how do you deal with negative people?

you don't. i always thought i can change people who are close to me. if not change, that i can at least influence them.

i was wrong.

i can't change any one. i can only change my vibration. and by doing so, i shift to a parallel universe where that version of that particular person is of the right vibration, or i see a different person with the right vibration.

i am talking here about my wife. she is so negative right now. the economic crisis is getting to her. i react to her vibration, and by doing so, i get into the negative state.

i realized i can't change her. i can and will only change my self. i don't know how this will turn out. i do not have to know what is going to happen. all i know is that i need to improve my vibration if i want to better my reality. i do not know if my wife is going to be there when i shift reality. either it is a higher vibration version of her, or an entirely different person.

what i do understand is thati am responsible only for my own vibration. i can't change or influence others to change.


imagine this: what if we really are magical beings? what if all our wishes were to come true, right here, right now?

if all of my wishes came true instantly, i guess there wouldn't be any need for money. if i wanted, needed or desired anything, i'd get it. what will i need money for? i will simply desire it, and it is mine.

i wouldn't need a job. how will i spend my time then? i will spend my time enjoying my self. will i get tired of it? does anyone ever get tired of being in bliss? will i get tired of being in joy? i do not know. i have never experienced never ending joy.

what about other people? they also get their own wishes come true. then we will all be in joy. will there ever be any conflict? if i and another person were to like the same thing/s, i do not think there will be any problem. we will get one of each.

is there any need for government? i do not think so. i will be in my own reality, my own universe. besides, i will not want control, myself or over others. i do not think there will be any form of government or institution or higher authority or anything like that if we were all magical beings.

what about the bad persons you say? negative energy segragates. if i were a negative person, i do not think i will be able to access that level where manifestation is instant. but what if negative persons had instant manifestation? they might want power, control, all the riches in the world. then they will exist in their own universe, in their own reality. i will not have anything to do with their reality. i wouldn't even exist in the same reality or universe as they do.

i think by realizing or being magical beings, i only interact with the same beings, or beings in the same vibration.

what is the downside? there wouldn't be any downside to it, because i wouldn't want any downside to it. i will want it to be perfect. i will want my universe to be perfect, complete and ever expanding.

ok. let's say we really are magical beings. how do i get there?

by aligning my self with that reality. remember that all reality is simply a reflection of who we are. the universe, as this blog's title tells you, is resonant. if i were to behave, vibrate as if i were a magical being, that all manifestations were instant, when i behave and understood in all levels that i am, then my reality will reflect this.

maybe someone has already done this. maybe we do not see them because we are not in the same vibration. that we do not resonate with them.

if i were one of them, what will i tell me how to get there?

practice conscious presence. your power is in the now.
align with your higher self.
each moment is all there is, at all times.
believe, know--all is one and the one is all.
no expectations. just be.
what wil it feel like if we already had our permanent residency?

i would feel more at ease. i'd focus more on growing my business. i will have access to loan capital. i can incorporate my business. i would have less worries. i can be more in positive vibration. i'd enjoy the moment more.

it don't matter if i do not know how to get there. all i need to do is to match that vibration. when i am that vibration, then reality will reflect that vibration.