june has been a losing, rather, a learning month for me. i made a few wins, but the tuition far outweighed them. i think there were a number of good lessons there. some beliefs surfaced.

one belief is that i should be able to control the outcome. another one is that definition that clients might close their account with these losses. but because of these tuition trades, i am learning how to be a better trader. and with these tuition trades, i am now a better trader.

i guess i cannot really control if they want to stay or leave. that is putting power outside of my self. these circumstances are meaningless in itself, and that it is up to me if i see them as positive or negative.

i am open to these experiences and see them as positive. the reason is because i learn from them and because of this experience, i am now a better trader. since i can pick what meaning to give them, i can choose to be in the state of being that i prefer.

by choosing to be in the light, i am allowing my self to be in the light and working with the 4 laws of the universee, the 4 laws of creation.

so be it.

desire and creating your reality

(this was an email reply in the bashar yahoogroups that i'd like to share with you)

Instant manifestation is possible. You don't perceive that way through your 5 physical senses.

If you take the time and start looking at what makes people happy you'll be able to see that it all comes down to the attitude and your state of being.

And I'll go with an example to illustrate this. I have given this to my friends. Few people do tend to get it though.

Say some people want a car really bad. And in the end some get it and some not. The ones who get the car may be happy and the ones who don't get it maybe not. It's not a rule of thumb but generally speaking it applies.

Going within means studying why you really want a car. A car is a symbol for your happiness to some degree. So after you get it you become happy.


If you understand you could get the feeling of having it already which does not require you to actually have the car that's instantly manifestation. The reality then has no choice but copy this STATE OF BEING and show it to you in some form or another (sometimes you get the car and other times you get something as equal value in return).

I'm speaking of your emotional response. That's all there is to it. All your desires are ready to be fullfiled in this instant becomes NOW is the one single moment in time.

So you see you already manifest instantly but you don't know you're doing it.

When you're putting your focus on "lack of" the reality you have is with the lack off. When you shift your point of view into abundance reality will slam back to you this abundance. It's that simple.

Your STATE OF BEING decides all the time the reality you live in.

I conclude this with the following message from Bashar

Circumstances don't matter. Only my state of being matters. Which state of being do I choose to prefer to be?

reality is an illusion

That's when it's unchanging, in that state. But as soon as you start to be more playful with what's going on in your life, it softens and becomes claylike, plastic, malleable, formable, changeable again and GETS IN STEP with the fourth law!

As YOU do.

Change is the only constant.

So in that sense, when you become more playful, you become more changeable and as a result your physical reality will mirror that changeability. It will become easier to transform from one kind of reflection to another.

NOW! Very important. Very important. Very important.

This is where physical mind can once again, can get caught up in its own sense - of control.

And that is, that when we talked about the idea of: what you put out is what you get back – the physical mind, because again - of how it looks at physical reality being the only thing there is, will asume, that if it doesn't see an exact one to one reflection in the circumstances that surround you, with what it is you believe you are giving off, you think that something has failed.

Again! I remind you: this is where you get caught, in your own paradoxical trap.

Even though it is true, that what you put out IS what you get back, and that by being in a certain state of being, that will determine what the circumstances around you ARE – the FIRST stage of that, the FIRST manifestation of that will be u s u a l l y, especially in your world of space and time – usually – the first reflection will look THE SAME! as it used to.

Because this gives you an opportunity to reinforce the state of being – by RESPONDING to the circumstances, that look the same DIFFERENTLY than you did before and THAT is where you then allow the circumstances to truely reflect that you have changed and demonstrate that you truely have changed by responding to the circumstances differently, even if they look the same as they used to.

That's how it works.

So first: the first reflection will usually be an echoe of how it used to look. You must not respond to the echoe as if that's the representation of your new state. You must respond to it in a sense as if you know – it's just an echoe and that what you're putting out now, the NEW response to the old circumstances, THAT will solidify the vibration of your prefered state of being and truely allow the circumstances to change themselves and take their queue from the new vibration you are putting out, which is the absolute certainty that you are different. Because if you respond to the old echoe in the same way you used to, you are NOT DIFFERENT!

So in a sense it's like you're testing yourself. It's like you are giving yourself an opportunity to decide whether you really do want the circumstances to change. By first presenting yourself very often – with the same set of circumstances to see if you respond differently to them. Making a clear commitment that you have in fact, vibrationally changed your state of being. Once you have then done that, and respond differently to the same set of circumstances then you have established that you truely have changed and then the circumstances can reflect that change.

So: Don't be fooled by the echoe. In thinking you've done something wrong. By labelling it in the same way you used to: OH I didn't see what wanted to get immediately! It looks the same as it did before. The same people over here, giving me the same kind of feedback. I must have done something wrong! Or something's not working. Or you find that you are reacting to it in the same way you used to because if - you – do! – you – have – not – changed.

So, that's the self reinforcing mechanism that gives you the opportunity to decide whether you really wanna change that circumstance - or not.

Because again, remember: all belief systems by definition are self-reinforcing. They have to be! If belief systems were not self-reinforcing and making themselves seen like the only thing there is to believe in, you wouldn't be able to have – an actual distinct, discrete, belief system experience.

If beliefs did not come with a self-reinforcing mechanism you wouldn't be able to have a descrete physical experience! And because they come with a self-reinforcing mechanism; when you change your vibrational state, one of the last things to fade will be the self-reinforcing mechanism. It will present the same scenario to you, once again, but it will be presented not as a concrete reality – but only as an illusion. Only as an echoe! of what was. To give you a chance to really decide that you will BREAK THROUGH that self-reinforcing mechanism by defining and labelling it differently then you used to. Proving that you have changed, thus allowing the reflection to then - truely come.

That's how that works.

Use that mechanism to your AD VAN TAGE! (Emphazies the word AND spells the syllables)

2 things that i know

now there are two things that i know without a shadow of a doubt:
1. i know that all circumstances are neutral, as bashar says, and only i can give meaning to it.
2. i know that i can choose my state of being at this moment, and any given moment.

bashar says that reality is an illusion, a reflection, and that only our experience of it is real. he also says that my beliefs, definitions are the template for creating my reality, my emotions and behavior also help in building that experience of reality.

if this were true, then i could have been experiencing my reality in a different way. all these years, i seem to have been exploring the opposite of abundance. since lack and abundance are the same one thing, how can i change my life experience?

is it my state of being? surely there were times when i was in a state of being i did not prefer, but there are also times when i was in the state of being that i prefer. i guess it was how my definitions were.

since we arrived in new zealand, i have been learning more from both bashar and abraham. i am aware now of my vibration and how this affects my manifestation. there are times when i learn, and there are times also when i am in ecstasy.

that when i find my self in a circumstance that i do not prefer, that it is not that i failed, but only given contrast and that i can choose. the contrast is there, why? to experience all the different faces of all that is?

then i have been giving meaning to my circumstance in a negative way. that i have been resisting instead of seeing this as a process.

2nd, 3rd & 4th density

Fourth density - a higher frequency existence characterized by a more positive consciousness and a greater responsibility for your actions--because you KNOW you create your reality. There is a greater desire for expressing unity, peace and unconditional love.

Third density - a frequency existence where you can look back on yourself with a removed point of view. You are in a volumetric awareness in third density.

Second density - The expression in linear terms of the idea of consciousness that does not need to think about itself, but acts from an ingrained instinct.
your actions alone, in that direction, are sufficient to make a difference no matter what THEY choose to do; and that is the power of having no point to make.
- bashar

bashar: template metaphysics

Template Metaphysics

Section One:

Now, since this chapter is the completion chapter of the main body of the work so far, allow us, at this time of your time, to deal with the idea, the overall idea of the work being that, which we have called in your language, "Template Metaphysics." This idea, this foundational reference, will be seen to be just that, "foundational reference;" and through this chapter we will indicate and apply this reference to all the different ideas within the different chapters we have previously discussed, allowing there to be an indication of how this reference underlies all the different disciplines upon your world.

To begin with, as we approach the idea from what you call the scientific point of view, you will find that what we call "the template" will be a reference to:

• The underlying substructure of that which you call physical reality.

• The underlying substructure of that which you recognize, at this point, to be the underlying physical substructure.

• The energy-homogeneous field out all matter, space and time are created.

In this way, you can recognize that while your scientists are searching for their unified fields, and as they allow consciousness to become a part of the equation, as we have said, they will begin to discover a field, so to speak, which is not a field, which will be represented by this idea we call the template. It is the underlying support system of all that you perceive to be physical and is, in and of itself, not really so much physical as it is implied. It has more to do with what your physicists understand to be, what they call, implicate order, enfolded within the idea of your three dimensional reality.

Now, this template will touch upon many dimensions of reality, but its bearing will have a greater effect, in an actualization sense, upon the three-dimensional reality you relate to as your reality. From the scientific point of view, that everything is an equation which balances out, you can look at the equation that represents the template as both a linear expression and a geometric representational solid form, symbolic form.

The linear equation will be as follows: X+Y+Z+T+(-X)+(-Y)+ (-Z)+ (-T)= O.

Now, this idea, each factor with a plus in between, adding up to the idea of zero on the other side of the equation, will represent the basic balance and imply the so-called nothingness out of which all is created.

The geometric figure (See Figure 1), which represents this, will be a double-pyramidal tetrahedron, base to base, one pyramid pointing up, one pointing down; each being three-sided, having a common base, two apexes, one up, one down. The common base, the three points that form the common base for both tetrahedrons will be both the X, the Y and the Z points, and the negative X, the negative Y and the negative Z points. The upper apex will be the T point. The lower apex will be the negative T point.

Figure 1: A Double Pyramidal Tetrahedron

Drawing a line, if you will, from the top apex to the bottom apex and passing through the central plane which defines the X, Y, Z, -X, -Y, -Z points, the center of all those points will be the zero point; the center of the entire structure.

Now, the definition of this structure, of this symbol, is as follows: Your scientists have been delving into matter, rendering it down to smaller and smaller components, searching for the basic building block of all matter. To date, they have discovered the idea that the basic, so-called, building blocks of matter out of energy comes in thirds. These thirds they have represented as being what they call "quarks," in your language.

There will be, then, the six ideas of this double tetrahedron. The faces, one, two, three… top; one, two, three... bottom, represent the idea, so to speak, of the relationship of the quark, and in this way, will show how, using the tetrahedral structure, which is the basic three-dimensional structure you can have, they, as a solid, exemplify the idea of what you call, in your scientific terms, the "uncertainty principle." Being that the basic fundamental unit of matter is, as you describe it to be, the idea of the quark, the third part of any structure you consider to be a whole, so to speak, an active part. You will see in your uncertainty principle that you cannot know what you call position and momentum, simultaneously.

If you recognize, in any tetrahedral structure, the idea that the base, forming the X, Y, Z components of space, and the apex component of time, then you can recognize that, in the tetrahedral structure, any facet, any face of the tetrahedral structure, will contain, at any given moment, either only, if you take the base to be one face. All the X, Y, Z components of location in space, and none of the components of T, time, and, hence, none of the components of the idea of momentum but only the component of the idea of position; or any of the other faces, each of which, being in a plane that you can measure, which is open to you to measure; the idea of any two position components and one time apex component, either: X and Y and T,
Y and Z and T, or Z and X and T, but none of the three altogether of X, Y, Z. And, in this way, you can see that, while you have the complete time component and hence the complete momentum component, you have only two thirds of the position component and cannot know the third.

If you are measuring X, Y and T, Y, Z and T, Z, X and T, you will always have the T, but always be missing a third, which will define, in your third dimensional reality, the X, Y, and Z that you need, to determine position.

Now, this is the structure of the crystal, the basic foundation crystal which defines the template of your physical reality, and you will find that this is the only thing that bridges physicality into non-physicality.

The idea of the location of objects, the idea itself of position in time/space, is the only series of "components" which is more basic than the idea of the physicalized quark. Time/space itself is the next component that is not strictly of matter; it is quasi-reality. But it is fundamental to the basic understanding of why your physical reality exists.

For you see the idea of space/time is, in and of itself, the methodology. The definition, the creation of space/time is, in and of itself, the methodology by which you create all matter and energy in your reality. And it is this idea, which you are located within such an idea, such a construct of space/time, which gives rise to the idea that your universe is something physically existing outside yourselves.

Now, as it relates, this template idea, to all the other disciplines, religion, metaphysics, and so forth: You will find that it forms, as we said, the pattern upon which consciousness can allow the energy field to take the various shapes that it does, the various wave lengths, vibrations, amplitudes, modulations that it does, to form all the solidifications of the energy which rests upon, and is supported by, this template field.

You can, therefore, understand the idea implied in the triad in this way: How you have recognized, many times, that things are connected in the idea you call threes, as this will be a representation of the idea of the template crystal, the double tetrahedron, both positive and negative, pointing up, pointing down, to allow for all opportunities to occur within your universe. And by this one equation alone can everything be manifest.

It is this equation and the idea of the source of the consciousness at the zero rest point through which all ideas can be manifest into this six-sided, five-pointed equation which will allow you to recognize the unification of all ideas, all beliefs, all fields, all energy motions and all electromagnetic mentality in your universe.

This idea of the template is something which will, in and of itself, begin to bespeak an entirely new approach to what you call physics. It is, in and of itself, the place, so to speak, where you go when you travel in hyperspace, to the zero rest point, where all potentials are equally possible. You can then understand that all space/time, when you are at the zero rest point in what you call hyperspace, all space/time surrounds you in much the same way that the X, Y, Z, negative X, Y, Z, T and negative T components in the hyper template crystal surround the zero rest point at the center.

This idea, this solid equation, is all that is necessary to also recognize all of the idea of the source of self that is defined in all of your religions, all the idea of expansion of yourself that is defined in all religions.

It is that all that you are, all that you are, everything that is, all that is, equals the nothingness out of which it all was created. All time, all space emerges from this nothingness. But it is not a nothingness of nonexistence. Existence always has existed. In this way, you can allow yourselves to recognize that it always will exist.

The template, the equation, on that level of basic, pure, fundamental existence itself, is something which you can allow yourselves to perceive as you need it in your physical reality, on whatever level your imagination allows you to perceive it, to allow yourselves to act as this crystal, as this fundamental beingness; which will show that the five points, five apexes and the six facets are all that give rise to the eleven-dimensionality that your physicists have described as being infolded into the entire idea of existence, as you perceive it. It is this structure, in and of itself, which represents all that you hold to be the expanse outwardly of your universe and inwardly of your universe.

The application of this idea will allow you to shift the vibration of the crystal into whatever you wish it to be - to shift its color, to shift its aspects, to allow it to resonate and harmonize and synchronize with every idea you have been, are now, or can become.

Recognize that, with this work, with the ability of your society to co-create this work with us, it is an indication of the fundamental recognition, the fundamental ability of your society to begin to recognize the blending it has created, and to know that the reality you have for so long considered to be only a product of the whim of a universe disconnected from yourself is now going to be everything you imagined it could be.

All of your religions will become knowingness. All of your science will become the same knowingness. All of your philosophy will become life worth living. And, with life/knowingness blended together, this will become the willingness to see yourselves at the center and as the source of All That Is.

This work will, in future times, be expanded by the interaction of your willingness to interact with it, with us, with all that you are, all that you are in contact with, and all that is in contact with you.

As, by the expression, you find yourself to be all the multidimensional facets, you will then discover all the facets that you share with everything else. And one by one, as you become the relationship of those facets, of those ideas, as you incorporate, with ease of creation, all that we have discussed in this work, then action, the same action that allows you to perceive a universe around you and within you and creation itself will be what you can directly feel, how you can directly act, what you can directly perceive yourselves to be - creation itself. And you will allow yourselves to become the total idea of the relationship of everything within All That Is.

And in that seeing, in that knowingness of yourself as the relationship of All That Is, you will become All That Is. Therefore, all of your faith, all of your scientific instruments, all of the portions of your personality, all of your past, present, future, and alternate lives, all beings everywhere, everywhen, in all multiverses, and in all dimensions of experience and expression, all are a part of you, you are a part of all. You have heard this all before. This is all nothing new, and yet, and yet this is a new birth, a new creation, even though All That Is exists in totality, this is also your new creation of the totality of All That Is. This idea of paradox and polarity will also be included in your new understanding of yourselves.

As this work is completed, we extend to you all our greetings, our welcome into a new idea of yourself, which we will share with you in many ways in years to come, as you continue to create time to exist.

Your own endeavors in the fourth density reality will be what we shall discuss briefly in the second half of this chapter of the work. This will be the ending of the first section.

Section Two

Now, as this work concludes, allow me to remind you that we are not better than you. We do not know everything there is to know, though we know that, on some level, we are All That Is, which knows all there is. Like you, we are travelers through the universe of our being. We have our own discoveries. We have our own creations and our own co-creations, one of which is with you and your civilization. We share the exploration of ourselves and yourselves so that we may both grow in understanding of that much more of All That Is. And, in our sharing, there through our creations, becomes that much more of All That Is for both our civilizations to explore together.

The time is approaching when we and others will be able to interact freely upon the surface of your planet once again with you, as you conclude the 25,000-year cycle of separation from the All That Is that you are, and allow yourselves the integration and integrity to recognize that you have every right to have the type of reality that you wish upon your planet; harmony, unconditional love and peace, and the self-empowerment and the freedom of choice to create them and all that comes with it.
These ideas will be explored by you in your fourth density state.

Disease will be a tool you no longer need. Your life span will increase to include the expanded idea of yourself, not requiring many lives to act out any particular idea you wish to physically experience, but being able to contain it all in one extended life. And these lives, these physical lives will occur less frequently as you allow yourselves to recognize that all that you have considered to be your karma is completely self imposed. And you allow yourselves to know that the cycle of reincarnation in this particular plane is something, as a tool, you are also through with... almost.

You will see and perceive energies which you will know to be extensions of yourselves, and you will see in those extensions and those energies how those energies form one idea, that each of you, without losing your individuality, can perceive to be one being that you all are. Recognizing the multidimensionality that you each are will allow you to express the individuality, the diversity, the uniqueness that you are, that much more boldly and creatively and lovingly.

You will all know that, with your own self-empowerment, you are all as powerful as you need to be to have any idea upon your world manifest in any way, shape, or form that you wish, without needing to force your views upon anyone, nor make anyone do anything to make you feel powerful. If you know you are powerful, you do not need to make anyone else make you feel powerful. Ah these ideas will be blending in your fourth density state.

You will be breathing a new atmosphere, which will be an extension of the clarity of your own consciousness, and it will be both crystalline and sweet, perfumed with the sweetness of your own unconditional love. The vibration of the Earth crystal will be in harmony with you. The green of the emerald Earth, the blue of your knowing spirituality, and the violet of your all creating consciousness will be the banners that you clothe your world within and that you expand into space upon your ships, as we have done, as countless civilizations have done.

You will be, much as we are interacting with you, interacting with other civilizations, allowing your unconditional love and service to All That Is to allow them the choices that you have allowed yourselves and offered us to assist you with. You will live full lives on all levels of your being; in joy, in love and light and laughter.

Allow me to remind you, all ideas of separation and the mechanism that perpetuates separation will dissolve from the fabric of your society. All will be perceived as interwoven, inseparable, though, once again, will be perceived as individualized. And in this way, you will beat with one heart. You will think with one mentality. You will believe with one knowing idea. And in all of this oneness will still be the granting of validity to the infinite diversity and further recognition of yourselves as All That Is.

We transform with you and, as such, as you blend within yourselves, your pasts, presents, and futures, so, also, do we.

This work shall be the signpost for us of that transformation and the last information we shall communicate to you in the manner we have communicated it. There shall be, from this point forward, for us, a blending, as well. And this will mark the beginning of our willingness to interact with you in fourth density consciousness reality. For all those that shall now interact with us will be of that vibration alone.

Dr. Chandley: It has been presented that a relationship exists between musical notes and combination of notes and alphabetics. There seems to be an understanding that the alphabetics from music, as in Mozart's 24th piano concerto and in other works of Bach, may possess information that appears to apply to the process of integration. Can you comment on this idea?

The Association: Very good. Recognize that many of what you call mathematicians and composers and linguists have all recognized similar patterns of vibrational energy. These patterns of vibrational energy represent the nexus points of which we spoke that are indicative of the vibrational signatures, patterns which represent the overall mass conscious agreements and reflections and creations that formed the definition of your dimension of your universe.

Thus, you will find that when these vibrational patterns are re-expressed in various ways, by playing the music, even vocally, or through language, or even mentally, these ideas will be in synchronous harmony with the vibrational patterns which already exist in signature form. As these vibrational patterns are expressed, they impress themselves upon the electromagnetic flux and fluid and field of your planet and your universe.

These ideas you chose to experience are those that are in harmony, in synchronous resonance with those patterns that already exist in the template that defines the reality you have chosen to experience, and thus, will carry the greatest weight for you, the greatest force for you.

They will reinforce themselves with their own standing waves. They will be reflections of the resonant harmonies that already represent the foundational structure of the reality you are experiencing. And that is why they are felt through the ages and why you consider them to be eternal. Do you follow me?

Dr. Chandley: Yes, I do. Can this musical harmonic be translated by a medium in words, while in trance listening to the music?

The Association: It can be done.

Dr. Chandley: Thank you. From one point of view, it is said we can program our subconscious mind to work out problems or situations while we sleep. This is an idea that has come up in many of our articles in magazines.

The Association: Yes.

Dr. Chandley: But it never says how this programming can be done.

The Association: You have many, many beings upon your planet that suggest various methods of how. Recognize, it is, again, simple enough to allow yourself to go into your imagination, recognizing that your imagination, as the tool which vibrates in harmony and resonance for you, is programmed for you, and whatever your imagination tells you is the way you can do it, will be the way you can do it; whether it be as simple as simply telling yourself this is what you will do or inventing an hour-long ritual to allow yourself to know you have arrived at the proper conclusion to know that this is what you will do.

Dr. Chandley: So, a ritual would work, if that's the bridge to having no ritual at all.

The Association: If that is based upon your belief system, yes.

Dr. Chandley: And if it is not based on a belief system?

The Association: You will find out in short order.

We will thank you for your gift of unconditional love in the creation of yourselves as you are, and the allowance by yourselves, your willingness to interact, and your willingness to create. We love you, deeply, from the very core of our beings. And we will communicate with you again, through another facet of our being.

This will conclude the main body of the work.


imagining the 10th dimension

bashar: play

You will remember that what was also discussed in the secret was what we have talked before: that idea about being passionate about being passionate.

As expressed in the the concept of „play" of PLAYING with everything that happens in your reality. Really having an attitude of gratitude toward it – so that you receive every experience you have in a playful way and thus by receiving it in that playful way you can do that much more with it. Be creative with it. Allow it to be that much more flexible. Malleable!

Stre-e-e-tchable. Changeable. Formable. Play. PLAY! That energy is what allows physical reality to become like clay. You play ~ with the clay, of physical reality.

If you approach it from an energy state of being that is of a lower vibration, that's when the clay hardens.
There is a reason for everything and anything that happens in my experience, my life. Reality is a reflection, an illusion. It shows what I am inside as a reflection. As it is, how does it serve me to not win last night's lotto?

This is a process. It is not negative that we did not win. There must be a process here that I am learning. Maybe just the fact that there is a mystery that I am going through, for without the mystery there is no process. So sometimes I need to uncover that. So be it. I am.

Long weekend with wife. She no work Friday and Monday. Again, another process I am going through. It's OK. I am learning a lot here. Learning to choose my vibration. That is key. Learning to choose my state of being in spite of what is happening around me. That is something I know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that I can choose my state of being, my vibration. Even if I were to live all my life with only that knowing, things are going to be all right. And that is what I learned from all this experience so far. I am learning a lot, uncovering a lot. I know it is all in me, that I do not have to get or learn anything that is outside of me. It is all in there. I simply need to open my toolbox and see it.

And this is the process that I am going through. And it is OK to go through this process. I am dropping all expectations. I am keeping the expectancy. Not defining what it will be, but it is there. Just need to discover that. It is there already. I am learning how to resonate. That is another I am discovering in my self.

Today, wife plans to go to church. I can do pizza for tonight, or I can do yoga. I plan to run again this afternoon. But yoga is primary. I am doing that. Do I need to go to the hospice shop today? No need really. Just practice being.

It is cold today. It was cold waking up. The sun was up earlier today. At six it was already bright spring is upon us. Choose my vibration. Choose to resonate. Choose my state of being. That for sure I know. I cannot prove anything to anyone. You can only prove it to yourself. That is what Bashar said in the book.

It is not like a bible to me. Different. More like a guide, not a set of rules. But the four laws, they are more like defining characteristics of creation. So be it then. Just be in the moment and get to the other side. So Michael is my guardian angel? Not like angels in the church, but like an oversoul? Maybe. It is just that. The questions were kinda fun to answer as it felt revealing. I answer by how my vibration felt like. I did not go to the head for answers. It was my heart that defined the answers. But as the previous word say, it was a definition. Seeing that definition. I can change the definition. Why not just have an open definition that serves my purpose?

That is a good idea there. My fingers are freezing. Wife is still in bed. I think she is napping, shallow sleep. No longer in the deep sleep. I woke up around six. My sleep was done. The legs were not as sore as expected. The run yesterday was easy. It was a good start. Today I can run at higher tempo.

I like the run for the meditation. For the practice. Then I can do that some more. How to run later? I do not know yet what my wife's plans are. She intends to get the thing from near the city. I am going with her, and so are the kids? I think so. Maybe not all if they choose to not go. Elise can be in charge and Marcus can come with us.

At times, Marcus chooses to be with her sisters. We will see what happens later. I do not have to do the laundry today. I can do them tomorrow. There is plenty of time plus the weather is improving most definitely. I do not have to have all these things.

When bashar defined abundance as being able to do what you need to do when you need to do it, I realized he was talking about the energy. There is a definition there of energy for doing is energy. I always thought it was the reflection, having the material things. But if I had all that energy all along, why are the reflections not there? There is a definition there for me to see. What is it telling me? There is the fear. The anxiety. So there is a definition. I think it is more how I define things. What is it? No need to see it now. For now, it is good to know that I have that definition.

wife's issues

my wife is again, afraid that there is going to be another round of redundancy in their office. if she gets in that list, what will that mean for us?

for her, it means that her work visa is going to be revoked since it is tied up with her employer. can she apply with another employer? if yes, then maybe the work visa can be re-issued. if not, worst case scenario is that we be sent back to manila.

what you put out is what you get back. i am not labeling that as bad. it is also not negative. there is simply a part of me that does not want that to happen. resistance. not allowing what is.

if she gets cut off, does that mean i gotta get work?

first off, that is not in the moment. it is in the unforeseeable future where anything and everything can happen. so why give it my attention? why give it energy? that realization alone gives me power in the moment to create the reality i prefer. and that's where i am going to be--in this moment.

and right now, there is nothing more important that align with source energy. be open, allow it to be. be in the moment.

everything is all here. amen.

8.05am the following day
as bashar says, circumstances don't matter, only your state of being matters.

dreams, state of being and reflection

i had this dream last night. i had a car that broke down so i brought it to my 'suki' repair shop. they were able to not just fix it, but spruce it up. when i asked how much it cost, they said P20,000. i immediately got that feeling, thought, vibration and words came out saying: 'i don't have it.'

then i woke up.

i got up to go pee in the bathroom. i remember having that feeling of lack. i went back to bed, but couldn't sleep. i knew this was a lesson, an insight from my higher self, my spirit guides. they, rather i was showing my self what vibration i had that was manifest in my reality.

and i thought, how can i have that then, the P20,000? if money were a symbol, how to get that symbol? if reality were a reflection, who do i have to be to reflect that in my reality?

it is all about state of being--my thoughts and emotions and how i choose them. my vibration. when my vibration is all about lack, fear, doubt, then this is what i experience in my reality. this is the reflection i have. when i react to what is, i get more of what is. that to react to the reflection and change the outside is not, will not work. it is, as stephen covey says, inside out.

observing my state of being, my vibration, is my daily practice.

this is why i always look forward to sleeping at night.
“You cannot open a book without learning something”

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”

“I hear I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.”

“By nature men, are nearly alike. By practice, they get to be, wide apart”

“To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it”

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”

“No matter where you go - there you are”

“To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness”
"...only because ALL THAT IS experiences all that is or it would not be ALL THAT IS.

dysfunction then, is but one way and not THE way.

what then about physical death and the ability to 'transcend' it?

again, ALL THAT IS contains ALL THAT IS with no exceptions; anything and everything that can be IMAGINED is REAL and can become part of one's own existence; thus physical death is ultimately a choice and not a demand.

how then to make the giant leap from one idea to another? how to move from one experience of reality to another?

'basharian-obviousn ess' is the daily potion i recommend! it's an alchemical brew that lifts me away from the idea that i am IN physical reality and places me within the idea that physical reality is created "THROUGH ME"

this potion also contains the wonderstanding that "reality" is being experienced in every-way possible - through an infinite number of parallel stories and experiences, ANY of which can become our dominant experience.

it's simple alchemy.

here are the ingredients:

1. IMAGINE your existence to be as you truly, truly, truly desire it to be; get a picture in your mind's eye of who you prefer to be, whatever you prefer to be experiencing.

2. MATCH, MIMIC, MIRROR that image as best you can on all levels of your other words, BE LIKE that person you see in your mind's eye. do all things the way he would do them, whether that be walking, talking, driving or eating. (by doing things in this way you will automatically change your vibration to the vibration that is representative of that life and you will start to synchronistically have that life).

sounds too simple? bashar would answer "yes! it is that simple, don't complicate it, take this literally! do this and get that! for the moment you change everything changes! any change, no matter how small, is a total change!"

remember, basharian-obviousne ss is not based on the principle of being IN physical reality, but rather physical reality coming THROUGH YOU. or put another in another way, and once again in the words of bashar, "it may look like someone else is in the room with you, but they're not. you are the only one in your room, regardless of what it looks like...all the people you see in your life are your VERSIONS OF THEM, thus it's not really them, it's you. the only reality in your reality is YOU."

of course, this is because YOU ARE THE ONE and there never was a split into TWO. it is just a reflection.

and so, concern yourself not with the way reality CAN be experienced (i.e. war, murder, confusion, etc.) and instead CHOOSE to experience what you would PREFER and all of reality shall mirror that change within you."

source: andy's email reply in

day 20/40 - best fx trader in the world

about two months ago, there was $3.00 in my trading account. today, there is $136 in the account, for a 3300% growth--!

not that i got 3300% returns trading that account. the account grew because i have new clients who funded their managed account. that's big. what if i am able to get clients with bigger funds every two months?

if this were to happen every two months, 3300% growth every two months, then at the end of one year, that trading account is going to be $210,093,400,576.00!

i can sit easy and just wait for the perfect setup each month. i do not have to trade every single day. in fact, i do not have to, but i'd want to, and i will. i can do a number of things i want before and after trading. i can go workout in the mornings, and start a second or a third business in the afternoon/evening. i can help my wife start her own business. she once mentioned she wanted to be in the real estate business. maybe i can set up a company in that direction and she be the managing partner? that'd be great.

amen. so it is.
let us begin with the understanding that the transformation of consciousness you are undergoing on your planet at this time involves the very simple concept of learning to be in love with the entire world in which you exist; in learning to be in love with the entirety of the multiverse, the entirety of creation.

Love is the primary vibration out of which everything has been created by the infinite creator. It is the very substance, the very fabric you all experience as your manifestable reality.

For each and every one of you is made of love, and thus in a fundamental sense everything you do is an act of love.

You have talked about love for quite some time in your civilization, but many of you have not realized that what you are actually talking about is the very essence of creation itself. All of physical reality, all of non-physical reality, any experience, any conception, any imagination, pulls from the fiber of love the energy required for the idea to blossom into a type of reality that can be experienced by your form of consciousness, whatever form you have created your consciousness to be.

In the idea of learning how to create the realities you wish to create in the way you wish those realities to be, it is all the process of learning how to be in love, how to identify with that vibratory fundamental basic out of which you create everything anyway. We are not suggesting you must learn something new that you do not already know how to do; we are here to assist you in realizing you create your own reality anyway. And thus, if you are willing to shift the focus of how you create that reality, you will be able to perceive and experience the type of reality you say you prefer.

Do allow yourselves to recognize that the whole process of understanding is not the idea of learning something new, but the process of remembering more and more of what you already are, when you allow yourselves to truly work with, and not against the fabric of love out of which all reality is created, and blend with that flow, you will be able to sculpt your reality out of that love into any form that represents your true heart's desire.
What if I see today, this moment as different? For it is a different moment than the last. I am a different person than last moment, a moment ago. I am different and I am changing, I am expanding. So in truth, this is a different me, this is a different moment. There really is no routine. Look for what's different this time, and you will be aware. I think I was thinking it'd be the same each time, and that is the illusion of continuity that Bashar was talking about. Each moment is different. I am a different and expanding person this moment than I was a moment ago, in the kitchen, in this table. Look for that difference and you make this a different expanded world.

That makes sense. I like that. I am that input. I learned that. There really is no difference here? There is. Somethings are arranged differently. I have different books on the table. I made my coffee differently today. And when you see the small changes in the little things, you then become aware of the expansion in your reality. That is when you see the illusion. And when the illusion is apparent, then the illusion is just that. You then create your own reality that way.

So what else is different this time? The way I started the day. The words I am writing is different. This is no ground hog day. All things are different today. It is only the personality construct that is saying ti is the same. Tis only that.

I see. Now what? I get on with the day but that is planning. Why not sit here and just be? Why not wait for synchronicity to tell you what's next. Better yet, follow your highest excitement. What is the most exciting thing I can do today? Yoga. That feels good. What else? Walk. That is clarifying. What else? I can go for a ride today. I enjoy that. What else? Id o not know just be in the moment, look for the expansion in the moment. That is something I can also do. This is great. This is opening my mind. This is exciting for me to realize this that this is different now than it was before.

I found the old blogs and I am a different person now than I was five years ago. I am growing. I am expanding. This time is different than it was a month ago. Every thing is different now. I am still expanding and will expand into the next moment. I am expanding each moment.

Now where did that come from? When I let go, it comes, the message comes and I get it like that and it just grows from there. This coffee is good. I quit aspartame. I proved to my self that it gets me fat so better to have honey instead. This is from the universe and not made by man. I wrote mean instead of man. Is that how I see things. And what about the future? There is no future. There is only now.

The kids are not going to school now, today. They are now in holiday. So we move on to the next. Like a kid, each day is new. So what now? Do I want to teach? Why not? Why not write and see what happens. Maybe people will listen. Maybe they won't. It doesn't matter. Just follow your highest excitement. I can post in my own blog. The personality construct will want that fame and fortune. You don't have to go there. I can just be. Be in the moment. That's how the universe is expanding. That is how you create your own reality. I see it now. I was asking for clarity and now I found it. It was all inside of me all this time.

And what to do with the kids today? I do not know just be open to the synchronicity and all will unfold on its own time. I feel like I am rushing things instead of being in the moment and just enjoying this. Even when I was there I was rushing things. I only have now. I only have this. And when you bring this here, in the moment, then reality is created. I am creating my reality all the time. The experience of it is real, but reality is like a mold. It is soft and pliable. Leave it that way. When you solidify that, how? I don't know, but I feel like I know and just behave as so.

I have a lot of good pictures in my hard drive. Maybe I can set this picture album to show what is in the blog. I think I can set that. But how? I tried that already and it doesn't seem to work. Maybe it will be different this time. It is always different each moment. I think I can try that. And what else? There is no trading in the morning. The kids take over the PC in the morning. I go trade after lunch around before the afternoon around the time they get home from school.

I feel like I am rushing this still.

imagine this

what if you suddenly were to lose your memory except for the four laws of the universe? what if you were to live from then knowing in your heart that these four laws were truth? how will your life be?

from day one, i wouldn't remember anyone or anything. i'd probably in a hospital, and since they can't find anything wrong with me, i wouldn't be confined, and may be released with the condition that i come back for check ups.

before i step out of the hospital, i'd be attracting things in my life along the way. people might offer me for a place to stay while i 'sort' things out. i might even be offered work, even at the lowest level in that hospital just so i can make a living for my self.

while i am working at that hospital, i'd probably be following my highest excitement. at that time, i wouldn't know what it is. since i cannot remember anything, i'd be out exploring the world, discovering things as if for the first time. this could be y highest excitement.

i'd be outside, talking to people, going places near and far, tasting food, seeing the sights, and did i mention sex? man. it'd be like i'd be learning about sex for the first time and that is going to be part of my highest excitement.

like following my highest excitement is my guide, like hansel and gretel following the path of the breadcrumbs, i'd follow each and every excitement, not really knowing where it leads to other than the fact that it is something i want to do.

will i ever get my memory back? does it matter? if people, relationships and the previous life were part of my synchronicity, i will come across them as the days go on. it might bring back my memory, or it might not. but following my highest excitement, there could be resonance there and i will act on that.

that would be nice.

spontaneous creation

each and every one of you is acutally always spontaneous. Even when you create hesitation, it is still a spontaneous creation. So the idea is to look at everything in yur life as a spontaneous creation, if that's what you desire. And then you will start to see everything being redefined in that way, and you will see the result of that attitude in the actions you perform.

In other words: if you see hesitation as just one more way to experience spontaneity, then that attitude—seeing even the idea of planning and hesitation as a spontaneous creation in the moment—will actually allow you to manifest in physical terms the idea in a truly more physicalized spontaneous manner. The attitude of how you look at things, in other words, will determine the way your life unfolds, the way the opportunities come to you, and how you will act on them in a more spontaneous fashion. Does this make sense?

day 10/40 - best fx trader in the world

the past 10 days has been EXPLODING with synchronicity.

today, one client i gave up on emailed me his LPOA. he was one of two clients that opened an account a few weeks back. the first one promptly finished everything and funded his account, while this second client probably went to look into other fx managers. but today, he sent his lpoa. i have already sent this to oanda. next step then is for him to fund his account. i have already set up fees schedule for his account.

another synchronicity--today, is that i noticed a new client in my client's list. i do not know where this client found me. he may have read the post i made on the fx trader's forum. i have yet to receive his lpoa or any communications from him. we'll see what happens from here on.

as for my trading, managed accounts are up. i am learning a lot, rather, re-discovering a lot about better trading. i really can't explain how my trades are better. i get that feeling that i should trade a set up or not. i do not put a definition of some sort. if i try to explain it, the method is more action-reaction where if the reaction proves or confirms the recent price action, then i open a position. what's good about all this is that my risk is limited to a tight 2% for each trade. it could go a bit more, but that is because of the spread.

all is well, indeed.

see it, feel it, be it

day 3/40 - best fx trader in the world

i did not make any trade yesterday. price action or market structure is not what i wanted it to be. i did one trade in my head, thinking what would happen if i committed to that price action.

price went up a hundred pips subsequently, then went back 50%-ish. that was a good lesson there.

i woke up this morning with an insight, again. i felt like i knew who i was, and what i can do. i spent the next few minutes digesting this insight, while preparing breakfast for my kids and their lunchboz for school. it was interesting.

i am not able to write about the details right now, but somehow, there is the knowing that it is there, and i only need to behave as so.

i also made some changes in my client's fees schedule. the fee schedule was set to %realized p/l where it should be % realized p/l watermark. the latter, fees are calculated based on high watermark. the previous, fees are calculated on realized p/l regardless whether profts are based on high watermark or not.

resonating with what is, now.