bashar - this terminal has no more data

This part jumped out for me: "A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered "That data is no longer available from this terminal". He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

Is this related to the 'weird' ending of a previous session, where we heard "This terminal has no more data" ?



Ship to Ship

Bashar’s ship is 2979 miles above Sedona. He and others are balancing the energies for our transformation. There are great fluxuations in energy. Bashar and others will aid in creating a buffer, positioning many ships in areas. Creates entrainment, frequency to guide you toward your higher self.

You will come into contact with more parts of yourselves. You are always being guided by a buffering energy of unconditional love. Forming the more whole being that you all are. Balance between physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said that his ship is a representation of their higher selves. They are linked telempathically from the heart. We can create this type of connection, an energy bubble around you, commonly known as the aura. It is the link between the physical self and the higher self.

Bashar means messenger. The vibration of Bashar’s ship would translate as Nexus. You can communicate with his ship using this name.

You can create your own ship. The SS Relationship. It is a relationship with yourselves. A harmonious relationship between the physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said he would use a Star Trek concept of a neutral zone between two forces. A border, a barrier.

The center of the brain is the corpus callosum. Vibrational energies come together here. There is a neutral zone where the energies of the pineal gland, the corpus callosum and the base of the stem of the brain come together in a neutral zone.

Imagine a circle split in half. The bottom half is the physical mind. The top half is the higher mind. The line is the template reality. In the center create another small circle. This is the neutral zone where the higher mind, the physical mind and the template level come together. It neutralizes everything. Like you throw bleach on everything. Everything is undifferentiated. It creates a state of neutrality. Definitions that are not working for you, feelings, everything out of alignment, give to the neutral zone, like throwing into a washing machine. And, it comes out new. The neutral zone is truly neutral in attitude. No, expectation, > everything you throw in there comes out neutral. It is all about hyperspace where everything exists blended together into one neutral vibration.

Even your scientists are recognizing that every single thought changes the direction of the neurological pathways in the brain. When you aim them at the neutral zone it will change them rapidly. When it seems that things are going too rapidly you can neutralize that.

As you form stronger relationships with yourself , you will form greater relationships with us and all beings.

You are on the verge of great acceleration.

Everything is in perfect timing if you stay in the vibration of your higher self. Be on the vibration of the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

When things accelerate, the more resistance you have to your natural self the more painful it will be.

Clean out the old beliefs that do not serve you. Create new beliefs you prefer.

Change your definitions in ways that serve you.

Following you excitement is the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

In response to a question about which way to go: There is a third reality created by the two. That is where the true power resides.

Q. What is the significance of Bashar’s ship being positioned over Sedona. Sedona is a vortex. It is a neutral zone. It is like having your hand on the main control switch. Since it is a vortex all of the energies are harmonious so they are more easily worked with. Bashar’s ship connects his physical mind and higher mind. Shifts in the collective consciousness resulted in Bashar’s move from above Cairo to Sedona. It was a collective understanding of how they needed to reposition themselves—like a dance. Others in his society are positioned around our planet forming a grid. Someday he will tell us where they are.

Telempathic; communicating with the heart.

A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered “That data is no longer available from this terminal”. He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

About fear: The mantra that works for us (Bashar), “So What?”

Bashar asked the questioner what he was afraid of, the answer was something like that I might not exist. Bashar told him that in order to no longer be afraid of this he must experience ego death. He said “Ask for it and it will be given to you.”

Location is a variable that exists within the frequency vibration of an object. Nonlocality.

Downloads. Open up and it will come. Get in touch with the energy that you enjoy doing this. In the blank space of joy you can receive the download. (the woman that asked the question enjoyed music) chords that make you feel centered are the best vibrational state to receive downloads.

abraham - control

Attempting to Control Others Attracts More to Be Controlled... It is easy to understand how you would come to the conclusion that your path to feeling good is through influencing or controlling the behavior of others. But as you attempt to control them (through influence or coercion), you discover that not only can you not contain them - but your attention to them brings more like them into your experience. You simply cannot get to where you want to be by controlling or eliminating the unwanted.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from from Abraham's newest book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

message from Ra, the weavers

The blogspot for Eileen Adair Hetherington is
http://sevenstars61 .blogspot. com/

============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ==

Channeled by Eileen Adair

Ra: Greetings. We have messages from entities who wish to speak.

Q-and who are they?

Weavers: ~~~We are the creators of what you term wormholes between realms. We use thought and intent to create structures on all levels of reality. We are the dimensional weavers. We are a malleable essence of adaptability and invisibility. We have never communicated with humans. Selfhood is our work translator.

This entity speaks through council of channel. [Information from this creator must be stepped down in vibration by another entity, in this case the Ra council.]

We wish to address those whose inner calling choose to ground information in certain geographical areas with particles of divine truth and love. This is the completion of one cycle. To those who engage in this completion of one cycle, and geographically impregnate with light, from formula of love and intention, for creating material reality.

Becomeing self aware and finding resonant frequency in your geographic areas creates a unified construct experience-to use
when cycle complete and unification of forces serve to move that planet.

Turn attention of groups toward each other so they may weave too, the new fabric of consciousness they choose. Each has a part of the quilt of higher consciousness. Time together will form unification. There are suitable symbols in major religion constructs. Choose those symbols infused with truth that resonate for you.

We advocate those easily accessible to mind /spirit. Of those we suggest; focus and meditate at regular times upon chosen constructs. We suggest eye of Horus, rose, sacred heart, divine Mother, merkaba. Consciousness can use love and color. That will improve the form to carry them. Six pointed star, three pointed triangle, flower of life. Kabala good.

Choose those that resonate to match energies to reach cohesion thru special time for spiritual symbols. Chant simple invocations with thought form of oneness.

Lightworkers should move away from Religions, thoughts of danger, thoughts of rescue or pick up. Light workers light up resonant field. Electric and magnetic wiring of earth is accomplished. You can now create a mechanism of special force to plug into the new grid and weave the new reality.

We are RA. We greet you in the love/light of the infinite creator. We comment upon previous information. The described process is that used by our social memory complex to lift our understanding from one dimension to the next.

We are heartened by what we observe as the election in the united states.

Energies that are dramatic and hopeful are released into your atmosphere. These carry deliverance from oppression and hostility. For -those- who have fears of disaster or hopelessness consciousness, we say "lift up thyne eyes to the mountains." This is in your scripture document. Do not become cold or indifferent. See or let love restore growth and release bondage. It is not for you to be concerned about the planets evolvement. Lightworkers create the picture you desire. Cooperate one to another, this is your work.




Blessings to you both, Alba, I somehow missed your original post but saw your original question in this one. Bashar has reminded us many times that life is eternal. We never really die, we just change forms. When we come into this life we have set up the circumstances which may involve a lesson, something we want to work on, or it may be by agreement with others to serve as a reflection for the others that the person comes in with. At any rate I don't think that there is any need to believe that if a person does not complete something in this life that they will have to repeat in the next. We do not know how the suicide served their higher self's purpose.

I was reminded of what Bashar said in the recent channelling about souls that come in for a very short time. He spoke about souls that wanted to experience just a little bit of physical reality and so move on very quickly through crib death or stillbirth or even abortion. Looking from the outside we can not see that their purpose was accomplished and that they moved back into nonphysical.

I know that it is often difficult to discern my own higher purpose and impossible to know someone elses. I don't think we need to be concerned about things like karma and punishment or having to repeat the lesson. I know that this is what we are taught but I think that its much simpler and that we just need to trust that the higher self knows what it is doing. No matter how disconnected a person may seem from their higher self I believe that they are still connected. Going back into the nonphysical eventually reestablishes that connection.


annula144 wrote:
> Hello
> ineresting, as i read this I realisxed I have some input on this > subject/topic as it haapened to someone very close to me in my family
> and I sought wisdom,understandin g and clarity on the event and I
> personally have some knowedge on this. But can you be a bot more
> specific or clearer on what you are wanting to know
> then I can give me piece of the puzzle
> Hugs from the heart
> Annula
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> > Dear All,
> >
> > Bashar said once that suicide only means that a person cannot bear
> > anymore the circumstances he/she created and so he chooses to break
> > free from them. In other words, suicide bears no consequence on the
> > soul, no damnation, karmic punishment etc, it is simply a matter of
> > choice. Does anyone know anything else he explains on this topic? Is
> > there anything I could say to someone who finds relief in these words
> > of Bashar and says that circumstances he created are so unbearable to
> > him and others that the only excitement he finds is to get rid of
> > this incarnation?
> > Please forgive me for this question, I am aware it is not fair to
> > burden anyone by asking advice on such a delicate matter, but all the
> > discussions here have been so enlightening and helpful, that I
> > strongly believe it is worth asking the people who can look at this
> > situation from a bigger perspective and a deeper understanding. One of
> > the problems I see with this choice, is that one probably creates the
> > same circumstances in the next incarnation, because as long as you are
> > not able to find a way to distill the lessons learnt and transform
> > yourself in the person you want to be, you probably start all over
> > again next time. And yes, this sounds like self damnation, after all.
> > Anyway, looking forward to hearing your insights on this,
> >
> >
> > Thank you very much.
> > Alba


Day 17 Today I focus on the miraculous being of who I am.

Today I embody the miraculous truth about my Being. I recognize and accept that I am all the God is. I accept the truth that all God wants for me is to be happy, joyous and free. I claim all of this right now. I think in Spiritually Correct ways about myself as I do you. I am all Good. I am enriched in the goodness of all there is.I tap into this Knowingness and allow it to work for me. I know the only way it can do that is by working through me. And this Power works through me right now.

Day 18 I live in the now.

Today I let go completely of negative past experiences. Today I totally release into consciousness all negative experiences and mistakes from my past. I have nothing further to learn from my mistakes so I put them where they need to me which is out of my experience. I have more room for what is happening in my life today by letting go of yesterday. I live my life one day at a time. And today is the day.

Day 19 Today I know that I am always in a process of becoming.

Today I focus on what I am becoming not what I have been. I spend my time today on becoming more of what God has already made me. I do not spend my time talking about any lack in my life. I spend my time in thoughts praising what I have, what I am and what I am becoming. I do not rest on my laurels. I am always eager to learn how to do things in a better way. I am always willing to learn more about myself and to change what I need to change. Life is as good as I choose for it to be. Today I choose the good life.

Day 20 Today I focus on changing myself.

Today I know that the only person I can change is myself. If I am spending my time wisely as I should be I don’t have the time nor energy to concern myself with trying to change you. You are you. I am me. My only business is to keep my side of the street swept off. It is up to you to clean up your own mess. Today I mind my own
business and allow you to do the same. Today I practice “Live and let live”. My life runs smoother from doing so.

Day 21 Today I create a better tomorrow.

I know that my next experience is only a thought away. If I am not happy of satisfied with what is going on in my life today, then I change how I am thinking and what I am thinking about. I think about how I want my tomorrow to be and act accordingly. I cannot have better experiences without having better thoughts. Today I create a better tomorrow. If I want different results then I have to do things
and think about things in a different way. I do so now. My life is richer from it.

Day 22 Today I turn my mistakes into gifts.

Today I am not afraid to make a mistake. I claim Divine Intelligence as the Guiding Force in my life, and know there is no Reality in mistakes, only opportunities to learn and grow. Today, I turn my liabilities into assets. If I don't get it right the first time, I keep trying until I do. As a solution-orientated person, I know that there is no such thing as a problem without a solution. I am willing to try things in a different way and to think about a situation from a different point of view. I do this now.

Day 23

Today I experience freshness.

This morning I awake with a new attitude. Everything about me and about my life is full of newness. I let go of any negative feelings such as guilt or boredom or doubt, and recognize that I am in control of what I experience. Today is a new and glorious day, and rather than drag old baggage into it from the past, I prefer to think new thoughts and attract new experiences and people. I can never be bored because I choose only those thoughts that manifest good for my life. Today I am fresh and full of life. I always have fun with what I am doing. I enjoy my life. Mostly I enjoy being alive and having this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. I show this enjoyment in all that I do.

Day 24 Today I practice being more flexible.

I know that I can be right and still be wrong. Spiritually, rather than struggle with who’s right and who’s wrong, I look instead to the Presence of God in all situations. Today I know that things do not actually happen to me but through me, as the Divine Energy forever expresses Itself through me. It is better for me to do the
Spiritually Correct thing and turn away from any ego-based need to prove that I’m right. Today I look at things with a Higher View and my life is blessed because of it. I do not allow rigidity to bind me in any way as I move freely in my mind and body. As I recognize God’s Power working through my life, with great gratitude and thanksgiving, I accept the gifts of peace and harmony.

Day 25 Today I believe in myself.

I know that I am a good person. I know that my heart is pure and full of love. I know that I am an expression of the Most High, and I know my job here is to experience life to its fullest. I know that I am all that God is, and I therefore, refuse to think less of myself then The One who made me. I refuse to put myself in compromising situations, and choose instead to spend my time in life-affirming environments with life-affirming people. Because I value myself, I choose to do only those things that support my highest ideals. I am ONE with God and the Light of God, and It manifests blessings for all that I meet. This is the Truth about me and for me. I am important and I know that I count.

Day 26 Today I look at things in a different way.

I look at my recent choices and opinions. Whenever a situation is not producing the results that I desire, then I think different thoughts about it. If I want a solution to my problem then I can't use the same thoughts that created the problem for me. I get a higher view. I elevate my mind above the situation or person. I take myself out of the picture and do the principled thing. I cannot do the same thing or think the same thoughts and expect different results. I am the sum total of all that God is, therefore my mind is always full of new ideas and life- affirming thoughts.

Day 27 Today I tap into the pool of Infinite Supply.

I know that there is plenty of everything to go around. There is no such thing as lack and this includes money. I know that whatever I need has already been given to me. All I have to do is to tap into this Infinite Supply. I do this now. I do not have to beg, bargain or plea with God for my good. It is here now and I claim it. It is mine by right of consciousness. I know this is the Truth and I let it be so. As I release this Truth into Law, I accept the offer of unlimited prosperity from the Divine Power. And So It Is.

Day 28 Today I look at situations through the eyes of God.

Today I think about things and view people in an entirely different way. Instead of thinking about situations and people as I have done I think of things and people as I know God does. I view things from the eyes of God. I now let go of all opinions and judgments that I held in the past. I ask myself; “How would God think about this?” Then I create new images where they are needed. I am not afraid or too prideful to change my mind about things or people. I am open and receptive for the truth and when I receive that truth I act accordingly.

Day 29 Today I know that I am at One.

Today I will create a sense of Spiritual Community within myself. I know that I already have this sacred place within myself. Today I nurture this Holy Place . I nurture this place with love and kindness for all. I realize that my Spiritual Community has to begin from within myself first. As I nurture this place within I feel it manifesting outwardly. In order to really love my brothers and sisters I have to really love myself first. Everything has to come from within. Today I enhance what is already there.

Day 30 Today I honor the entire human race.

Today I honor all of humanity. I see God’s glory in all. I praise the goodness that has been place in front of me to see, feel and taste. God’s work is awesome. Today I realize how blessed I am to know that I am a part of this wonderful scheme of things. God is in me as me. God is in all as all. God is the beginning and there is no end. Today I go with God’s speed and embrace all who come in front of me. I take a moment and feel Gods Presence in all living creatures today.

Day 31 God’s presence in my life is forever unfolding.

Today I acknowledge and affirm that God’s Presence in my life is the most important thing that I have. I cannot imagine living a life without God or without having faith in myself or faith in the Universe. Today I trust the process that it takes to see and experience the unfoldment of God’s powerful work. Today I know that God works in and through all things. Today I surrender my humanness into the realm of the Spirit. As I do this I feel myself become lighter and lighter in all ways.


This is slightly OT but does apply to the messages that Bashar has been giving us:

I attended a conference in July called "New Energy Mid Summer Conference". I didn't know what to expect, this was my first time. It consisted of three days of speakers and music. They intermingled science with metaphysics and harmonic music. Each speaker presentation was incredible on its own and with the combination of the two, created incredible energy in a room of 500 people represented by 29 countries.

One of the main speakers was a man who channeled an entity called Tobias. Tobias has not been on earth in 2,500 years; he is considered an ascended master, a teacher. He had lives in Atlantis and Lemuria and ended his last life during the time of Christ. Tobias lives in a dimension not typically accessible to us in 3rd dimension and enjoys a frequency that we are unfamiliar with. In other words, he is unable to incarnate on earth until we evolve into 4/5th dimension and our frequency has increased. Some of the other speakers included channelers who brought in Grey Eagle, the Pleiadian Collective, Chief Joseph, etc. Interspersed between them came the physicists that basically backed up any information provided by a channel. The basic message in three days was "You Have Graduated". The human species has reached the turning point in their evolution. The earth's frequency has acclerated and we have moved into 4/5th dimension. Some have already felt and noticed the changes, some will notice it eventually. Others will be left wondering what is going on and may never fully understand it; it will be their choice.

After three days of sharing energy and information the conference culminated in what was a total surprise to everyone in the room, including the channel who brought in Tobias. This was Tobia's last message; he was coming back to earth. Wonderful, we all thought. Earth is now ready to receive higher beings but the last shoe hadn't dropped yet. Tobias talked to us as he felt his pull back into the physical. He talked about feeling like he was losing 'the memories' and at the last moment decided that the memories would not be lost, he was bringing them with him. He was looking forward to experiencing all the human/physical emotions, trials and tribulations and being a part of the new energy and the new earth. Tobias was not returning as a new baby, he was returning as a 10 year old boy named Sam who had just suffered a head trauma from a bicycle accident. Sam could hear Tobias talking to him as he began to wake up from his coma; Sam was asking 'who am I?' and then he answered himself with 'I am' and then Tobias was gone, now a part of the physical. It was incredibly emotional and at the same time joyous because 'we had graduated'. The earth is now able to sustain lifeforms at higher frequencies and Tobias was just the first to return. He told us before coming back that the following week would see the birth of two more ascended masters and by the middle of next year there would be over 1,500 ascended masters returning to physical. They are here to assist in the human species taking their rightful place in the Universe. It is no longer about going home; but bringing home and the Universe to us.

We will all experience physical changes in the coming years if we are ready and willing to accept them. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride and just sit back, be open and enjoy.


bashar - definitions

abraham - how you see things

We're asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing.

What you're wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze.

Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place.

In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Wednesday, March 4th, 1998 #193

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

...i'm experiencing miracles now

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Trust that you ARE on the right track. The universe will always lead you where you want to be. Usually the path is not what you expected so it may appear that you are heading no where when in fact you are following the path of least resistance. Let go of worry and doubt. TRUST that everything is perfect.

Maybe school isn't really in your best interest right now. Its all about timing. Try to stay in the 'moment'. Do not concern yourself with the future. Know that it is taken care of. It will unfold better than you could have possibly imagined. If you let it. What I do when my life seems to be out of my control is to repeat, silently, "I'm experiencing miracles NOW" over and over again. I have had amazing results!

Peace ....... Nancy

abraham - what your job really is

Cyd channel on

bashar: excitement

Abraham on giving assitance/solution

If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion— but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from "The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham"

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther
yesterday, i chose to go with my wife to a seminar. the seminar was about nz immigration. there were three lawyers who were supposedly 'experts' in the subject.

while i enjoy travelling and going to places i have not been to, the trip going to the venue was exciting for me. it was in a different part of the city. how i wished i could go there by bike. maybe in some later now, a different parallel now.

when we got there and went inside the seminar room, the negative energy started to creep up on me. i know that my reality is an illusion and only a reflection of my state of being. but so are theirs too. the people there, including my wife as you know, offered their vibration, and i was accepting it. i chose to accept thinking i can make something out of it.

i was going out of the room now and then. my wife thought i was bored. i was going out to find my center. either i'd go to my son who was in the other room playing with the other kids and match his vibration, or i'd go out of the venue and realign my self with nature, with all that is.

in the end, i chose to process the negative energy and i stayed outside of the light for the rest of the day. i was trying to figure out how to get, instead of allowing my higher self and be open to synchronicity.

the timing for that is not at hand. i am still in the process. i see that now. this morning i found, by being open, that i was in a vibration that i did not prefer. i was in want. i was in fear. i was in doubt. i was anxious.

i see that now.

at this moment, i choose only to be in the light, in this moment. i do not know what will happen in the future. i have no need to know that now. for now, i will be in the light.


expanded perspectives

part 2

THE secret


You ask “Why [do] I have to always be alone and go through this life?”

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you and be of service. Here is the answer I am inspired to share. The answer to this question is very simple (if you will allow it to be so).

- You are not alone, unless you choose to be.
- You do not need to be alone.
- There are many people in all our lives - if we let them in, we will not be alone.
- Be Open and Share - Open yourself to those around you. Be open and share and people will open up and share with you.
- We attract what we are being. If you are being lonely, that is what you will attract.
- Be loving and share your joy with everyone you meet.
- If you want friends – Be friendly!
- If you want people to share with – allow people to share with you.
- If you want people to understand you – seek to understand them first.
- If you want to be loved – Love the people you are with. This will attract more love and more loving people into your life.
- If you want something – give it away and you will receive it back tenfold.
- If you want some experience – be that for others and you will receive it back many times over.
- Accept where you seem to be and you will get past it quickly. Resist what is and you will generate more if it.
- Choose to Be happy. Happiness is a choice. There is nothing preventing us from choosing to be happy today, this very minute, except our choice to be something other than happy.

This is the law of attraction everyone is talking about, but few understand. If you are lonely, you will attract more loneliness.

If you are something you will experience that.
If you want something you will experience want.
If you are (being) lonely, you will attract and experience loneliness.
Choose to be what you want to be.
What you are being is what you will be – and what you will attract.
That is THE secret.
Do not judge yourself (or others). They simply are. Everything simply is.
Nothing is good or bad. It is simply a matter of what you prefer.
Your state of being and your questions are helping you and many others.
You are always useful and valuable. Everyone is.

Your question has been of great service to me, personally. It has enabled me to express the knowledge I have accumulated. For this, I am truly, deeply grateful.

Know this:

- All is as it should be.
- All is perfection.
- The experiences you attract to yourself are the exact ones you need in order to learn the lessons you wish to learn.
- Your higher-self knows the best path – relax and go with it.
- You can choose your attitude, your response, your state of being – in ALL cases.

“Circumstances don’t matter. Only your state of being matters.” - Bashar

You are in complete control. You have complete power to freely choose your reaction to every event in your life. We all have been in similar states of mind. We all have felt lonely. But you are never truly alone.

I choose not to dwell on negatives or things I do not prefer. They occur to me, but I work to just let them be and move on. By dwelling on them we give them more reality. By investing emotions in them we give them more reality. I watch them drift by on the river of life and let them go as quickly as they came.

It’s all good.

Let me know if there are more questions. I appreciate the opportunity to consider them.

Blessings to all of you.



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I would as him from the heart
why I have to always be alone and go through this life that is what I would want to change the most so long a journey..... lonely miss the sharing- sharing the JOY
in physicality I mean but wouldn;t I be asking me anyways hugs annula and how bad will the devastation be and scarcity in the shift the end days coming now that's whats in my mind right now

abundance defined

abundance - the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

so why the hell am i too focused on money? if this was the case, then i have been abundant all my life. and maybe at this moment, i have abundance. i am able to do this and that when i want to do it. but when i put my attention on material things, i lose my alignment.

maybe i should focus more on the energy, the consciousness, the awareness that i am able to do what i need to do when i need to do it. i am going to call it consciousness. when i equate consciousness with abundance, then it is that awareness of being, doing what i need to do when i need to do it. in that light, i am abundance.

in this definition, then it is only me who can create the experience of lack or abundance. when i deny my self from doing what i need to do when i need to do it, then this also reflects in other areas of my life. when i put my attention on material things, then i cut my self from alignment.

so what is basic practice from here on?

to be aware, conscious, be as one, physical mind and higher mind as one each moment.

when i am out of alignment, this shows me i function more in the lower mind. by shifting to functioning as one, i feel quiet... still.

three hours later...

more insights. abundance, as defined by bashar, is the same principle that a tiny seed grows into a huge tree. if i were to put words into it--consciousness expanding.

consciousness. GOD. the universe. all that is--expanding towards me, into me, through me, for me, from me.

i decide how this consciousness will expand into, manifest. i choose.

good. it's all good.
I had several insights again this morning. Something to do with consciousness and time. That there is the eternal now and consciousness expands into this moment right now and time is an illusion.

Vian was asking me how clocks work. I somehow got this knowing how it was an illusion. You never really see time passing. It is always now this moment and any reference to the past or future is an illusion or something that is made in my head, or was that in my consciousness? I think it was more the latter.

That the past is no more concrete than the future, only that I saw the past from a different perspective and define it as concrete so it feels real. But what if I defined the future as also concrete in a different dimension?

Like I have intentions—winning the lotto seven times. When I set a date for that as not now, then it will forever be in the not now. Some people find that setting a date for it works, but still that date is not in the present.

I think how it works is that if I made that state of being, that feeling of winning the lottery mine in this moment, then reality as a reflection, that experience of winning the lotto will be mine. When is like a function of how well I have that state of being, that vibration in me.

Bashar says that experience in the spiritual dimension is instantaneous because in that dimension, we are aware that time and space is an illusion. That in the physical dimension, it is the process. So there is a process of folding that time and space and make it now. I feel it has something to do with state of being. That when I allow manifestation, then time and space will fold for creation to happen, to occur in this moment.

How to do that? I do not know. My physical mind does not have to know that. Bashar also mentioned something about projecting consciousness. It is not really going out from, but including in. integrating. That ties up with the other things that he said about integrating, being as one.

So how to do it? I, the physical mind, do not know, but the higher mind knows and what the physical knows is just to vibrate, be in that state of being. By matching that state of being, then it becomes mine, it is made in the present. Then synchronicity happens and the intention is made manifest.

Right now the how is not visible, but it is there. Just match it. Be it. Feel it see it. Then everything happens. That's how it goes. I have always been in control, but when I am not awake, not aware, then it takes longer to manifest. So be in the state of being. Is that the key? Vibration is the key. That's what I often hear from Bashar and Abraham.

Vibration is state of being. State of being is definitions, emotions and behavior. These are all within my control. And matching that with the four laws, everything ties up. I am. I already am right now. The all is the one and the one is the all. It is all consciousness. What I put out is what I get back. As I am, as my state of being is, then it is all that. Everything changes. I simply have to step out of the way and allow it. Be open to it. Trust it.

At this dimension, it is a process, but like learning any skill, soon as you get black belt in that level, soon as you make the basics yours, then it becomes you, it becomes second nature. You become one.

Interesting insights I have been getting here. The physical symptoms I have been having, someone mentioned that my kundalini is fired up, and that enlightenment is now. I guess this explains all the things I am going through. That is how define it then it is true.

It is all inside out. So it be better for me to find alignment than to focus on the actions outside. When I do things from the outside, there is very little alignment and manifestation takes longer. I spend more time, not really that, but when I find alignment first, then manifestation happens in the moment I am that state of being.

bashar newsforthesoul radio

Bashar in newsforthesoul radio

lack and abundance

lack and abundance are the same one thing--consciousness expanding.

i received this insight while doing my afternoon walk. Consciousness, GOD, the Universe, All That Is, is ever expanding and is expanding through you and me. What differentiates lack from abundance is definitions or belief, emotions and behavior (thoughts and actions).



If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience?
Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?
If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous?
If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?
Inspirit time again this morning. I did not have to get up this time. I redefined it that I get what I need when I need to get it, open to how it will come in the way that it needs to come to me.

The all is the one, the one is the all. When you pick up one end of the stick, you also pick up the other end. Ying and yang. It is not that I am experiencing lack. Lack and abundance are the same one energy. Look at that in the same way and you find that you are the experience. And that reality is only an illusion and only the experience of it is real. That consciousness is the one and the experience. So not to look at the lack or the abundance specifically for that is focusing or not using the energy to accelerate.

To accelerate meaning to go deeper into the now, go deeper into consciousness and be that energy. It is how I label that energy. It is not that the energy is good or bad, but that energy is my experience. That energy is my creation. So when I feel that vibration, that energy, I go to that part of me that experiences, that created that energy. The energy was created to point to the creator.

It is like all the religion is saying without the hype. It is all for the glory of god, all that is. It points to that. When I feel lack, know I that I created that experience. I am in that situation to point to my self that I am experiencing this energy. If I label it as negative, as lack, then that is what I get out of it.

So how to label it? Do not. Experience the I am. Experience the consciousness. be. I am. It is the practice. It is who I am. The situation points to who I am. When I am, then it is all there. I am all that is. And when I am all that is, then I also have the opposite end of the stick. I have the polarity. I have both ends. No need to label it as just one end of the stick.

When I am there, then synchronicity, all that is, will present itself, rather, I will, I am the synchronicity. Remember that there is nothing outside of my self. There is only one. There is consciousness and what seems like separate is the same one thing. All that seems separate is the same one thing. And I am that and I am this. Not this or that.

These are great insights. That was just a label. I am discovering a lot. Remember that I learn what I need to learn when I need to learn it. I am going through that right now.

So do I go to church this morning? If it serves the wife, then so be it. I am not really doing anything today. I have timing for that. I also have timing for this. I have timing for everything. All of it. It is here. It is now. I am.

Do I want to go out for a ride today? I can go out for a ride. Not to train. But to enjoy all that is. It was a great time yesterday when I rode out. I stayed in the beach. I had a great time. I also had great insights while I was out there.

And what? I met this old lady. She was nice. She kept waving back to me. I found my self not open at first, but opened to it. I did. I also walked around in the neighborhood. It was a nice and quiet neighborhood. I live there in energy, in vibration. Not that it is now here. In vibration and that is where it all starts.

Last night we did not win the lotto. Not that we did not win, but we win next time. Someone else needs to money more and it is good that they won. We won the same way. I experienced my self in that situation. And that is good for me. I label it good. I am thankful for that experience.

Thankful not in the sense that it is outside of me. That I feel gratitude for my self for having that experience. And experience in itself is abundance. It is that energy. You see it that way and you see it everywhere. I see that.

And now we move on. What's next in the agenda? Nothing. Just write and finish these. These are part of the day. This is my expression. Reality is my expression. That is all there is to reality. If this is my expression, then I created it. I experienced it. It is who I am.
i awakened this morning around or before 5am. since i've been doing this the past few weeks, i decided to be open about it and looked forward to the insights i'd get for the day.

i made my self a cup of coffee, fired up the stove so i can sit beside it to keep my self warm. the imagination was running around like a dog from its leash. i welcomed this, and kept repeating the word "OPEN".

i tried not to judge, nor edit what comes to mind, but to follow it where it leads.

this morning, i got insights about the ying yang image. how i, the physical self, has left and right sides of the body and how this relates to the ying yang image. as in my experience, i tend to focus on what is negative and resist that, hoping to change that. i am trying to change my situation at the moment, which is lack of abundance.

with the insight i got, the lack is, say, on my left hand. if so, there has to be an opposite to it, and it is abundance. when there is something on my left hand, there is also its opposite, on my right. in this case, it is abundance.

the experience, as bashar says is the only thing that's real. and if the experience is real, the ONE that experiences or is having the experience is consciousness. not to push my self into feeling abundance, but to let that feeling of lack to just be, then notice the experience. i felt that when i just pay attention to the experience fo lack, i feel aligned with my consciousness, with my full self.

forcing my self to feel abundance feels like it is still the same energy as lack. it felt like lack and abundance were the same one energy and focusing on them was futile. i learned to focus then on the experience. and by doing so, i have both lack and abundance. it is only the definition i have that makes it lack?

surely someone else will see my situation as favorable than theirs. and i will feel the same way with others. i guess it is definition.

follow your bliss

Dear Caterpillar,
Your name makes me smile. After reading this post it strikes me that your choice in email is no accident. You've gotten a lot of wonderful advice so I won't be long winded.

I just want to say that it's never too late to be happy. And waiting to be happy is never a good idea. Your kids are going to learn what a marriage should be by observing yours. Is the life you're tolerating the life you want your kids to think they're supposed to have?

You're no longer a caterpillar my friend. You've obviously grown into a butterfly. Sometimes people just grow in different directions. It can't be helped and no one is to blame.

Please choose your happiness. Teach your children that they should also choose happiness. I'm not saying get divorced. I'm just saying, you need to do what you need to do. Think it out, write it out, figure out what it is that YOU want. Yes, it's selfish! IT'S YOUR LIFE! If YOU don't look out for YOUR happiness honey, no one will.

And one last point... I grew up watching my mother be miserable. She thought it was hidden too and it wasn't. It hurt my soul to watch the woman I love more than any other suffer silently. I think her unhappiness was so well ingrained in her over all those years that she stayed that even since she's left him, she's still unhappy and miserable because she doesn't even know HOW to choose happiness.

Don't EVER let anyone make you feel bad for choosing to be happy.

The only reason ANYONE would EVER fault you for making a choice that will bring you happiness is because they haven't chosen THEIR happiness yet because they're afraid that other people will think of THEM what THEY think of you.

It's their problem. Their thought pattern. Their co-created reality. Yours is what you choose. Don't let their chosen misery be YOUR standard of living. They're already living their life. You don't have to live it also.

~ EL

The Smiling Spirit
Memoirs of a Domestic Goddess
Finding Joy in Life!

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Subject: [LawofAttraction] Divorcing to Follow Your Bliss - In terms of LOA, is it really such a bad thing?

I'm thinking I might get lambasted for this post, so I'll hit "send" and then duck for cover.. :-)

I read the following post from by Sheh, in response to the post "Why do we Struggle" by El (http://groups. group/LawofAttra ction/message/ 38349).

Sheh wrote in response to a fellow client's beauty shop gossip about a 50 year old man who ended his marriage to pursue a 23 year old girl:

"I thought instead, like maybe, this 50something year old realized that his happiness was elsewhere and not in his old way and marriage, and he was following his bliss, and maybe despite the age difference he'd found the love of his life, or even if he hadn't maybe these two involved souls were each others bridge into a better future with greater enlightenment, and they had met each other at this time, becuase they had established a contract prior to coming into the world to help each other out in this manner! Why did it have to be made into a negative situation, except because someone, several someones, were making it out to be so, because of their STRUGLLE and RESISTANCE to change??"

I've been struggling with this myself. I'm almost 40 and have two kids (9 and 12 1/2) with my husband, who is a good husband. But as we've grown and matured, we've slowly been taking different paths. It's as if we've been holding hands as we walked, and our paths have forked off at such an unnoticable rate. As we continued to walk, our arms had to stretch little by little in order to stay grasped. We are at the point where perhaps our pinkies are linked, but there is no grasping for each other - just barely touching and perhaps even briefly coming unhooked when someone's path takes a jagged little bump in another direction.

Now, I can definitely pinpoint where our paths forked - he lost a job several years ago after attempting to initiatiate a relationship with a female coworker. As a stay-at-home Mom, I had no income and any job I took would be entry level/low paying. I felt stuck. I had no resources to leave so I stayed and focused on getting him a job elsewhere (we moved out of state) and on the kids. And somewhere along the way I became jaded and cynical.

But as I slowly started to become my own woman - not "just" a wife and mother whose sole purpose was to serve everyone else, but a woman with different thoughts and opinions from her spouse, a woman who sometimes questions the beliefs she was raised with - I discovered that when I married at age 23, I had NO idea who I was. Because I felt so bad about myself, I changed MYSELF and MY desires and needs in order to conform to the men that I dated, hoping to earn a coveted Engagement Ring from whoever would deem me worthy of such honor.

Now that I've been married for over 15 years, it is painfully obvious that my husband and I are not on the same track spiritually, financially, personality- wise, with our thoughts about the kids' futures (such as college), and certainly about our own futures.

For the longest time I've almost felt unfaithful because I've questioned marriage in general. Who decided "Til Death Do Us Part?" How can a stupid and naive 23 year old who doesn't know what she wants out of life to make a decision to be forever united in matrimony to an equally stupid and naive 22 year old man that she's only known for a year, and only dated for 8 months?

For the longest time I've almost felt faithless because I've secretly questioned *some* of the religious teachings I've grown up with. How are we - mere "sheep" - to be expected to live up to the standards that those who lead the flock and purport to serve as God's spokespersons can't even live up to? And who decided what those standards are, anyways? After all, the guidelines of the church aren't ALL found in the Ten Commandments.

Like the 50 year old man in Sheh's post (the one that, truthfully, I'd probably villify as well), I wonder how I will know when it's time to follow my bliss. I don't necessarily want/need another spouse. In fact, I'd prefer to be independent of any man right now - no strings, no conflicting opinions, no caving in to suggestions that we buy an ugly $500 dining room table from the discount store when what I truly want is the $2000 table from the furniture store, and no fights about me not wanting to go to church anymore.

I feel selfish for not wanting to compromise anymore - for no longer wanting to consider my husband's opinions or tastes when I don't like them. But I also feel selfish for even thinking about divorce, uprooting the security my kids have in having parents that love them and are married and in the same house (we get along alright - no fighting, but not a lot of passion either).

I'll keep threshing this out in my mind. I need to get back to my books, visualizations and meditations. It's hard to find time now that swimming lessons are over (they afforded me the half hour daily to read as I waited for the kids at the pool). In the end, I guess what I've been looking for for the past few years is permission to leave just because it's time to take a different path, even when there is no cheating, abuse or abandonment involved. But for now, I've decided to just stay put and work on my own spiritual self. I'll work on manifesting the life and love that I want and deserve. If it turns out that my husband is a part of that, that is fine. If he isn't, I think I can wait another 9 years until my youngest is out of the house.

synchronicity and meaning

B: All right, I’ll say, how are you all this day of your time, as you create time to exist?

AUD: Perfect. Great. Etc.

Allow us to begin this interaction this day of your time with, once again, the laying down of foundations of the idea we will be discussing. Do you all love coincidence? “Synchronicity and Meaning” — which, if you wish, may be your entitlement for this particular interaction.

Synchronicity: we have discussed this a few times with many of you. What is it? Synchronicity: coincidence. As we perceive the interactions we have had with your civilization, we perceive that you think of coincidence more often than not as a fortunate accident. Maybe an unfortunate accident — but an accident many times nonetheless, random chance. “Oh, it just happened that way.” One in a million, as many of you are very familiar with the idea of, “Oh, it’s just the odds. Had to happen sooner or later.”

But the idea, you see, is that co-incidence is quite a bit more than that. Synchronicity: the right place, the right time, interacting with exactly who you need to be interacting with at that moment is far more than random chance. It is representative of the very foundational structure of existence itself, at least as far as physiological reality is concerned.

How does it happen? What is it? And how, perhaps, can you create more of the positive form of coincidence in your life, always knowing you’re at the right place, always knowing you’re at the right time, always knowing you’re interacting with exactly who and what you need to be interacting with to serve you best and to be of best service? How to increase that phenomena, as you say?

Well, first of all understand what it is and why it occurs. Synchronicity is your physiological indication of the interconnectedness of all things. Everything is connected to every other thing. Everything is an extension from every other thing. And why is this so? From our perspective because of the following idea: because everything is the same one thing, manifesting in all the multidimensional ways it possibly can. You experience this multidimensionality stretched out in a linear time frame because linear time is one of the ways you have of experiencing your physical dimension. But all things that occur actually exist all at once simultaneously.

“What do you mean by that? Not everything is happening right now, if it were, I wouldn’t be able to do one of these things. Everything would be happening all around; I’d be very confused.”

Yes. But that is why the definition of physical reality contains the ability to perceive linear time, in a sense, as many of you have already said, to keep everything from happening all at once, because your physical senses are not built to handle that. That does not mean they still do not exist all at once. To describe and explain this briefly, once again, refer to what we have called your radio analogy. You all know what the device is on your planet that you call radio, that all the programs that you could possibly listen to on that radio at any given moment are all there at the same time, all coming to the radio all at once. But the only one you hear at any given moment is the one you have your dial attuned to.

Physical reality is like that; this is an appropriate analogy. At any given moment, your focus of perception, your definition and your beliefs, your emotions and your thoughts represent the idea and the station, the frequency, if you will, that you are tuned into. And so that’s all you get; that’s all you pick up; that’s all you receive — is what you are focused to receive. All the other possibilities, all the other programs are still going on, and you could be receiving any number of them. But you only get the one, at any given moment, that you are most attuned to, and you are attuned because of how you have been taught to be attuned, through your perspectives, your attitudes, your point of view. That is your dial of reality, of physical experience.

Now, how do you change that dial to a program that perhaps is more to your liking? Very simple, you get in touch with the idea of the definitions you already have bought into that are generating the program you’re already getting, asking yourself: what kind of beliefs, what kind of definitions would I have to buy into in order to have the types of experiences I am having in my life, in my programming?

Once you get in touch with what those definitions are that are responsible for your original program, in rewriting them and redefining them, you are then switching the dial to another program. Because physical reality is only, and always has been, and always only shall be, the absolute, 100% mirror reflection of your strongest beliefs, your strongest definitions, your strongest programming.

Even your own physiological scientists now, your theoretical physicists, as you call them, are beginning to realize that physical reality does not actually have an empirical existence by itself, that the definitions, the perspectives, you have been taught are actually what is responsible for generating what you have for so long thought to be a separately existing physical reality that you just happen to exist within. You are beginning to realize this is not so, and that everything you have experienced your physical reality to be has always been the product of your strongest belief systems about what it could be, or might be, or what you fear it will be; for your strongest beliefs and your strongest emotions combine to generate a manifestation of that reality.

If it is a positive emotion, a positive belief, that’s the blueprint you’ve created; that’s what you activate, that’s what you get. If it is a negative blueprint, a negative emotion, you will get a negative pattern. This is simple physics. In many of the things we will be discussing with you, this day of your time, realize we are not speaking philosophically so much; we are not speaking in analogies so much; we are not speaking figuratively so much. We are talking pragmatic tools that actually are responsible for the generation, manipulation and manifestation of your physiological day-to-day experiences. You are the creators of your reality. Whether you do that consciously or unconsciously is up to you.

Now, synchronicity, having what you call a life that is blessed — always running into exactly who you need to — a charmed life, having exactly what you need at your disposal when you need it; not a second too late, not a second too soon, just right there — this is what you usually in your society call luck. There is no such thing. Not really, not in the sense you mean it.

You know, an aside for a moment, many individuals now in your reality, in your world, are beginning to explore what you have called metaphysical concepts, and some individuals find that they cannot believe that such ideas exist. However, they will still believe in luck; a more metaphysical concept I cannot imagine! The idea to imply that, “Oh, it’s just luck,” completely detaches the idea of that experience from any kind of physiological cause and/or effect.

The idea of even what are being discussed as metaphysical principles, they are not above and beyond the idea of physics. They are simply another state of physical understanding that have their own laws, that follow their own rules, and are tied very strongly into the idea of your physical reality. The so-called supernatural is simply another level of nature. There is nothing really beyond nature about it. It is simply, perhaps for now, a little bit beyond your typical day-to-day understanding, but that does not make it disassociated from the ideas of your physiological reality.

Luck, the concept of luck, to some degree implies even more deeply than any metaphysical concept that something could occur which is not attached to the mainstream of cause and effect. It does not really exist. Everything that you have called luck, both positive and negative, is the result of setting up a momentum, a synchronicity momentum, that takes its cue from the patterns of belief and definitions you have bought into most strongly in life. How you generate synchronicity in your life, more coincidence, is utterly determined by the type of meaning you put into the circumstances that happen in your life.

We have discussed from time to time with many of you the idea that no circumstance and no situation has built-in meaning. All situations are summarily blank, devoid of meaning to begin with. Empty. They do not bring meaning with them. They are simply neutral props, arrangements of surface symbols that have no meaning unto themselves other then the meanings you have been taught to give them. So automatically do you apply meanings to certain situations, because they are so ingrained within you to do so, that you think that the situation brings with it its own built-in meaning.

But it doesn’t. It’s just that you very quickly apply a meaning on a very unconscious level, because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. “When you see this, sonny boy, or little girl, it means this. Don’t forget it or you’ll be in big trouble.” “Yes mother; yes father.” “Over and over and over again, I’ve told you when you see this, it means this. Steer clear, or do this or do that.” “Yes mother; yes father.”

Pretty soon — doesn’t take very long at all — you absolutely buy, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the meaning you have been instructed to believe a circumstance had is the only meaning it can have, and that it takes you sometimes a very long time to realize, “Oh, wait a minute. It could mean this, too. Doesn’t always have to mean that. It could mean this.” But then you go through a long process on your planet of unlearning the old ideas to give yourself an opportunity to learn new applications. It doesn’t have to take that long.

And we are not necessarily suggesting that many of the things your parents tell you are not for your own benefit. But the idea in your society has been carried to an extreme, where you simply buy into every single idea that you society tells you — very automatically, more automatically than you think. And you automatically apply the meanings you have been taught to every given situation, and do not understand why certain things keep repeating in your life — because you are not consciously in touch with the fact that the meanings you keep applying to the circumstances that happen are what cause them to perpetuate themselves in endless cycles of repetition.

The idea, therefore, is to understand that while everything does exist simultaneously, you are still in the act of co-creating it with the Infinite Creation, and the way you, as aspects of Creation — and all beings within Creation, as aspects of Creation — create and co-create and continue to expand the idea of creation is by applying meaning to the surface symbols that already exist. The meaning you give them determines their content, determines their effect, determines the life you experience. The giving of meaning is the act of creation on your physical level. That’s what determines what you experience.

And also, the type of meaning you start to impart to the circumstances in your life will then create a momentum that will determine what kind of circumstances, even on the surface, begin to crop up in your life, and what kind of meaning or significance they have for you. Now, understand this: every single event, no matter how small, every single action, no matter how seemingly insignificant has effect and impact on your life. And you are inexorably intertwined with every single thing you experience. You have helped create it for one reason or another. Now, certain events may not have as high a degree a significance for you as it may have for someone else in that event, but your presence in the event, your coincidental presence in that event has still created the factors necessary to help set it up, so that whoever needs to get the impact out of it can.

There are no accidents, and I am talking down to the most fundamental idea. There are no accidents about all of you that are present in this interaction today. It is not an accident who you are sitting next to. It is not an accident what they are wearing. It is not an accident what you ate for lunch, if you did eat lunch. It is not an accident what you notice, what you hear. The smallest scrap of paper that blows in the wind at your feet is not an accident. It is all your choreography; it is all your orchestration.

Granted, a large degree of it is automatic, on automatic pilot, as you say, so that you don’t necessarily consciously have to be aware of every single detail and organize that. That would be too much for your mentality. But the idea nonetheless is that whether it has a great deal of significance for you, or a small amount of significance, it still has some significance if you experience it at all. You are incapable of experiencing any event in your life that doesn’t belong there. Nothing in your lives is superfluous or extraneous. There are no extra creations. Everything fits, every single thing.

When you begin to look at life that way, when you begin to realize that where you are is exactly representative of who you are, then you can get a handle, as you say, on the definitions of who you are, and if you don’t prefer the definitions of what it is you are experiencing, you can change it. It is in your power to do so, and always has been. Always. And it is a very simple thing to do. You have created all that reality to begin with, anyway, and you have done it automatically, effortlessly — so effortlessly you don’t even necessarily know you’re doing it.

You can still create any reality you want with the same degree of effortlessness and automatically. Just because the idea has been ingrained within your society that having a life of ecstasy is harder than having a life of pain doesn’t mean it really has to be so. That’s only one of your society’s shared consensus definitions. You don’t have to buy into it any more.

There is absolutely nothing inherent within the idea of positivity and negativity that says, “Negativity will happen more often than positivity. It is easier to come by, and negativity is more representative of reality than positivity is.” Look at the tales you tell in your society. You tell a tale, and individuals in that tale — oh, perhaps there may be a moment or two where they are having a good time, but then they are involved in a great deal of conflict and struggle and strife. And you say, “Oh, that was a very realistic story!”

But then you go and watch a story and everyone is having a good time, and everyone finds and discovers exactly what they need, and works the situation out and lives happily ever after. “Huh, nice fairy tale. Too bad life isn’t really like that.”

Why not? There is no reason why one should be more representative of life than the other, except the definitions you have chosen to buy into. The only reason your society has bought into the idea is because the type of society you have created yourselves to be is highly focused in physical reality, one of the most highly focused we have ever discovered. And because of that a particular idea came along with that degree of focus, the ability to forget that you created it to begin with.

You have played the game of forgetting for thousands of your years of counting. But now you have played all that limitation and forgetting out, almost completely. So now you are as a society beginning to wake up and say, “Well, wait a minute; there must be something more. I have been living a particular type of dream. We have been walking in our sleep; now we are waking up… into another dream, a dream we prefer. A dream that lets us know we are more than we previously thought, and can be anything we really wish to be.”

All reality is a dream; all dreams are real. You are dreaming right now. I mean that quite literally. This interaction, in every sense of the word, is a dream. It is simply that you have labeled that this dream shall have the aspect and image you call solidity, reality. It is no different than anything else that passes through your imagination, except that you define it to be more solid than anything else. That’s the only difference, that one definition, that one concept.

But you see how powerful those concepts are. Because that’s all it takes — is that one definition to create everything your society has held to be true for thousands of years. That’s all it takes, and that’s why it’s very easy to transform your lives. Because once you get a hold on the idea that the definition is the only thing responsible for any seeming barrier in your life, once you redefine it, away it dissolves, back into the essence, the energy from which it was created. And what crystallizes in its place is the new definition. It is as simple as that.

Now, there may be many techniques and rituals that will aid and assist you in the processing of this understanding, to arrive at a time where you can allow yourself to change your reality very quickly. If you desire such processes, if you must take time to do this, then that’s your choice, and you can learn much from it. Do not berate yourself for taking the time; it is what you need, according to the definitions you believe you are capable of. That is not cause for bereavement or self-judgment. But the idea simply is that these things do not have to take as long as they have taken and this is what we are here to assist you with — to understand that the meanings you give to life determines utterly the type of synchronicity you experience. Whether it be positive or negative, conscious or unconscious is up to you, but you are the creators of your reality, both individually and collectively by telepathic agreement.

You will generally abide by the rules of the game that you have all agreed to play, but there is a lot more leeway, as you say, in those rules than many of you have thought. It is not as rigidly structured as you have been led to believe. And especially now that you are in your transformational age where you are exploring the idea of what consciousness really is is there a great deal of freedom to express, what you have called for so long, your free will, but really don’t ever consciously know you’re using. Now is the time to become conscious on your planet that you really have free will, and what that really means.

At this timing, in return for your willingness to interact with us as ambassadors of your civilization, and allowing me to function as an ambassador of our respective civilization within the Association of Worlds, we will let you know that your interaction for us is a gift. Our unconditional love creates ecstatic joy in your willingness to co-create this interaction this day with us. Because through you we are allowed to see that many more ways that the Infinite Creation has of expressing itself within the creation that it is. And this is a gift to us.

We thank you for this gift, and your willingness to create this interaction this day of your time. In return for this gift, I will ask you now, how may I serve you?

living it

Living It

ANIMA: As we have been discussing your idea, the idea of the end of practice time and the beginning, as you would say, of living time – this evening of your choosing, is to put into action, as you would say, those ideas, those imaginations which you have held on to, to this point. Held on to, not believing, not believing they are valid for you in what you would term life-style way of life. Held on to as less, less solid, less fruitful, less rewarding, less realistic.

All right, but now you have your idea of your mass consciousness changing your reality; so what you have held to be less realistic is becoming more realistic, becoming more realized. The actualized being brought forth from that place you have termed imagination. That place you have held as unreal, but for which you are now, as a mass consciousness, beginning to realize is really the real, real.

Now, you are stepping into that reality, you are bringing that reality into focus. You are diffusing; diffusing your focus upon the reality you have held. That is all it takes to make a change in your physical reality: a diffusing of your focus, a changing of your perspective. Very simple, you will learn within your collective mass conscious realization how to do so very rapidly within the next several of your decades; how to shift, increase the momentum of the shifting of your idea, your focus of your own reality, and that of the reality you share which you call mass consciousness.

You will allow yourselves, from this point forward – when you allow yourselves to live, and not practice, but live those ideas – you will allow yourselves to recognize more fully the mass consciousness. You will allow the mass consciousness identity to fully recognize itself as the culmination of all its parts, which are you.

Again, taking nothing away from the idea of your identity, no. The strengthening in the idea of your own identity brings about an easier recognition upon the part of your collective mass consciousness in providing strength, strength within the idea of your own collective personality. When you allow yourselves the strength of your own collective personality, the total integration of your own collective personality and identity, then you are saying to the mass consciousness: “Here I am.” You are speaking out loud. You are acknowledging your complete identity and thus, making your complete identity available to the mass conscious identity.

It will then, in a sense, tap into your identity to form what it needs of its own sense of self, its own sense of its own conscious awareness; its collective conscious awareness, formed by its own personality parts, which are you; and then onward to form former collections, if you would; former mass consciousnesses, if you would.

Now, we began with the idea of ending the practice by understanding the interaction, the interaction between all of you, among all of you. The idea that you can, in a sense, reach out and feel the link, feel the interaction; become aware of the non-verbal, non-physical interaction which occurs continuously between all of you. It is never broken; only your awareness of it allows it to seem so. Only your awareness of choice, that which you do not wish to look at, makes it seem like there is no connection. It served a purpose in this time; now you are changing your own time. That time allows for many new ideas. It allows for us to bring you… it allows for you to recognize your own connections.

Now, you may at this time be more familiar than you were with your own feelings of your own connections to your other identities, which you regard as past and future lives. These, in a sense, are now integrated to the point where you need not delve too much into specifics. You are able, if you wish, at this time, to simply absorb the idea, absorb the energy, absorb the information, which you are constantly sharing with all of your lives. Including those which co-exist with you in this time, which you call also past lives, and what you call future lives.

There being no future; there being no past, there being only now. They co-exist simultaneously, and this you now no longer need to hear. You know this, you can feel this; you have brought yourself to the point of knowing. You can tap, relate, and directly communicate with all of your own portions, with all of your own feelings about those portions, with all of their feelings about you. They have feelings about you too. Do not forget that they are, in their own right, conscious entities, with their own sense of identity. They have feelings about all their other portions, including you. You can look at yourself from any point along the time track, if you wish, since you have created the time track to begin with. You may shift to and fro, up and down; any which way you so desire, any which way.

You will find there is, tonight of your time, this sense of blending, this sense of bringing in other portions of identity, this sense of demonstration of connectiveness, of fluid motion between consciousnesses; of removal of the separation between the ideas of conscious, subconscious, unconscious, hyperconscious, and mass consciousness. You will find at this time that energy being given out to you.

You may allow whatever feelings, whatever flowings you find yourself performing between your own portions, your own past, your own future, in your own willingness; your own willingness to allow. Allow, not make, not force, but to allow those connections to commence within you; that blending of all of your portions; that blending of each portion within every other consciousness around you; each consciousness around you possessing a part of you, in a sense; an extension of you, in a sense; a projection of your own idea of yourself, in a sense. There is, if you wish, intensity in the blending; there is calmness in the blending, if you wish. Do you understand this idea of blending?

AUD: Yes.

ANIMA: Allow me to tell you the energy is about thirty percent. There is, if you wish, time for the idea of questions concerning this idea of blending, if you wish.

Q: Do you mean thirty percent of what it could be, or what it would be?

A: What it could be; something of your understanding at this time, at this moment.

Q: So if we were ready it could be more right now?

A: All right, allow me to ask a question of you, all of you. Who wishes to act? Who wishes to be? Who wishes to perform their lives as opposed to watching?

AUD: Me. I do.

A: Who does not? Now realize this is no chastisement. Realize your feelings are always, in a sense, a form of action anyway. Who feels, in a sense, they do not perceive the idea of extending and blending the portions to be something that’s serving? Realize acceptance within searching of this idea; for the idea that you have the willingness to say you do not connect to the idea of blending will bring, in a sense, its own rewards. I will ask the question, how much do you see in other individuals?

Q: Only potential.

A: Really? Allow me to tell you that you see 100% of yourself in every other individual, and not one percent less. Never. Realize that when you attract, when you create a reality, round and about you; when you attract consciousnesses, when you allow yourself to accept their idea of themselves, and you create a version of them for you within your reality, then that version of them, for you, is 100% a reflection of your own creative ability. It is 100% you.

You are not, in a sense, in your terms, as you understand them, ever seeing that other individual. Realize there are situations in which one individual and another individual, as you say, in your terms, do not get along. Yet, there may be a third individual who receives them both equally. Realize there are portions being created within each individual’s sphere of reality, some of which are not shared between, as you say, A and C; but are shared equally between A and B, and B and C.

Therefore, you will find whatever is in your reality is created by you as your representation of that consciousness. You do not always allow yourself to receive everything that other consciousness transmits. You choose; you pick and choose what you wish to see of that other consciousness. That which reminds you of you; those portions only which you are willing to acknowledge within yourself, willing to view and integrate of more of yourself. When you are willing to view and integrate, and allow more of your own personality to come to the surface, you will find yourself allowing further integration with other individuals.

You will find yourself allowing them to allow more transmission to reach you. You will find them allowing more transmission, from you, to reach them. You will be sharing more of yourselves; you will be blending more of yourselves only when you are willing to look at more of yourself.

Q: And how can you do this?

A: Again, you may first acknowledge that each and every portion of your personality is there; created by you for a reason, for a function, for a purpose of your own choosing. Why will you suppose you would create for yourself superfluous identities that you have no use for? Creation being completely self-contained, being completely aware of its own purpose, creates no extraneous portions; it is always self-contained.

Your awareness will focus on what you have told yourself you need to focus on. Always know you will be able to draw from an endless well. As you choose to allow yourself to do so, you will always find more and more of yourself to draw on. You will always be able to constantly create, in a sense, greater and greater more integrated realities containing more and more awareness of various consciousnesses, both upon your world and upon other worlds and within other dimensions of thought. The further you are willing to look at yourself as a complete and total creator, the more of creation you will allow within your reality.

Q: When you say “getting to know all the different parts of yourself,” are you also referring to those parts of your personality that are perhaps dormant or could exist?

A: Yes. They are not dormant by any means. Realize, that in order for you to create physical reality you have created the idea of polar opposites and paradox. You have allowed this idea for you to create a sense of time, past, present, future, darkness and light. It is the willingness to understand that you have created these ideas within yourself to make yourself complete within this realm of reality, and that none of those personality portions can ever do you harm.

If you allow yourself to emerge into reality from the center; the center between both sides, recognize the fact that you can allow the energy of both sides to serve you in positive ways. Recognizing that anything you might deem to be a negative experience in dealing with those portions of your personality – that you deem perhaps, in your terms, less suitable than any other portion – can be used instructively for you to create positive circumstance out of that lesson you have given yourself.

Realize that the stronger you focus upon the idea of suppression of those portions of yourself, the more energy you give to them. The more solidity you give to them, the more you shift your balance of energy over to them, then the more prominent you allow them to be in your life.

When you recognize that each and every portion of your personality is completely equal to every other portion of your personality, and completely equal collectively to the whole identity that you are, you will exist, in a sense, in constant momentum, perfectly still. Again, the paradox; do you follow the idea, constant momentum, yet perfectly still?

AUD: Not completely.

A: All right, you may imagine that in creating all of your reality round and about you, extending your perceptions out from your own center, you can accelerate your idea of shifting, your idea of growing, your idea of experience, your ideas of sharing, your idea of blending, of living, of being. You can accelerate those ideas round and about you, bring to yourself all that you will need, all that you deserve; which is everything. Did you get that? Everything. All that you deserve is everything. You are already everything. Why would you exclude a portion of yourself from yourself? You contain everything; you are the creator, you have everything, you are everything. There is no outside, there is only you, there is no outside of you.

Since you contain everything, you may allow everything to work together without fear. You contain fear too, yes, you will never get rid of fear, so you might as well learn it is equal to every other portion of yourself you have created. Once you realize that fear is equal to every other portion, including joy, you will recognize the purpose for which it was created. You will allow it its due; you will allow it its place. You will allow it to function, in your terms, harmoniously with all of your other portions.

You will begin, therefore, to recognize yourself from a central viewpoint as a creator. You will recognize the purpose in the lightness and the dark, in having wished to experience, in your terms, the creation of physical reality. You will see your own purpose for yourself, your own purpose as a creator, your own purpose within the entire universe – multiverse consciousness, if you wish – when you allow yourself everything you deserve. And you deserve everything. Do you follow that?

Q: Yes.

A: How does that make you feel, a little bit nervous?

Q: Yes.

A: So you are saying you can never get rid of fear?

Q: Yes.

A: Allow it to work with you. You have created this fear simply as an idea for yourself to understand certain of your own abilities. Allow it to manifest its own energy in positive ways. Allow it to show you that it exists as a reminder that you are as powerful as you wish to be. Do you follow?

Q: Yes.

A: Do you feel comfortable with that idea? You may, if you wish, play, play, play with your fear. It will be more fun that way.

Realize you were never meant to struggle. Nobody. If you wish to create struggle, create struggle for the purpose of finding out that you do not need to struggle. Once you have done it, it is enough. You may learn to experience joy, creative joy, in every other endeavor you undertake from that point forward. All right? Play in your imagination. Image, image, image, you have created here, for yourselves, what you term to be a visual reality, yes. That is one of the primary features of your physical dimension.

You have created what you term in your minds, a visual reality. You have created, in fact, minds with which to experience the idea of visual reality. You have created from your consciousness the idea of mind. It is mind, in and of itself, which is responsible for sustaining visual reality, which you think of as physical. Physical reality is only visual experience; no more, no less. Therefore, use the tools you have created with which to experience this reality.

Imagination, your imagination, your mind’s visual capabilities are the tools that form what you term to be your physical reality and that connection of your imagination which bridges this visual experience as the dream reality. Still visual, but maintaining no direct sense of physical, as you say, “laws,” which you have created for this visual experience. It allows you to circumnavigate your own direct visual physical dream state, which you are now in, and your hyperconscious awareness state.

It is a direct working tool, a direct bridge between this reality and your hyperconscious awareness that is the dream reality. It is also very real, and you exist there, very, very consciously right now. Right now. You are all conscious in the dream reality. Simply, you allow yourself to become aware of it when you cease to practice visual physical reality. That is sleep – when you cease to practice visual physical reality. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

A: You allow yourself focus of consciousness within the dream reality in order to work out for yourself what you wish to experience in your visual, physical reality. Everything, everything you experience in your visual, awake, physical reality, you have worked out in your dream reality first. Everything you experience in your dream reality, you have worked out in your hyperconscious awareness reality first. Everything you have worked out in your hyperconscious awareness reality, you have known first; known from your center, from yourself. From your creatorhood, you have known that which is created. Do you follow?

Q: Yes. If we create it already in the dream state, even though we haven’t created it visually in this state, why do we have to act it out?

A: This will seem quite simplistic and possibly even funny to you. Since you have chosen to create physical reality that is why you have to act it out.

Q: Then why don’t we just act it out without, umm…

A: It is your choice. Realize there are many, many consciousnesses that have not chosen physical reality. Since you did, I will assume you had a reason.

Q: Is the reason individual?

A: Yes. You are here for your own reasons, no one else’s. When you allow yourself to completely integrate with all of your portions, those reasons will become more and more clear to you. Not that you have to go off, as you say, on a wild goose chase to find those reasons, no. That is when you can set traps for yourself. You can allow a great portion of your energy, and many of you do, if I may say so, in trying to figure out why you are here, and in so doing you miss the reason: simply experience, living one form of yourself as a creator – now that is the overall general reason.

You have your own reasons as individual creators if you simply allow yourself to live. If you simply allow yourself to experience the reality you have created for yourself, you will find yourself understanding the reason for having created the reality. One idea will support the other. Do you follow me? You will unerringly arrive at whatever goal you have chosen, no matter how you get there.

Q: Do we all choose unerringly?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we in a continuous flow of no error?

A: You may create the idea of error if you wish to experience that idea, but realize that in creating it you have complete control over the situation and as such, in a way, there is no error. It is all up to you what you wish to experience, and experience is the key. You are experiencing; you may continue to do so in any way shape or form you wish. Change is the only constant factor within experience. It is up to you.

Q: Do we inherit knowing the difference between right and wrong at all times?

A: You have allowed yourself to believe that you do not consciously; and only consciously does that concept exist. Only consciously, physically, does the concept of right and wrong exist. You have created those concepts of right and wrong for yourself to experience. Again: the existence of a paradox and polar opposites, which form the reality of physical existence.

You will find when you become consciously non-physical – in your terms, that is when you are asleep, while you are out of your body, as you say – you will understand concepts of right and wrong in a very different manner. You will understand them as the balancing of energies. You will see very transparently some of the purposes that your ideas of right and wrong can serve.

Realize there are many, many negative results that can occur from your concept of rightness in your world. There are many, many positive results that can occur from the concept of wrongness in your world. And also realize that your concept of right and wrong will vary, not only, as you say, from country to country, but from individual to individual. All of it is contained within your higher self where each and every one of you together, collectively, understands exactly what you are doing. You cannot hide from yourself on that level. You can sneak around all you want down here if that is what you have created.

Anima gives way to Chepop, a fiery being from Sirius:

Chepop: All right. Now, Anima, I will say, in your own terms, has a tendency toward leniency. You will not get that from me.

Q: Why not?

C: Because you do not need it, and it is about time you thought so. How about that? Allow me to tell you that the energy was very, as you say, quiescent before. It was the calm before the storm. Now the storm will be your own recognition of your own momentum, your own energy, your own creativity. Now, I will not let you get past that.

Realize I am going to create for you very brief moments of what you term to be anxiety. Realizing that you have chosen to live, I am going to allow you to make yourselves take those choices.

Now, you will learn how to use your anxiety to positive benefit. You will allow it to spur you to make the decision to live, to flow with the momentum you have created for yourselves. It is your own choice. You have allowed me to come here to tell you that. Thank you.

Q: I have been trying to not use anxiety and instead switch to choice and preference, and they don’t seem to have the same intensity.

C: Then that is why you will learn how to use anxiety’s energy – if you cannot understand that choice and preference have the same amount of energy. If you understand the energy of anxiety, then you can use that energy positively. Get it?

Q: Yes I do, but how can I learn that preference and choice have the same equal energy?

A: When you give in to the fact that you can use the energy of anxiety to give you your sense of momentum. Once you allow yourself to fall into your own momentum, you will create for yourself a viewpoint in which everything will seem equal. At that point you will recognize that you could have got in there by using choice and preference, but you chose not to, and you will see why. Get it? You are learning about yourself; you are learning about your chosen path.

Q: Okay, I got it.

C: Thank you. Who else feels anxiety with the idea of being forced to live the way you have chosen to live, fully within faith, fully trusting yourself that you are not going to do yourself in? Who feels anxiety taking that step? Go ahead, raise your hands, speak out.

Q: I do, I do.

C: Just because you say I do, does not mean you will necessarily have to do it immediately, but you can say I do as a separate incident. Who else? Come on…

Q: I feel it only when there is no trust.

C: All right. Who else? – I’ll take that as a yes.

Q: An evasive no.

C: No, a manifested no. Understand a manifested no: meaning, yes, I am exploring the idea but I am allowing it to elude me for the moment. But I am getting the hang of it, it is becoming very clear to me, but I need a little more time; but that is ok. It is a realized no. At the same time, therefore, it is an acknowledgement that it exists; if it was allowed to manifest so strongly, it is a recognition. And recognition and allowance of that portion of yourself is the first step.

Now you can expend that energy sometimes in what you call dis-ease. It will take the idea away from anxiety that may be looked at as having fear. You do not wish to have fear so you have dis-ease instead. Get it? It is another manifestation of that anxiety. It is all right… it is very creative. Since I am here, I will assume you wish to become more able to simply take that energy, that anxiety, and use it creatively, purposefully, transparently; and make yourself live that dream, live that idea which creates so much anxiety for you when you measure it up against other things, and only then. When you measure it against the background of the reality you have created for yourself in your visual physical reality, you allow yourself to create in your mind the concept of anxiety.

Q: How do we interpret the physical diseases by deciding that creatively?

C: You have created so many ways of avoiding using that energy that it continuously manifests into new undiscovered diseases. You constantly project your fear, your lack of willingness to simply be who you are, into more and more ways of avoiding even having the ability to look; in other words, incapacitated. You are telling yourself that your senses will not function well enough to even work on the problem.

You are sick: “leave me alone; I do not feel like thinking about it, I am sick. I take your sympathy. Ok, I will let it go that far; ok, but that’s all. If you do not sympathize with my sickness, what is your term, “misery loves company,” you can go away. I like having created my misery, it keeps me from looking too closely at myself – then I might be more miserable.” But really, it would be your instantaneous cure, and also that is what is responsible for what you term, miracle cures, not a mechanism, just the realization.

Full acceptance and acknowledgement of that portion, portions, if you wish, which were not being looked at, full acceptance, full trust — full trust of self always brings you back to your zero rest point of perfectness. Always.

Therefore, in any endeavor you wish to undertake, you may always comfort, if you wish to say that, comfort yourself in realizing that you will always be able to bring yourself back to your rest point by simply keeping the trust going. The more you trust in the endeavor you have chosen, the easier it will be for you to stay on that path, because you will always be operating from your center.

Q: If you don’t know what the illness is, can you just accept the illness itself?

C: If you wish you may work it that way. Again, you have created many ways – any way you can conceive of, you may look at yourself. If you wish to simply view the experience through the viewpoint, backwards, at yourself through your dis-ease, you may do so. You may come from any direction you wish since you have created them anyway. It does not matter; that is primary, it does not matter, the energies, they are interchangeable.

You, as a society, now know this to be so — inter-changeable matter energy, both again, polar opposite ideas from a primal existence. The center point that is you: existence, you at the center. Existence manifesting in your creative magnificence the idea of matter and energy, rearranging those ideas into various separate components around you, creating separations out of the matter and energy and allowing them to interact and blend and form a panorama for your amusement; also for your education, but education through self-expression; that is reality, central self-expression.

Now before any view that comes to you, comes anything that you create for yourself; which seems to come to you through one of your self-chosen perspective games. And which, ok, you will realize is part of the self-expression. Anything. Trust it. Where else can it come from but you? Because you have created this idea here, and you have created those ideas from here, so you are already blended.

Allow yourself to realize that it is because you are blended that you can even come across this idea, and then this one, or this one. It is creation; it is your creation. They are there because you have put them there to simply reflect back and forth to show you, you are always in the center. Negative is not bad. It is there to form the other mirror; otherwise if it wasn’t there you would not see the center path. You would not maintain your sense of where you are. If you looked in on one side only, the reflection would go off into infinity; you would see no center.

Therefore, know that you can rejoice when you find negative and positive; it shows you you have your paradox. It shows you you have your balance; it shows you you are creating from your center.

When you allow for the dark and the light to come up anytime, as we have said, anytime you allow paradox, both ideas, to exist simultaneously within your life, when you coexist and blend two ideas which seem to be opposite together in your life; when you allow those things to manifest in your life so you are forced to look at them yourself, you know you are being with your higher consciousness, because you are ready to accept both sides and create for yourselves a reminder that you are always in the center manifesting outward all that you see which reflects back to center, in, out, in, out. All right?

B: Margo, we can explore one or two ideas about your research.

MARGO: There seems to be no written explanation, at least what I have gotten from you and Seth about the vacuum in the center of the brain; and the explanations I get from you are very difficult to correlate with what I am reading.

B: Now you will find there are, at this time, very few cases in which your doctors as you call them, your scientists, as you call them, have discovered this idea with regard to, only recently, the idea of disease. Now realize, they are relating this idea to the idea of disease at this time. They will find, in your near future, that there are certain individuals choosing to review this state of physical existence so that they may understand the nature of the brain, in that term.

That is, you will find certain of your scientists have recognized that there are individuals who can function quite well with large portions of the center of their brains totally evacuated. You will find this to be a direct manifestation of this idea that the further you enhance your own understanding of your own sense of evolvement, you will need to use less and less of your physical brain to accomplish more and more awareness.

You will allow that center communication point to the rest of yourself to increase symbolically in size. Until it reflects the idea that the outer shell of the brain, such as your body, has been created to represent, in a sense, the outer shell of your soul, as necessary for you to understand everything you need to understand about your physical reality. Do you follow me?

MARGO: Yes. How does the energy that you manifest through the channel – how does that have anything to do with the vacuum in his brain?

B: It will, upon his allowance to perceive himself as becoming more integrated, provide, in a sense, a very comfortable background energy which will allow him to begin to manipulate, without what you term negative effects, those portions of his physical shell which he will find is necessary to alter for the purpose of representing, symbolically, yet physically, the idea more completely to himself of utilizing the minimum amount of solid energy that is physical matter necessary to perform certain functions. Particularly as he will find them necessary with regard to the idea of, in your terms, travel through hyperspace in the future.

You will find that the majority of individuals who have achieved what you term to be the technological, all right, “breakthrough” into traveling through hyper-space will have already achieved, to some degree, a lessening of the physical material within their brain structures; an allowance of that enlargement, that symbolic enlargement, which represent more reliance upon the center of self. More direct access to the center of self. Do you follow me?

MARGO: Yes. Then why is Lazaris having us do meditations to enlarge the hemispheres of the brain? You say those hemispheres are getting smaller.

B: All right, now, just as you may find that for very many, as you say, physical phenomenon, the less that is contained within, forms a situation where the remainder will expand. Again it is, in a sense, a physiological symbolic reaction to those laws you have created within your physical reality. You will find that less substantial ideas will tend to expand outward again, symbolically enveloping a sense of enlargement of scope. It will be a direct reaction to that evacuation of the center that the remainder of the exterior will, in a sense, seek to expand outward, hence the idea of enlargement.

Now, thank you all very much for having chosen, whether you consciously realize it or not at this time, for having chosen to live, instead of continuing to practice to live. Again, simply by your own choosing have you determined that you will not give yourself, in your own terms, much time left to practice.

You are bringing in mass consciousness momentum energy, right to the very forefront of your conscious awareness. Dissolving, bit by bit, moment by moment, that idea of separation between the various portions you call your conscious awareness, unconscious, subconscious, hyperconscious, and mass conscious awareness. You are allowing the walls to fall. There are beginning to be patches of light leaking from one level of consciousness to another — light bridging the gap across the different consciousnesses.

Q: Is that what I see when I see lights and sometimes patches of color?

B: To a degree, you are also perceiving, along your own physiological nerve system certain activities of energy, which you are creating, which will exist beyond your physical capacity to hold them. They are, in a sense, released as discharges. But it is indicative of activity going on, on levels of your consciousness which you are not allowing yourselves to physically, consciously, perceive at this time, yes.

It is a very, very normal thing for your civilization to experience, in that you have not yet allowed those barriers down between the levels of consciousness. You will find yourself experiencing them, in a sense, more often in your future but you will find they will take greater form. To a degree, you may even begin to experience, in your terminology, real time hallucinations. Do not be afraid, they will simply be your ability to scan, if you wish, through your library of potential realities. You will simply be giving yourself the opportunity to understand that you have access to any portion of yourself you so choose. Have fun.

Now, allow yourself to go through the week boldly, not timidly. All right? Thank you all very much, again, for allowing us to be a reflection of you. Thank you. Goodnight.

AUD: Thank you.