i awakened this morning around or before 5am. since i've been doing this the past few weeks, i decided to be open about it and looked forward to the insights i'd get for the day.

i made my self a cup of coffee, fired up the stove so i can sit beside it to keep my self warm. the imagination was running around like a dog from its leash. i welcomed this, and kept repeating the word "OPEN".

i tried not to judge, nor edit what comes to mind, but to follow it where it leads.

this morning, i got insights about the ying yang image. how i, the physical self, has left and right sides of the body and how this relates to the ying yang image. as in my experience, i tend to focus on what is negative and resist that, hoping to change that. i am trying to change my situation at the moment, which is lack of abundance.

with the insight i got, the lack is, say, on my left hand. if so, there has to be an opposite to it, and it is abundance. when there is something on my left hand, there is also its opposite, on my right. in this case, it is abundance.

the experience, as bashar says is the only thing that's real. and if the experience is real, the ONE that experiences or is having the experience is consciousness. not to push my self into feeling abundance, but to let that feeling of lack to just be, then notice the experience. i felt that when i just pay attention to the experience fo lack, i feel aligned with my consciousness, with my full self.

forcing my self to feel abundance feels like it is still the same energy as lack. it felt like lack and abundance were the same one energy and focusing on them was futile. i learned to focus then on the experience. and by doing so, i have both lack and abundance. it is only the definition i have that makes it lack?

surely someone else will see my situation as favorable than theirs. and i will feel the same way with others. i guess it is definition.