Day 17 Today I focus on the miraculous being of who I am.

Today I embody the miraculous truth about my Being. I recognize and accept that I am all the God is. I accept the truth that all God wants for me is to be happy, joyous and free. I claim all of this right now. I think in Spiritually Correct ways about myself as I do you. I am all Good. I am enriched in the goodness of all there is.I tap into this Knowingness and allow it to work for me. I know the only way it can do that is by working through me. And this Power works through me right now.

Day 18 I live in the now.

Today I let go completely of negative past experiences. Today I totally release into consciousness all negative experiences and mistakes from my past. I have nothing further to learn from my mistakes so I put them where they need to me which is out of my experience. I have more room for what is happening in my life today by letting go of yesterday. I live my life one day at a time. And today is the day.

Day 19 Today I know that I am always in a process of becoming.

Today I focus on what I am becoming not what I have been. I spend my time today on becoming more of what God has already made me. I do not spend my time talking about any lack in my life. I spend my time in thoughts praising what I have, what I am and what I am becoming. I do not rest on my laurels. I am always eager to learn how to do things in a better way. I am always willing to learn more about myself and to change what I need to change. Life is as good as I choose for it to be. Today I choose the good life.

Day 20 Today I focus on changing myself.

Today I know that the only person I can change is myself. If I am spending my time wisely as I should be I don’t have the time nor energy to concern myself with trying to change you. You are you. I am me. My only business is to keep my side of the street swept off. It is up to you to clean up your own mess. Today I mind my own
business and allow you to do the same. Today I practice “Live and let live”. My life runs smoother from doing so.

Day 21 Today I create a better tomorrow.

I know that my next experience is only a thought away. If I am not happy of satisfied with what is going on in my life today, then I change how I am thinking and what I am thinking about. I think about how I want my tomorrow to be and act accordingly. I cannot have better experiences without having better thoughts. Today I create a better tomorrow. If I want different results then I have to do things
and think about things in a different way. I do so now. My life is richer from it.

Day 22 Today I turn my mistakes into gifts.

Today I am not afraid to make a mistake. I claim Divine Intelligence as the Guiding Force in my life, and know there is no Reality in mistakes, only opportunities to learn and grow. Today, I turn my liabilities into assets. If I don't get it right the first time, I keep trying until I do. As a solution-orientated person, I know that there is no such thing as a problem without a solution. I am willing to try things in a different way and to think about a situation from a different point of view. I do this now.

Day 23

Today I experience freshness.

This morning I awake with a new attitude. Everything about me and about my life is full of newness. I let go of any negative feelings such as guilt or boredom or doubt, and recognize that I am in control of what I experience. Today is a new and glorious day, and rather than drag old baggage into it from the past, I prefer to think new thoughts and attract new experiences and people. I can never be bored because I choose only those thoughts that manifest good for my life. Today I am fresh and full of life. I always have fun with what I am doing. I enjoy my life. Mostly I enjoy being alive and having this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. I show this enjoyment in all that I do.

Day 24 Today I practice being more flexible.

I know that I can be right and still be wrong. Spiritually, rather than struggle with who’s right and who’s wrong, I look instead to the Presence of God in all situations. Today I know that things do not actually happen to me but through me, as the Divine Energy forever expresses Itself through me. It is better for me to do the
Spiritually Correct thing and turn away from any ego-based need to prove that I’m right. Today I look at things with a Higher View and my life is blessed because of it. I do not allow rigidity to bind me in any way as I move freely in my mind and body. As I recognize God’s Power working through my life, with great gratitude and thanksgiving, I accept the gifts of peace and harmony.

Day 25 Today I believe in myself.

I know that I am a good person. I know that my heart is pure and full of love. I know that I am an expression of the Most High, and I know my job here is to experience life to its fullest. I know that I am all that God is, and I therefore, refuse to think less of myself then The One who made me. I refuse to put myself in compromising situations, and choose instead to spend my time in life-affirming environments with life-affirming people. Because I value myself, I choose to do only those things that support my highest ideals. I am ONE with God and the Light of God, and It manifests blessings for all that I meet. This is the Truth about me and for me. I am important and I know that I count.

Day 26 Today I look at things in a different way.

I look at my recent choices and opinions. Whenever a situation is not producing the results that I desire, then I think different thoughts about it. If I want a solution to my problem then I can't use the same thoughts that created the problem for me. I get a higher view. I elevate my mind above the situation or person. I take myself out of the picture and do the principled thing. I cannot do the same thing or think the same thoughts and expect different results. I am the sum total of all that God is, therefore my mind is always full of new ideas and life- affirming thoughts.

Day 27 Today I tap into the pool of Infinite Supply.

I know that there is plenty of everything to go around. There is no such thing as lack and this includes money. I know that whatever I need has already been given to me. All I have to do is to tap into this Infinite Supply. I do this now. I do not have to beg, bargain or plea with God for my good. It is here now and I claim it. It is mine by right of consciousness. I know this is the Truth and I let it be so. As I release this Truth into Law, I accept the offer of unlimited prosperity from the Divine Power. And So It Is.

Day 28 Today I look at situations through the eyes of God.

Today I think about things and view people in an entirely different way. Instead of thinking about situations and people as I have done I think of things and people as I know God does. I view things from the eyes of God. I now let go of all opinions and judgments that I held in the past. I ask myself; “How would God think about this?” Then I create new images where they are needed. I am not afraid or too prideful to change my mind about things or people. I am open and receptive for the truth and when I receive that truth I act accordingly.

Day 29 Today I know that I am at One.

Today I will create a sense of Spiritual Community within myself. I know that I already have this sacred place within myself. Today I nurture this Holy Place . I nurture this place with love and kindness for all. I realize that my Spiritual Community has to begin from within myself first. As I nurture this place within I feel it manifesting outwardly. In order to really love my brothers and sisters I have to really love myself first. Everything has to come from within. Today I enhance what is already there.

Day 30 Today I honor the entire human race.

Today I honor all of humanity. I see God’s glory in all. I praise the goodness that has been place in front of me to see, feel and taste. God’s work is awesome. Today I realize how blessed I am to know that I am a part of this wonderful scheme of things. God is in me as me. God is in all as all. God is the beginning and there is no end. Today I go with God’s speed and embrace all who come in front of me. I take a moment and feel Gods Presence in all living creatures today.

Day 31 God’s presence in my life is forever unfolding.

Today I acknowledge and affirm that God’s Presence in my life is the most important thing that I have. I cannot imagine living a life without God or without having faith in myself or faith in the Universe. Today I trust the process that it takes to see and experience the unfoldment of God’s powerful work. Today I know that God works in and through all things. Today I surrender my humanness into the realm of the Spirit. As I do this I feel myself become lighter and lighter in all ways.