I had several insights again this morning. Something to do with consciousness and time. That there is the eternal now and consciousness expands into this moment right now and time is an illusion.

Vian was asking me how clocks work. I somehow got this knowing how it was an illusion. You never really see time passing. It is always now this moment and any reference to the past or future is an illusion or something that is made in my head, or was that in my consciousness? I think it was more the latter.

That the past is no more concrete than the future, only that I saw the past from a different perspective and define it as concrete so it feels real. But what if I defined the future as also concrete in a different dimension?

Like I have intentions—winning the lotto seven times. When I set a date for that as not now, then it will forever be in the not now. Some people find that setting a date for it works, but still that date is not in the present.

I think how it works is that if I made that state of being, that feeling of winning the lottery mine in this moment, then reality as a reflection, that experience of winning the lotto will be mine. When is like a function of how well I have that state of being, that vibration in me.

Bashar says that experience in the spiritual dimension is instantaneous because in that dimension, we are aware that time and space is an illusion. That in the physical dimension, it is the process. So there is a process of folding that time and space and make it now. I feel it has something to do with state of being. That when I allow manifestation, then time and space will fold for creation to happen, to occur in this moment.

How to do that? I do not know. My physical mind does not have to know that. Bashar also mentioned something about projecting consciousness. It is not really going out from, but including in. integrating. That ties up with the other things that he said about integrating, being as one.

So how to do it? I, the physical mind, do not know, but the higher mind knows and what the physical knows is just to vibrate, be in that state of being. By matching that state of being, then it becomes mine, it is made in the present. Then synchronicity happens and the intention is made manifest.

Right now the how is not visible, but it is there. Just match it. Be it. Feel it see it. Then everything happens. That's how it goes. I have always been in control, but when I am not awake, not aware, then it takes longer to manifest. So be in the state of being. Is that the key? Vibration is the key. That's what I often hear from Bashar and Abraham.

Vibration is state of being. State of being is definitions, emotions and behavior. These are all within my control. And matching that with the four laws, everything ties up. I am. I already am right now. The all is the one and the one is the all. It is all consciousness. What I put out is what I get back. As I am, as my state of being is, then it is all that. Everything changes. I simply have to step out of the way and allow it. Be open to it. Trust it.

At this dimension, it is a process, but like learning any skill, soon as you get black belt in that level, soon as you make the basics yours, then it becomes you, it becomes second nature. You become one.

Interesting insights I have been getting here. The physical symptoms I have been having, someone mentioned that my kundalini is fired up, and that enlightenment is now. I guess this explains all the things I am going through. That is how define it then it is true.

It is all inside out. So it be better for me to find alignment than to focus on the actions outside. When I do things from the outside, there is very little alignment and manifestation takes longer. I spend more time, not really that, but when I find alignment first, then manifestation happens in the moment I am that state of being.