THE secret


You ask “Why [do] I have to always be alone and go through this life?”

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you and be of service. Here is the answer I am inspired to share. The answer to this question is very simple (if you will allow it to be so).

- You are not alone, unless you choose to be.
- You do not need to be alone.
- There are many people in all our lives - if we let them in, we will not be alone.
- Be Open and Share - Open yourself to those around you. Be open and share and people will open up and share with you.
- We attract what we are being. If you are being lonely, that is what you will attract.
- Be loving and share your joy with everyone you meet.
- If you want friends – Be friendly!
- If you want people to share with – allow people to share with you.
- If you want people to understand you – seek to understand them first.
- If you want to be loved – Love the people you are with. This will attract more love and more loving people into your life.
- If you want something – give it away and you will receive it back tenfold.
- If you want some experience – be that for others and you will receive it back many times over.
- Accept where you seem to be and you will get past it quickly. Resist what is and you will generate more if it.
- Choose to Be happy. Happiness is a choice. There is nothing preventing us from choosing to be happy today, this very minute, except our choice to be something other than happy.

This is the law of attraction everyone is talking about, but few understand. If you are lonely, you will attract more loneliness.

If you are something you will experience that.
If you want something you will experience want.
If you are (being) lonely, you will attract and experience loneliness.
Choose to be what you want to be.
What you are being is what you will be – and what you will attract.
That is THE secret.
Do not judge yourself (or others). They simply are. Everything simply is.
Nothing is good or bad. It is simply a matter of what you prefer.
Your state of being and your questions are helping you and many others.
You are always useful and valuable. Everyone is.

Your question has been of great service to me, personally. It has enabled me to express the knowledge I have accumulated. For this, I am truly, deeply grateful.

Know this:

- All is as it should be.
- All is perfection.
- The experiences you attract to yourself are the exact ones you need in order to learn the lessons you wish to learn.
- Your higher-self knows the best path – relax and go with it.
- You can choose your attitude, your response, your state of being – in ALL cases.

“Circumstances don’t matter. Only your state of being matters.” - Bashar

You are in complete control. You have complete power to freely choose your reaction to every event in your life. We all have been in similar states of mind. We all have felt lonely. But you are never truly alone.

I choose not to dwell on negatives or things I do not prefer. They occur to me, but I work to just let them be and move on. By dwelling on them we give them more reality. By investing emotions in them we give them more reality. I watch them drift by on the river of life and let them go as quickly as they came.

It’s all good.

Let me know if there are more questions. I appreciate the opportunity to consider them.

Blessings to all of you.



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I would as him from the heart
why I have to always be alone and go through this life that is what I would want to change the most so long a journey..... lonely miss the sharing- sharing the JOY
in physicality I mean but wouldn;t I be asking me anyways hugs annula and how bad will the devastation be and scarcity in the shift the end days coming now that's whats in my mind right now