day 2/40 - Best FX Trader in the World

i caught a great wave last night, cable long. price went up more than a hundred pips. i closed that trade with 0.1% profit. price went back down and filled my trailing stop set to move at 100pips.

good lessons there. for one, keep the trailing stop, profit target and stops in place. these were made away from the market. another lesson is not to make decisions once a trade is in place. i think i heard this one before, but this came to me just now. make all decisions away from the market, but once a trade is in place, do nothing. let the market tell you where it wants to go. i get stopped out either in profit or not, there is a lesson there. learn it, then move on.

i kept before me the intention of matching the vibration of being the best fx trader in the world. this is my practice mantra for today.

also, i set fees schedule for managed fx clients. waiting for approval as profits were made for june. waiting for their authorization.

day 1/40 - Best FX trader in the world

today i start this 40-day tune in to this vibration: I Am the Best FX Trader in the World.

I do this for the next 40 days. I will see it, feel it and be it. I am going to post my thoughts, actions, and the synchronicities that come up to this blog.

the intention is not to have the money or fame, but to resonate, match that frequency, that reality and be that person now, at this moment. It doesn't matter what the reality or echo is at the moment. that is irrelevant. the practice is to resonate with that frequency at every moment for the next 40 days. not that i will be the best fx trader after 40-days, but that I ALREADY AM the best fx trader in the world, right here right now.

this is how i create my world.
"it is the emptiness that makes the vessel useful."
- bashar
See it, feel it, be it. That is the basic triad. See, define. One of the best fx traders in the world. How would it feel like. Who or what do I do if I was that? How would it feel if I was that, best fx trader in the world.

Such a person is disciplined with his trades. Keeps to his stops. Does not over trade. Knows what the market and how to read what the market is doing. He knows when to trade and when not to trade. Doesn't try to predict what the market will do next, but only reacts to the market. It doesn't really matter which indicator he uses. The less, the simpler, the better.

Emotionally, he is stable. He is not prone to wild emotional swings. He is excited about his business. Is excited about growing his business. It doesn't matter if he has clients or not. He has his own account, and he makes money out of that. The clients are just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Speaking of cake, he leads a simple life. He avoids situations that will lower his vibration, his resonance. Each moment, he resonates with his higher self. How does he do that? Through yoga. Through conscious awareness. He is all that he is. He doesn't compartmentalize. No conscious and subconscious. Even his higher self is one with his lower self, or physical self. He acts with integrity and follows his highest excitement at all times, even if that excitement were to sit with his child quietly and do nothing. That is part of the excitement. That is part of his daily practice.

Mentally, he learns, constantly and at all times. If he is not learning, then he is sharing with others what he has learned and at that sharing, he also learns. He is at ease with a lot of people. He knows how to resonate well with them. He doesn't force the issue. He allows for synchronicity at all times. He trusts synchronicity. He is open to it. At times it doesn't seem clear or obvious what synchronicity has brought him, but still he allows it and is open to it. He takes, acts on his excitement and synchronicity.

He is always sharing. He allows himself to be the synchronicity for others as well. When someone asks for help, he is open, knowing that that plea for help is part of the synchronicity. That all things are connected and are as one.

All thoughts, all circumstances are neutral to him. If he is stopped out of a position, he learns something from it and doesn't label it as bad. Because he learned something from that situation, circumstance, then it is a positive event for him.

When he finds resistance in himself, he is immediately aware of it, and goes inside to learn about it. If there is nothing for him to obviously see and learn from, he just allows that resistance to be there. One vibration. One moment. That is where his practice is at all times.

At times, his spouse is out of alignment. He simply gives her the space to be so. He knows that this is just something that the wife chose to do so. He doesn't judge. For to judge her, he would be going to that level, lowering his resonance.

When he is out of resonance, he sits quietly and finds where he lost the signal. That is where practice is. There is no expectation. He simply allows synchronicity to bring to him everything. There is trust in it. There is openness in it. There is a lot of wonder and excitement and mystery because of this trust.

What is the day like? There is introspection. There is a lot of going inside. For what is inside is what you will see on the outside. Why spend so much time reacting to and giving your attention to what is, when you can change everything from the inside?

That is where practice is at all times. In the beginning it was tough, but there was lessons to be learned. And as soon as he learned them, everything went smoothly. The universe was supporting him, was resonating with him as he was resonating with all that is. This is where practice is. This is where his heart is at all times.

'there always seems to be the question of how to be more open, but these blocks within us--what are these blocks?'

'it is only your assumption that there is some mysterious "how" that needs to be known before you will act in the manner you desire. in other words, laugh, be happy...because you want to.

As soon as you do, you will match that frequency. there is no mysterious 'how', none that has to be there. and if you really want a bottom-line definition, then: 'live now, that's how.'

any time you live right in the now, utterly in the moment, any energy that comes along, any difference you feel, you will match instantly, due to living fully in the now, accepting it all, open to it all through absolute vulnerability. this is not weakness, but openness, strength, self-empowerment. that's how. live in the now with it. assume that what is happening belongs in your lives. accept it. acknowledge it. integrate it. live through it. get into it. explore it. examine it. get excited.

you know those blocks are there for your reasons, whether you are conscious of the reasons or not. the more you act like you know they are there for your reasons, with or without the consciousness, the sooner you will become conscious of them.

very often the only reason you discover is that they are there for you to accept the energy and accelerate. by the time you accelerate, you've used them for the reason they were there, and there's no other reason to discover. that's it. you go on to the next thing and the next--forever. always in joy and ecstacy. it's that easy.

be happy. remember cause and effect are the same event. you don't have to wait for a reason to be happy in order to know you prefer to be happy. create the effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of the causes to support happiness you have created... just because you want to. and just because you say so. because you are the creators of your reality, there doesn't need to be any other why or how.

what you say goes!
'when you remove guilt from your toolbox, you will realize that nothing is too good or too simple to be true. nothing is too wondrous or too ecstatic to be yours. you deserve all you can conceive of...'

well, i get excited about something, can start out with it, and then it just doesn't manifest--it doesn't continue on

all right. allow yourself to recognize one of the things we have discussed with many of you: that you have on your world an assumption.

this basic assumption that you have been taught is that if it does not manifest in the way you think it should, you think the process has stopped. rather than assuming that the next thing that excites you is a part of the on-going process, you assume that if it changes, then that means it has stopped.

it hasn't. it is simply that everything will always transform into what is most representative of the path of least resistance. and you may not always have conscious analytical awareness of what that might be.

so if you know you have initiated a certain vibratory energy, a certain excitement, and you see it progressing in a certain way, and tehn all of a sudden it changes, why give it the meaning that it has stopped?

why not give it the meaning that it is still going, but in another mode, in the mode perhaps necessary to attract to you the individuals you originally wanted to attract in the first place, but who were not likely to be attracted to you by the original way you were doing it.

No Interruptions
begin to look at life as a continuing series of the energy you have initiated, but changing its form chameleon-like, over and over again, to make all the connections to the different vibrations you say you want to connect to.

it has to transform into a different frequency in order to be attractive to individuals who think differently than you. it is a completely different viewpoint, a different outlook, and one that can even have a profound difference as you allow yourself to know your life is manifesting what you want. it is only the assumption that it stops and is interrupted that creates the interruptions you experience.

if you truly trust that what you are doing is representative of who you chose to be in this life, then no matter how it changes, no matter in what way the excitement continues, the fact that the excitement does continue is the sign the whole idea is still continuing. not necessarily in the way you have been taught to think it must, but in the way it needs to in order to represent the path of least resistance to get you where you are going. you cannot have a conscious analytical awareness of all the probable paths it could take to get you where you want to go, so don't even try.

let yourself trust that how it does take its course, even if it appears to have nothing at all to do with the course it started out on--if the excitement is still there, it is the excitement that lets you know water is still in the river, no matter how many tributaries it may take to get to the ocean.

excitement is the representation of the flow; so you still know the river is flowing. follow it! go down the channel it leads you on, for that represents the quickest path to the sea.

if you think, "oh no, no. i can't go this way; that is not how i was going before," but you still sense the excitement is there and the water is flowing, you are the one imposing the dam in the river.

allow yourself to go with it with it no matter how it meanders. the way it meanders is representative of the path you chose to be, and the meandering is necessary in order to arrive at your destination in the quickest possible way.

we are simply saying the same thing in different ways. if you allow yourself to know that you are following the path at any given moment that you have created for yourself, you will then be more strongly in touch with all the different levels of your consciousness. and that will let you know you do not need as much unconscious time in which to connect to those levels during sleep, because you are doing it consciously. that means you will probably sleep less, and therefore you will probably experience the idea of having more time. but also recognize at the same time that you have all the time you need.

everything is in perfect timing; you do not have to rush things along. you are an eternal being; you are right in step with the transformation. What's your hurry?

but i have trouble staying tuned to that because of all my fears...

when you say you have trouble, that's what creates the trouble. maybe that's how it was in the old program, but this is day ZERO! this is the idea of your conscious commandment.

are you going to decide to continue that idea, or are you going to decide to be the new idea right now? and if you are the new idea right now, you are not the person who can say, "i have trouble with this; i have difficulty with that." you are no longer that person; it is not within your makeup. to say that is to still believe that you are the old program.

for remember that the present is the only place you actually ever exist, the only place you ever will exist, and the only place you have ever existed. it is always now, and always will be now, mo matter when it is.

tuning in

let's use the analogy you call the radio in your society. now, you know that all the programs are coming to the radio all at the same time; but only the one you hear is where your dial is tuned. as all those earths exist right here right now, the one you get is the one to which you are tuned.

so create the image of the one you prefer. LIVE in the fashion you would live in that world. you will be the receiving beacon for that energy, so that that program can be broadcast in this reality, and others can pick up on it and decide to tune their dial to that frequency as well. if they don't know that such a program exists; if there are no examples, then others will never know the program exists, and will never tune in their dials to that frequency.

if you have an image in your mind of how you would like the world to exist, exist in your life as if that is the reality for you. all the ideas of the suffering and the warfare and the hatred and the frustration: they are illusions, old programs. and if you are not already tuned into that new program, then when they ask you, "say, have you heard any good programs lately?" you will not know what station to tell them to tune in to.
' maybe it's not so much knowledge i want as the love'

then feel it! for it is all around you. but feel it within you first, or you will never see it out there. know that you cannot change anything out there; you can only allow other people and situations to change.

if you wish to see anything in your world change, change yourself!

then the other changes. then you will be being a representative example to everyone else of what kind of unconditionally loving being they can also be--by allowing them to see the example you are setting, regardless of what htey are choosing. if you are buying into their reality, and becoming frustrated and hateful and so on, because they are choosing to be frustrated and hateful and so on, you are only reinforcing the reality they are already living. you are not giving them a chance to see any other way.

trust. be the life you wish to be. act as if you are that way. we are not suggesting you ignore the fact that other people are choosing to suffer. but the way to assist them best is to first and foremost be the being that at least shows them there is another way to be. otherwise they cannot see an example of how they could also choose to be: loving to themselves.

you must take the first step if that is truly what concerns you in life. be the example of what being an unconditionally loving being, to them and to yourself, is all about, and trust that your love will make a difference and will create the changes you desire to see. you will then be taking yourself to the world, the earth that already exists in the way you desire it to exist. you will take yourself to that program, to that level of frequency that already is represented by that idea that your earth is peaceful and harmonious and express abundance everywhere.

that earth exists now. however, you will never see it if you don't make the vibration of that world your own. all the programs, all the ways all the earths have to be, already exist. we are not talking about a vibrational difference from a different frequency, not something that is physically "out there". it is all right here right now.
'...all of you are as powerful as you need to be to create anything you desire in life without having to hurt anyone else or yourselves in order to create it. believe in the power you are as the reflective representation of infinite creatorhood. as you think, as you picture, as you imagine, that is REAL. BE it, if you prefer what you imagine, and that will be the reality you experience.

understand something: all you need is a basic trust that at any given moment you have what you need; you know everything you need to know to be who you are being in that moment. as soon as you redefine who you are, you will know the things that person needs to know, regardless of what you are seeing around you.

paradoxically, the way to see things change in your world most quickly is to change the idea of who you are. you see, the idea of total knowledge of all things is not necessary in order for you to function in the physical reality you are in; in fact, total knowledge would actually hamper your existence.'

- excerpt from 'bashar: blueprint for change.'
'...all we are saying is that if you are willing to act as the person you can envision yourself desiring to be, your reality--100% guaranteed--will reflect that idea, and only that idea to you. it can do nothing else; i guarantee it 100%. LIFE WORKS WHEN YOU LET IT--100%

yes, yes, yes, i know: it sounds too easy. but life is easy--if you let it be. life always creates more life without any difficulty whatsoever. existence always continues to exist without any effort at all. no struggle. it just is. it is ecstasy itself. therefore, allow yourself the opportunity to realize that whatever you can image IS real! you cannot imagine non existence.'

- excerpt from 'bashar: blueprint for change.'
' you know personally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the being you desire to be, you are capable of being?

then start using that certainty to your advantage. if you know you have the capability of imagining what you would like to be, understand that your ability to imagine what you would like to be is your ability to be that person, that version of you.

whatever vibratory plane you are on is what you experience. if you have the ability to conceive it, you are that person. but when you deny your imagination its reality and say, "ok, i've imagined what i would like to be; now what do i have to see, what do i have to do, to become this idea?" you are placing all of the steps in your way that it's taking for you to get there. your ability to imagine that person is BEING that person--because if you weren't of that vibration, YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PICTURE IT!

all you need to do in realizing your imagination is real, and at that moment is who and what you actually are, is to ACT AS IF you are, BELIEVE you are that person. then your life will contain the things that are representative of the life of that type of person.

the events in your life can only be 100% reflective of the person you decided you are. so if you are experienceing events in your life you no longer prefer, then allow yourself to recognize that your ability to even imagine there is another way to be, is BEING the other way. all you have to do is to put into physical action the certainty that your ability to imagine there is another way, IS the reality of being that person.

you, as a persona, are an artificial construct of your consciousness; when your consciousness changes the idea of itself, the person you are is a different person--literally. only the things that are conducive to that type of person's life will be what you will experience in that life. it is only mechanics, only physics. whatever vibration you believe yourself to be will be the life you have. plain and simple. anything that is not of the vibration you are cannot be experienced in your reality. so if you are now willing to know you no longer need to batter and invalidate yourself, then allow yourself to be whatever you imagine a person would be like who didn't contain a need to batter herself.

BE that person you imagine you would be like, and your reality will be reflective of that person.

- excerpt from 'bashar: blueprint for change.'
'...seeing it in your reality is what lets you know you have the belief. so the belief no longer has to remain unconscious. but seeing it is an indication of a belief already in existence.'

- excerpt from 'bashar, blueprint for change.'
'...but do stop looking outside yourselves for the things that will allow you to be who you want to be. be them--because you are the idea you imagine you can be. act like you are what you imagine you want to be and you will be it. that will create the experiences, seemingly outside yourselves, that will represent who you now are willing to believe you can be.

you are being rebounded from thing to thing, situation to situation, and bumped around because you are looking for the answers externally. they are always going to kick you back into the center of your being... because that's where the answers are!

allow your life circumstances to change by knowing you will now accept another way for the answers to be delivered instead of the way they have been delivered up to now.

you are now willing to be open to letting messages manifest themselves in the daily events of your life. but you will not see them if yo do not believe you are the person creating them. by looking for those effects outside of your self, you are denying that you are the one who can create them in your life.'

- excerpt from 'bashar, blueprint for change.'
'...know that you are capable of getting in touch with the definitions by which you have created the physical reality you have been experiencing for a long time. if you can change those definitions to form whatever pattern you desire them to form, then you can easily create the realities you desire to create--when you want to create them, in exactly the way you want to create them.

as long as you understand that you are doing what you are doing, that you are expressing the desires you are expressing through joy, through love, through light, through service, through integrity, there is absolutely nothing, nothing, NOTHING!--that the universe will withhold from you.

--excerpt from 'bashar, blueprint for change.'
'...thus if you truly desire to change the primary focuses in your lives, the primary beliefs with which you are allowing yourselves to be in touch, do not play them out on the same stage. let your selves know that you are in a completely different locale.

everything has changed--everything!

then you can recognize that the total system of reality you perceive your lives to be will change from system to system. not just particle to particle, but everything will transform.

- bashar, blueprint for change.
this is in addition to the chat i had last night with my exgf.

if we all teach by the clarity of our example, and if i were to live my life miserably as she was, then what my kids are learning is that it is 'good' to be miserable and that by being miserable, they are acting like good adults.

our kids learn most from us parents, i believe. it is my intention to see them grow up happy, and be happy at each and all moments. but if i am not, if i do not make a choice to be happy, then they too, might choose the same. not that they can choose.

happiness is a choice. at each moment, you can choose to be happy or not. your vibration is your point of attraction. when you choose to move away from joy, you attract more to your self that which will move you away from joy. as you are loved unconditionally.

if i were her then, how do i change things? it has to come from her. it has to come from inside. each moment, look for a reason, and use every excuse to be happy now. any excuse will do.

the fact that the sun is out right now is a good reason. the fact that i had a good night's sleep is a good reason. just bask in it. just be happy even if i had no reason to be happy. just let go of those thoughts that point you upstream. if i cannot be happy, then i will allow what is. i will offer no resistance. just let it be, if circumstances are not what i want it to be. it is there for a reason. i brought this to my self.

self awareness.
i was just chatting with an ex-girlfriend online. it felt like she was carrying such a heavy burden. she lives and works in singapore, and yet i can feel her negative energy from right here.

or maybe i was the one who was negative and projecting it, getting a reflection back. i did not want to tell her how good things are with me. last time i did that, i got a barrage of words saying how unlucky she has been all this time.

even while we were chatting, she was referring to how hard it had been all this time. i felt like i wanted to tell her that it is her vibration that is giving her this reality, but really, i can't help her. it has to come from inside of her.

i just shouted at two of my kids who were arguing. i guess i am out of alignment my self.

wife bought me a celphone today. it is the cheapest out there today. it's an OK phone with a camera on it, prepaid. i am thankful for that. i can take pictures of my family again and post them on the internet. i enjoy that, looking back at them.

i can always upgrade later. i told elise she can have this phone soon as she goes to wairau intermediate school next year. wife was thinking of getting her one anyway. i do not really need one at this time. i can use a camera, but she insisted on getting me one, so why not. this is the universe opening a door for me. let's see where this goes. i do not label it as bad or good, but just so.

i got a new phone!
last friday, my wife and i went to the grocery.

i have often heard bashar and abraham mention something about winning the lottery. i decided back then to practice this. i asked my wife to buy a lotto ticket, even if it were the cheapest one. this was a great opportunity for me to practice raising my vibration.

i learned that abundance comes using the path of least resistance. working/getting a job is not the easiest path. for one, that is not my highest intention. winning the lottery is easier. you get a ticket, and check how it turns out at the end of the week.

my practice here is to match the frequency of a lotto ticket winner. it can be the big jackpot winner or one of the other prizes, it doesn't matter. the big prize for me is to learn how to match that frequency.
"you do not get peace by hating war; you get peace by loving peace. hate only reinforces the things you say you do not prefer, because that is what you are focusing on. Be peace; live peace. Breath peace, share peace. Love, unconditional love, will transform your entire world in the twinkling of an eye. Unconditional love for all.

(replacing peace with abundance will work too--my note*)

- excerpt from 'bashar: blueprint for peace'


Guilt is what will always perpetuate limitation, always perpetuate separation; it keeps you from recognizing your own self-empowerment and your own connection to the infinite creation. For recognize that, fundamentally speaking, while many of you for a long period of time have assumed that hate is the opposite of love, guilt is the true opposite of love. Hate may be the diametric, dynamic polarity expresision of love, but guilt is the true mechanical opposite.

For love is complete and utter self-worthiness and creativity, while guilt is the belief in the lack of self-worth; it stifles creativity. hate involves teh concept that you deserve something, whereas guilt is completely devoid of the sense of deservability. In fact, guilt is the denial of your very existence.

- excerpt from Bashar: a blueprint for change.
i don't know what you call them, but i woke up again at dawn, and couldn't get back to sleep. a lot of things were going through me, my mind. if this was channeling, then i was getting tons of information from my higher self.

some were personal, like how i can connect with a brother in manila using psychic conversations (you are clairvoyant, belinda grace). the other information i got was about my business.

it is times like these when i get valuable insights. try as i can, i can never get back to sleep. what i do then is sit up, take a few deep breaths, and just tune in. i let it all come to me, through me.

sometimes i get remember everything a few hours later in the day, but most of the time, i can only work on some of the things given to me. i am all right with that. synchronicity has allowed me or given me that, and that i am thankful for.

by making the decision to walk the path, then you bring to you, through synchronicity, all that you will need to get to where you are going. by resonating with that which you seek, you make it the journey easier. this is where all the 'work' is, resonating, matching that frequency first. when you match the frequency of that which you seek, you shift in to that reality, that parallel universe where your vibrational escrow exists.
When you understand the Laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They are equal. It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same Law to two different intentions.

- Abraham

Excerpted from "The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham"

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther
my highest excitement, i believe, is to run my own business. and this managed forex is a business that resonates well with me.

ok. so i am following my excitement doing this managed forex business. what is the worst thing that can happen?
- that i do not get any clients.
- that i won't be able to support my self doing this business.
- that i really am not a good trader.

now, let's deal with these 'beliefs' one by one.

what if i do not get any clients?

i haven't been getting any clients these past few months. and i am doing fine. it would be great if i had more clients, but i can still run this business with or without clients. i can manage my own money.

what if i am not a good trader?

i have been there. i have been on a losing streak for some time and it is only now that things have started to turn around. i once made 200% profit trading forex. i do not think anything fundamental about my self has changed, other than the location where i am trading. maybe the circumstances have changed, but that is external.

i still am a good trader, and i can and do make good trades. if i do not make a good trade, i have a system where the loss is limited. i once busted my account. i have learned a good lesson from that, that it will be impossible for that to happen again.

i am a good trader.

last concern is that i can't support my self.
ok. there is a certain amount, 10k. that if i traded this and made one percent profit each week, i can make a living out of that. this is a personal account. for managed accounts, the amount is 100k.

the concern is how to attract this? i think i know how to do that. it is to practice conscious presence. to be aware at each moment how i am resonating.

i do not think getting a job is a solution here. it is not my highest excitement. i'd get going with that job for a few months, but it won't stick in the long run. i'd find an excuse to quit that job and get back to trading. so why waste my energy dealing with something that doesn't excite me at all?

i have been doing this for some time and the universe has supported me all this time. i stopped trading now and then, but still, this is something that i choose to do because this excites me. i just need to be aware of my daily practice.
when you learn to do more with less you wil be able to do less to get more.
when you learn that you can do more with less, you will transition into a state where you will only have to do a little to get a lot.
you will be able to do less to get mroe when you learn to do more with less.


the one

'...the vibration you are is the reality you experience."
- bashar
No matter what the issue is, don't try to justify why you don't feel good. And don't try to justify why you should feel differently. Don't try to blame whatever it is you think the reason is that's keeping you from feeling good. All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Tallahassee, FL on Sunday, January 21st, 2001

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

reality is a mirror

your consciousness is not in your body. your body is in your consciousness.

Inspiration comes forth from within. It's what the light burning within you is about, as opposed to motivation, which is doing it because if you don't do it, there will be negative repercussions. Motivation is making myself do something that I don't really want to do. Inspiration is having the clear picture of what I am wanting -- and letting Universal forces come into play to get the outcome.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Spokane, WA on Wednesday, July 7th, 1999

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

synchronicity - fx managers list

talk about synchronicity.

i found this website where it lists the performance/stats of different fx money managers on a regular basis. I sent in my request to have mine added to that list. i find this as a good adjunct to my marketing efforts.

if you build it...

Everything is vibrational. "I'm letting it in or I'm not. And I'm using lots of things as my excuse to let it in, or as my excuse not to let it in." But it's all vibrational. Otherwise, we should be able to take 100 people, give them all identical exposure to experience, and get identical results. And you can't do that. You'd get 100 different results, and you'd get several big differences in results.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Saturday, October 7th, 2000

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther
i want to go there. i want to follow the path that these higher beings are teaching. but there is that inherent fear in me. it asks, 'how am i going to support my self, my family?'

in this dimension, rather in my present reality, it dictates that one has to have a source of income to be able to support a family. it is also my belief that it is uncertain if support will be there if i practiced, followed this path.

now i see what my beliefs are.

once i follow this path, i will shift. come follow me, jesus said (not that i am religious, but i used to be).

which logic will i choose? mine or them higher beings? those beings have travelled from different dimensions to reach my reality. i couldn't even get from here to the city if i did not have money. which logic works better?

i don't know how it is going to work, but they say, they insist that it works. and so now i go there. i am not going to try and see if it works. i am going there.

right now, i am defining how it is going to be and feel like, and i am shifting my vibration to that state, to that reality. this is where practice is.
Doubt is of the intellect
Knowing is of feeling
If there is doubt, there is not knowing
Knowing contains no doubt at all.

- Ptaah

there is only NOW

i have a managed accounts business. following bashar's explanation, there is a parallel universe where i am successful in this business. And that in that parallel universe, that version of me that did all the right things to manifest such a reality.

if that version of me were to give advice as to how to get to where he is, what will he say:
- learn & practice bashar's teaching, consistently at each moment every single day.
- line up your energy. define what it is you want, visualize it, and align your self with that vibration. as your vibration, so shall the reflection be.
- it is true: circumstances don't MATTER. Only State of Being MATTERS.

mass media and your vibration

GUEST:...judging what we're creating and what we're doing about thinking and feeling and that, if it feels right and feels good inside, then you're creating in a way that's for your, you know, your greater benefit. Like an example of, like...last night I went home, I was watching Rambo on TV which isn't a very enlightened movie, but I enjoyed it; I really enjoyed the action and what was happening. And so, it makes me wonder, are there things that...and there's other things that I do in my life that I think, "This isn't a very enlightened thing to do," but, I feel good doing it.

ABRAHAM: Rather than evaluating whether it's enlightened or not, evaluate how it feels. In other words, as you're watching Rambo, you could be concentrating upon the agility of his body, you could be concentrating upon his ability to get done what he has intended to get done. You could be concentrating upon his passion for his work.
In other words, within everything, there are positive and negative aspects, and if you are feeling good, as connected to the Nonphysical Energy as you are, then that means that you are looking at the aspects of it -- in other words, did you feel more powerful as you watched it?

GUEST: You know, those things that you said rang true. It was like getting something accomplished, of doing something that was difficult to do, and you know, making it happen is what...

ABRAHAM: And there is another part of you that knows that all of that stuff that is offered, any blood that you see, is not real. In other words, you are accepting it as a game. That's why we say, if you're watching a horror movie and it horrifies you, then you are vibrationally allowing something you do not want. If you're watching
a comedy, and it horrifies you, or if you're watching a comedy and it amuses you -- in other can't judge anything at face value. The emotion that it evokes from you is your indicator of where you are vibrating relative to it, you see. Were there any parts of the movie that bothered you?

GUEST: I don't think so, no. There were parts that made me feel apprehensive, although I've seen it two or three times. But it was, you know, the parts that made me feel like a little bit scared...

ABRAHAM: And so, as you felt that negative contrast, you quickly, particularly because you'd seen it before, were able to focus upon the positive outcome or at least...

GUEST: It was going to work out. He was going to get a release from the prison and all that.

ABRAHAM: All is well there. In other words, it is never appropriate to throw a blanket over anything, and call it all the same. Sometimes someone will have read a book and they will say to us, "Well, Abraham, what do you think about the book?" And we say, "Which part of it are you talking about?"

In other words, it's not what we think about the book that is important to you, it's how you felt about the book that is important to you. You see what we are getting at? It's, "What did that book trigger in me in terms of wanting and in terms of my awareness of where I am relative to what I'm wanting?" That's the only thing
that's important about anything.

So, could we put films of a violent nature all in one category? We couldn't, could we? In other words, here is a film, that by many standards, is considered to be very violent and yet, you, a connected being, sat and actually enjoyed it. Where there could be a movie of another nature where there is some sinister plot or...

The movies that Esther has a very difficult time watching, now, are the ones that are more what are based on actual reality, where there's someone constantly putting down someone, where she's watching the diminishment of the spirit taking place. Where people are just being rude to each other, and she sees that constant whittling of
self-respect. And those movies are much more difficult for Esther to watch than movies of the pretense of violence. Well, it is an undertone of self disempowerment. In other words, most things are sort of projected toward that, because people do not feel very powerful.

But the thing that we want to remind you is that there can be a tendency to want to condemn the media or condemn the agencies that produce the films, condemn the networks for what they are showing you, when what they are doing is responding to the mass consciousness of your population. In other words, they are giving you what you are vibrationally asking for, and the way they evaluate what you're asking for is by what you watch. It is all dollar motivated but, it is actually very well organized and in harmony with the true intent of people. In other words, you're all getting exactly what you deserve, and we do not mean that in a judgmental sense. We mean vibrationally; [what] you are attracting.

So what we talk about in these gatherings is, "Do I want to be part of mass consciousness? Do I want to be one who receives the results of what mass consciousness is vibrating -- or do I choose to be a more individual vibrator? Do I choose to think for myself, or am I going to be programmed to my thinking by what is being offered?"

Well, that goes back to the very first thing we said yesterday, or one of the first things, and that is, most people are responding to conditions. So they watch something which causes them to vibrationally respond which causes them to emit another vibration which attracts another television program just like it.

But then there are few of you who are not pleased by that, and as you're not pleased by it, or a lot of you that are not pleased by it, what do you do?

You still talk about what you're not pleased by, so what does that do?

That creates more of it, too.

But then, there are even a fewer of you who are not pleased by it who have the foresight to understand what would please you, who actually spend time finding that feeling place -- and you attract some of those uplifting, delightful depictions of physical experience that actually do empower and uplift the masses who see it, you see?

What is your work? Is your work to fix a broken world?

The world isn't broken, friends.

It is an extraordinary, rather well-balanced arena of creating which contains enough contrast to stimulate your awareness of what is wanted. So, as you realize that it isn't broken and you realize that your work is to find your connection to the pure Energy that created it to begin with, your work is to allow the Energy to flow through you as you hold objects of attention -- then you are the extension of that creator. We want to give you a sort of picture to sort of bring this all together.

You've been hearing us, and you reflected it back to us very accurately, when you hold this image of you, the flow-er, or you the perceiver holding an object of attention out there and therefore shooting a rocket of Energy toward that vortex, so you are the creator that launches a creation and then that creation that you have
launched begins to pulse, in and of itself, and then, by Law of Attraction, it begins to attract unto itself -- so other things that are like it are drawn to it -- and when it gets big enough it will reach back and summon you to action.

That's the way it works.

In other words, you perceive of it, or conceive of it, you launch it, you give it birth, so to speak. Then it, in and of itself, begins to attract other things that are like it. Now you might continue to add to it and mold it and shape it, but it is pulsing and growing, in and of itself. Now as it gets large enough, it will reach back and inspire you to it. In other words, that's when you get this impulse
or compulsion to take action.

So now consider this. From your Nonphysical perspective, you envisioned a physical time and place; a physical time and place of greater contrast where you could work and play and move forward. You envisioned a place like planet Earth.

So, as you conceived of it, enough of you from your Nonphysical perspective began flowing Energy toward that until that concept, called a physical time and place, began to take shape and form, and when it was ready then it reached back and called you forth -- and then physical beings came forth to live upon the planet.

So now here you are, living upon the planet, a physical being, a physical being who is the creation of the Nonphysical creator. So you are not only the creator, you are the creation. And now what is your work as this creation/creator who
lives in this physical body?

What have we been talking about all the time we've been together? Vibrationally allowing the Energy that is naturally you to flow through you! So here you were, the Nonphysical creator projecting the physical creation, and now the physical creation is flowing Energy to allow the creator to flow back through him so that he can continue to be the creator.

You getting the sense of what we're talking about?

When you hear people talking about us all being one, that's what they're talking about. We call it, or you call it, perpetual motion or perpetual beingness. In other words, I have perceived this, now I'm living it, and I call back the Source that created it, to begin with, in order to perceive more that will again call back that which created it to perceive more. This is why eternity is assured, because the Nonphysical Energy will eternally flow.

We know it's a bit heavy and a bit deep but, we want you to get a sense of the eternalness of that which you are. And we want you to get the sense that no matter what, you do you cannot mess it up! You cannot cease to be. You cannot disallow that Energy to come forth for any long period of time. You can pinch it off in the moment, you can be negatively enough focused that you disallow the pure Energy from flowing, in any moment but, your eternal freedom and growth and joy, we promise you, is assured.

This is just a little sales job that we are doing to assist you in coming into that sense of Well-being. We want you to know that all is well! Some of you are hoping that it is, some of you are wanting it to be, some of you are yearning that it is -- and we want you to know that all IS well. And, in your knowing of it, you begin
allowing more of it in your day-to-day experience.


St. Petersburg, FL

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" Whatever it is that you are looking at or talking about or thinking about, whatever it is that has your attention, has got you offering a vibrational signal- and THAT vibrational signal is your point of attraction."

" There is no such thing as exclusion, and every time you attempt it, all you really do is include in your vibration something that is opposite of what you DO want."

" You cannot stand in the absence of something you want and ever get it. You've got to vibrate as if it is, or it cannot come to you."

" Every time you say 'no' to anything, you are including in your vibration something that is contradictory to your desire, and that's what keeps you from offering the pure signal that would bring you rapidly, what it is you are wanting."

" If you can hold a thought- just a simple thought- for 17 seconds without contradicting it, another thought like it, same size, same shape, same vibration, same tone, by Law of Attraction, will come to it."

" 17 Seconds of PURE thought is the equivalent to 2,000 hours of action. If you are working a regular 40 hour week job, that's about what you work in a year."

" Contrast is essential to decision, but once the decision is made, if you will turn your full attention to your decision, and do your best to achieve a vibrational match with the decision- the Universe, in very short order, will to to work in helping you to achieve whatever it is you are wanting."

" You didn't come forth to just observe all over the place and vibrate all over the place. You came forth to direct Energy, and by directing Energy you must hold the thought."

" It's your JOY factor that is your measure of success. Realize that you can have enormous success just sitting and imagining something. If it's bringing you pleasure, you're having success- and the Universe will take care of all the details and the action of it."

" You are a transmitter/ receiver. And what you transmit, you receive- and you get to control what you transmit. And the BEST way to become a really effective transmitter and receiver of what you want it through trial and error. The way you learn what you're beaming out is by the manifestation that occurs."

" As you meet people who have had outrageous success, whether it is in the arts or the theater or business- one common denominator that you always find is that they are obsessed with their vision and unwilling to let you discourage them. They will not even entertain a thought that is contrary to their desire. And you call them unreasonable. Often you call them unrealistic. And we say, 'Yes, they're every bit of that.' But our definition of 'obsessed' is somebody who'd learned to line up Energy."

"Lay in bed and spend 68 seconds focusing, pondering, and imagining good things, and you've done more before you get out of bed than you could ever do by working hard all day long."

-- All quotes from Abraham taken from " The Leading Edge" journal, vol. 12, 1997

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications.
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