action plan

two items in my action plan:
- Be in the moment.
- Act on the synchronicity.

Being in the moment has several meanings.
- to be that person that i prefer to be;
- to walk in that direction.
- to live life in that direction that i prefer. See it, feel it, be it.

By defining the state of being/vibration that i prefer, and living as if i already am that state of being is what being in the moment is all about.

Being in the moment also entails that i observe how i put meaning or define circumstances in my life. When i put a negative meaning, i get a negative meaning back. If i define circumstances, good or bad as neutral, then everything that happens, happens in a positive light. What you put out is what you get back.

The intention is set when i set my vibration; when i choose to be in the state of being that i prefer. i do not need to have a wish list stating that i want this or that. that is putting conditions on infinity. by choosing the state of being that i prefer to be in and living in that light, then all of the things that reflect that vibration i experience in my reality.

the all is the one, the one is the all. everything is connected. the universe will resonate and will bring to me co-incidents, synchronicity, that reflect the vibration that i am.

i do not have to know how. all that is beyond me. what is within my circle of influence is to BE in the moment. when i observe, feel that i am out of alignment, then it is given to me that i have a belief or definition that is out of alignment. i do not have to wrestle with that definition to change it. simply being aware of that definition releases it, dissolves it. when that definition is dissolved, i can choose how i can define or re-state that belief.

all is well.