matter how disconnected a person may seem from their higher self I believe that they are still connected. Going back into the nonphysical eventually reestablishes that connection.


annula144 wrote:
> Hello
> ineresting, as i read this I realisxed I have some input on this > subject/topic as it haapened to someone very close to me in my family
> and I sought wisdom,understandin g and clarity on the event and I
> personally have some knowedge on this. But can you be a bot more
> specific or clearer on what you are wanting to know
> then I can give me piece of the puzzle
> Hugs from the heart
> Annula
> --- In Bashar-List@ yahoogroups. com
> , "jobcreator_ tm"
> wrote:
> >
> > Dear All,
> >
> > Bashar said once that suicide only means that a person cannot bear
> > anymore the circumstances he/she created and so he chooses to break
> > free from them. In other words, suicide bears no consequence on the
> > soul, no damnation, karmic punishment etc, it is simply a matter of
> > choice. Does anyone know anything else he explains on this topic? Is
> > there anything I could say to someone who finds relief in these words
> > of Bashar and says that circumstances he created are so unbearable to
> > him and others that the only excitement he finds is to get rid of
> > this incarnation?
> > Please forgive me for this question, I am aware it is not fair to
> > burden anyone by asking advice on such a delicate matter, but all the
> > discussions here have been so enlightening and helpful, that I
> > strongly believe it is worth asking the people who can look at this
> > situation from a bigger perspective and a deeper understanding. One of
> > the problems I see with this choice, is that one probably creates the
> > same circumstances in the next incarnation, because as long as you are
> > not able to find a way to distill the lessons learnt and transform
> > yourself in the person you want to be, you probably start all over
> > again next time. And yes, this sounds like self damnation, after all.
> > Anyway, looking forward to hearing your insights on this,
> >
> >
> > Thank you very much.
> > Alba


Day 17 Today I focus on the miraculous being of who I am.

Today I embody the miraculous truth about my Being. I recognize and accept that I am all the God is. I accept the truth that all God wants for me is to be happy, joyous and free. I claim all of this right now. I think in Spiritually Correct ways about myself as I do you. I am all Good. I am enriched in the goodness of all there is.I tap into this Knowingness and allow it to work for me. I know the only way it can do that is by working through me. And this Power works through me right now.

Day 18 I live in the now.

Today I let go completely of negative past experiences. Today I totally release into consciousness all negative experiences and mistakes from my past. I have nothing further to learn from my mistakes so I put them where they need to me which is out of my experience. I have more room for what is happening in my life today by letting go of yesterday. I live my life one day at a time. And today is the day.

Day 19 Today I know that I am always in a process of becoming.

Today I focus on what I am becoming not what I have been. I spend my time today on becoming more of what God has already made me. I do not spend my time talking about any lack in my life. I spend my time in thoughts praising what I have, what I am and what I am becoming. I do not rest on my laurels. I am always eager to learn how to do things in a better way. I am always willing to learn more about myself and to change what I need to change. Life is as good as I choose for it to be. Today I choose the good life.

Day 20 Today I focus on changing myself.

Today I know that the only person I can change is myself. If I am spending my time wisely as I should be I don’t have the time nor energy to concern myself with trying to change you. You are you. I am me. My only business is to keep my side of the street swept off. It is up to you to clean up your own mess. Today I mind my own
business and allow you to do the same. Today I practice “Live and let live”. My life runs smoother from doing so.

Day 21 Today I create a better tomorrow.

I know that my next experience is only a thought away. If I am not happy of satisfied with what is going on in my life today, then I change how I am thinking and what I am thinking about. I think about how I want my tomorrow to be and act accordingly. I cannot have better experiences without having better thoughts. Today I create a better tomorrow. If I want different results then I have to do things
and think about things in a different way. I do so now. My life is richer from it.

Day 22 Today I turn my mistakes into gifts.

Today I am not afraid to make a mistake. I claim Divine Intelligence as the Guiding Force in my life, and know there is no Reality in mistakes, only opportunities to learn and grow. Today, I turn my liabilities into assets. If I don't get it right the first time, I keep trying until I do. As a solution-orientated person, I know that there is no such thing as a problem without a solution. I am willing to try things in a different way and to think about a situation from a different point of view. I do this now.

Day 23

Today I experience freshness.

This morning I awake with a new attitude. Everything about me and about my life is full of newness. I let go of any negative feelings such as guilt or boredom or doubt, and recognize that I am in control of what I experience. Today is a new and glorious day, and rather than drag old baggage into it from the past, I prefer to think new thoughts and attract new experiences and people. I can never be bored because I choose only those thoughts that manifest good for my life. Today I am fresh and full of life. I always have fun with what I am doing. I enjoy my life. Mostly I enjoy being alive and having this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. I show this enjoyment in all that I do.

Day 24 Today I practice being more flexible.

I know that I can be right and still be wrong. Spiritually, rather than struggle with who’s right and who’s wrong, I look instead to the Presence of God in all situations. Today I know that things do not actually happen to me but through me, as the Divine Energy forever expresses Itself through me. It is better for me to do the
Spiritually Correct thing and turn away from any ego-based need to prove that I’m right. Today I look at things with a Higher View and my life is blessed because of it. I do not allow rigidity to bind me in any way as I move freely in my mind and body. As I recognize God’s Power working through my life, with great gratitude and thanksgiving, I accept the gifts of peace and harmony.

Day 25 Today I believe in myself.

I know that I am a good person. I know that my heart is pure and full of love. I know that I am an expression of the Most High, and I know my job here is to experience life to its fullest. I know that I am all that God is, and I therefore, refuse to think less of myself then The One who made me. I refuse to put myself in compromising situations, and choose instead to spend my time in life-affirming environments with life-affirming people. Because I value myself, I choose to do only those things that support my highest ideals. I am ONE with God and the Light of God, and It manifests blessings for all that I meet. This is the Truth about me and for me. I am important and I know that I count.

Day 26 Today I look at things in a different way.

I look at my recent choices and opinions. Whenever a situation is not producing the results that I desire, then I think different thoughts about it. If I want a solution to my problem then I can't use the same thoughts that created the problem for me. I get a higher view. I elevate my mind above the situation or person. I take myself out of the picture and do the principled thing. I cannot do the same thing or think the same thoughts and expect different results. I am the sum total of all that God is, therefore my mind is always full of new ideas and life- affirming thoughts.

Day 27 Today I tap into the pool of Infinite Supply.

I know that there is plenty of everything to go around. There is no such thing as lack and this includes money. I know that whatever I need has already been given to me. All I have to do is to tap into this Infinite Supply. I do this now. I do not have to beg, bargain or plea with God for my good. It is here now and I claim it. It is mine by right of consciousness. I know this is the Truth and I let it be so. As I release this Truth into Law, I accept the offer of unlimited prosperity from the Divine Power. And So It Is.

Day 28 Today I look at situations through the eyes of God.

Today I think about things and view people in an entirely different way. Instead of thinking about situations and people as I have done I think of things and people as I know God does. I view things from the eyes of God. I now let go of all opinions and judgments that I held in the past. I ask myself; “How would God think about this?” Then I create new images where they are needed. I am not afraid or too prideful to change my mind about things or people. I am open and receptive for the truth and when I receive that truth I act accordingly.

Day 29 Today I know that I am at One.

Today I will create a sense of Spiritual Community within myself. I know that I already have this sacred place within myself. Today I nurture this Holy Place . I nurture this place with love and kindness for all. I realize that my Spiritual Community has to begin from within myself first. As I nurture this place within I feel it manifesting outwardly. In order to really love my brothers and sisters I have to really love myself first. Everything has to come from within. Today I enhance what is already there.

Day 30 Today I honor the entire human race.

Today I honor all of humanity. I see God’s glory in all. I praise the goodness that has been place in front of me to see, feel and taste. God’s work is awesome. Today I realize how blessed I am to know that I am a part of this wonderful scheme of things. God is in me as me. God is in all as all. God is the beginning and there is no end. Today I go with God’s speed and embrace all who come in front of me. I take a moment and feel Gods Presence in all living creatures today.

Day 31 God’s presence in my life is forever unfolding.

Today I acknowledge and affirm that God’s Presence in my life is the most important thing that I have. I cannot imagine living a life without God or without having faith in myself or faith in the Universe. Today I trust the process that it takes to see and experience the unfoldment of God’s powerful work. Today I know that God works in and through all things. Today I surrender my humanness into the realm of the Spirit. As I do this I feel myself become lighter and lighter in all ways.