This is slightly OT but does apply to the messages that Bashar has been giving us:

I attended a conference in July called "New Energy Mid Summer Conference". I didn't know what to expect, this was my first time. It consisted of three days of speakers and music. They intermingled science with metaphysics and harmonic music. Each speaker presentation was incredible on its own and with the combination of the two, created incredible energy in a room of 500 people represented by 29 countries.

One of the main speakers was a man who channeled an entity called Tobias. Tobias has not been on earth in 2,500 years; he is considered an ascended master, a teacher. He had lives in Atlantis and Lemuria and ended his last life during the time of Christ. Tobias lives in a dimension not typically accessible to us in 3rd dimension and enjoys a frequency that we are unfamiliar with. In other words, he is unable to incarnate on earth until we evolve into 4/5th dimension and our frequency has increased. Some of the other speakers included channelers who brought in Grey Eagle, the Pleiadian Collective, Chief Joseph, etc. Interspersed between them came the physicists that basically backed up any information provided by a channel. The basic message in three days was "You Have Graduated". The human species has reached the turning point in their evolution. The earth's frequency has acclerated and we have moved into 4/5th dimension. Some have already felt and noticed the changes, some will notice it eventually. Others will be left wondering what is going on and may never fully understand it; it will be their choice.

After three days of sharing energy and information the conference culminated in what was a total surprise to everyone in the room, including the channel who brought in Tobias. This was Tobia's last message; he was coming back to earth. Wonderful, we all thought. Earth is now ready to receive higher beings but the last shoe hadn't dropped yet. Tobias talked to us as he felt his pull back into the physical. He talked about feeling like he was losing 'the memories' and at the last moment decided that the memories would not be lost, he was bringing them with him. He was looking forward to experiencing all the human/physical emotions, trials and tribulations and being a part of the new energy and the new earth. Tobias was not returning as a new baby, he was returning as a 10 year old boy named Sam who had just suffered a head trauma from a bicycle accident. Sam could hear Tobias talking to him as he began to wake up from his coma; Sam was asking 'who am I?' and then he answered himself with 'I am' and then Tobias was gone, now a part of the physical. It was incredibly emotional and at the same time joyous because 'we had graduated'. The earth is now able to sustain lifeforms at higher frequencies and Tobias was just the first to return. He told us before coming back that the following week would see the birth of two more ascended masters and by the middle of next year there would be over 1,500 ascended masters returning to physical. They are here to assist in the human species taking their rightful place in the Universe. It is no longer about going home; but bringing home and the Universe to us.

We will all experience physical changes in the coming years if we are ready and willing to accept them. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride and just sit back, be open and enjoy.