Inspirit time again this morning. I did not have to get up this time. I redefined it that I get what I need when I need to get it, open to how it will come in the way that it needs to come to me.

The all is the one, the one is the all. When you pick up one end of the stick, you also pick up the other end. Ying and yang. It is not that I am experiencing lack. Lack and abundance are the same one energy. Look at that in the same way and you find that you are the experience. And that reality is only an illusion and only the experience of it is real. That consciousness is the one and the experience. So not to look at the lack or the abundance specifically for that is focusing or not using the energy to accelerate.

To accelerate meaning to go deeper into the now, go deeper into consciousness and be that energy. It is how I label that energy. It is not that the energy is good or bad, but that energy is my experience. That energy is my creation. So when I feel that vibration, that energy, I go to that part of me that experiences, that created that energy. The energy was created to point to the creator.

It is like all the religion is saying without the hype. It is all for the glory of god, all that is. It points to that. When I feel lack, know I that I created that experience. I am in that situation to point to my self that I am experiencing this energy. If I label it as negative, as lack, then that is what I get out of it.

So how to label it? Do not. Experience the I am. Experience the consciousness. be. I am. It is the practice. It is who I am. The situation points to who I am. When I am, then it is all there. I am all that is. And when I am all that is, then I also have the opposite end of the stick. I have the polarity. I have both ends. No need to label it as just one end of the stick.

When I am there, then synchronicity, all that is, will present itself, rather, I will, I am the synchronicity. Remember that there is nothing outside of my self. There is only one. There is consciousness and what seems like separate is the same one thing. All that seems separate is the same one thing. And I am that and I am this. Not this or that.

These are great insights. That was just a label. I am discovering a lot. Remember that I learn what I need to learn when I need to learn it. I am going through that right now.

So do I go to church this morning? If it serves the wife, then so be it. I am not really doing anything today. I have timing for that. I also have timing for this. I have timing for everything. All of it. It is here. It is now. I am.

Do I want to go out for a ride today? I can go out for a ride. Not to train. But to enjoy all that is. It was a great time yesterday when I rode out. I stayed in the beach. I had a great time. I also had great insights while I was out there.

And what? I met this old lady. She was nice. She kept waving back to me. I found my self not open at first, but opened to it. I did. I also walked around in the neighborhood. It was a nice and quiet neighborhood. I live there in energy, in vibration. Not that it is now here. In vibration and that is where it all starts.

Last night we did not win the lotto. Not that we did not win, but we win next time. Someone else needs to money more and it is good that they won. We won the same way. I experienced my self in that situation. And that is good for me. I label it good. I am thankful for that experience.

Thankful not in the sense that it is outside of me. That I feel gratitude for my self for having that experience. And experience in itself is abundance. It is that energy. You see it that way and you see it everywhere. I see that.

And now we move on. What's next in the agenda? Nothing. Just write and finish these. These are part of the day. This is my expression. Reality is my expression. That is all there is to reality. If this is my expression, then I created it. I experienced it. It is who I am.