living it

Living It

ANIMA: As we have been discussing your idea, the idea of the end of practice time and the beginning, as you would say, of living time – this evening of your choosing, is to put into action, as you would say, those ideas, those imaginations which you have held on to, to this point. Held on to, not believing, not believing they are valid for you in what you would term life-style way of life. Held on to as less, less solid, less fruitful, less rewarding, less realistic.

All right, but now you have your idea of your mass consciousness changing your reality; so what you have held to be less realistic is becoming more realistic, becoming more realized. The actualized being brought forth from that place you have termed imagination. That place you have held as unreal, but for which you are now, as a mass consciousness, beginning to realize is really the real, real.

Now, you are stepping into that reality, you are bringing that reality into focus. You are diffusing; diffusing your focus upon the reality you have held. That is all it takes to make a change in your physical reality: a diffusing of your focus, a changing of your perspective. Very simple, you will learn within your collective mass conscious realization how to do so very rapidly within the next several of your decades; how to shift, increase the momentum of the shifting of your idea, your focus of your own reality, and that of the reality you share which you call mass consciousness.

You will allow yourselves, from this point forward – when you allow yourselves to live, and not practice, but live those ideas – you will allow yourselves to recognize more fully the mass consciousness. You will allow the mass consciousness identity to fully recognize itself as the culmination of all its parts, which are you.

Again, taking nothing away from the idea of your identity, no. The strengthening in the idea of your own identity brings about an easier recognition upon the part of your collective mass consciousness in providing strength, strength within the idea of your own collective personality. When you allow yourselves the strength of your own collective personality, the total integration of your own collective personality and identity, then you are saying to the mass consciousness: “Here I am.” You are speaking out loud. You are acknowledging your complete identity and thus, making your complete identity available to the mass conscious identity.

It will then, in a sense, tap into your identity to form what it needs of its own sense of self, its own sense of its own conscious awareness; its collective conscious awareness, formed by its own personality parts, which are you; and then onward to form former collections, if you would; former mass consciousnesses, if you would.

Now, we began with the idea of ending the practice by understanding the interaction, the interaction between all of you, among all of you. The idea that you can, in a sense, reach out and feel the link, feel the interaction; become aware of the non-verbal, non-physical interaction which occurs continuously between all of you. It is never broken; only your awareness of it allows it to seem so. Only your awareness of choice, that which you do not wish to look at, makes it seem like there is no connection. It served a purpose in this time; now you are changing your own time. That time allows for many new ideas. It allows for us to bring you… it allows for you to recognize your own connections.

Now, you may at this time be more familiar than you were with your own feelings of your own connections to your other identities, which you regard as past and future lives. These, in a sense, are now integrated to the point where you need not delve too much into specifics. You are able, if you wish, at this time, to simply absorb the idea, absorb the energy, absorb the information, which you are constantly sharing with all of your lives. Including those which co-exist with you in this time, which you call also past lives, and what you call future lives.

There being no future; there being no past, there being only now. They co-exist simultaneously, and this you now no longer need to hear. You know this, you can feel this; you have brought yourself to the point of knowing. You can tap, relate, and directly communicate with all of your own portions, with all of your own feelings about those portions, with all of their feelings about you. They have feelings about you too. Do not forget that they are, in their own right, conscious entities, with their own sense of identity. They have feelings about all their other portions, including you. You can look at yourself from any point along the time track, if you wish, since you have created the time track to begin with. You may shift to and fro, up and down; any which way you so desire, any which way.

You will find there is, tonight of your time, this sense of blending, this sense of bringing in other portions of identity, this sense of demonstration of connectiveness, of fluid motion between consciousnesses; of removal of the separation between the ideas of conscious, subconscious, unconscious, hyperconscious, and mass consciousness. You will find at this time that energy being given out to you.

You may allow whatever feelings, whatever flowings you find yourself performing between your own portions, your own past, your own future, in your own willingness; your own willingness to allow. Allow, not make, not force, but to allow those connections to commence within you; that blending of all of your portions; that blending of each portion within every other consciousness around you; each consciousness around you possessing a part of you, in a sense; an extension of you, in a sense; a projection of your own idea of yourself, in a sense. There is, if you wish, intensity in the blending; there is calmness in the blending, if you wish. Do you understand this idea of blending?

AUD: Yes.

ANIMA: Allow me to tell you the energy is about thirty percent. There is, if you wish, time for the idea of questions concerning this idea of blending, if you wish.

Q: Do you mean thirty percent of what it could be, or what it would be?

A: What it could be; something of your understanding at this time, at this moment.

Q: So if we were ready it could be more right now?

A: All right, allow me to ask a question of you, all of you. Who wishes to act? Who wishes to be? Who wishes to perform their lives as opposed to watching?

AUD: Me. I do.

A: Who does not? Now realize this is no chastisement. Realize your feelings are always, in a sense, a form of action anyway. Who feels, in a sense, they do not perceive the idea of extending and blending the portions to be something that’s serving? Realize acceptance within searching of this idea; for the idea that you have the willingness to say you do not connect to the idea of blending will bring, in a sense, its own rewards. I will ask the question, how much do you see in other individuals?

Q: Only potential.

A: Really? Allow me to tell you that you see 100% of yourself in every other individual, and not one percent less. Never. Realize that when you attract, when you create a reality, round and about you; when you attract consciousnesses, when you allow yourself to accept their idea of themselves, and you create a version of them for you within your reality, then that version of them, for you, is 100% a reflection of your own creative ability. It is 100% you.

You are not, in a sense, in your terms, as you understand them, ever seeing that other individual. Realize there are situations in which one individual and another individual, as you say, in your terms, do not get along. Yet, there may be a third individual who receives them both equally. Realize there are portions being created within each individual’s sphere of reality, some of which are not shared between, as you say, A and C; but are shared equally between A and B, and B and C.

Therefore, you will find whatever is in your reality is created by you as your representation of that consciousness. You do not always allow yourself to receive everything that other consciousness transmits. You choose; you pick and choose what you wish to see of that other consciousness. That which reminds you of you; those portions only which you are willing to acknowledge within yourself, willing to view and integrate of more of yourself. When you are willing to view and integrate, and allow more of your own personality to come to the surface, you will find yourself allowing further integration with other individuals.

You will find yourself allowing them to allow more transmission to reach you. You will find them allowing more transmission, from you, to reach them. You will be sharing more of yourselves; you will be blending more of yourselves only when you are willing to look at more of yourself.

Q: And how can you do this?

A: Again, you may first acknowledge that each and every portion of your personality is there; created by you for a reason, for a function, for a purpose of your own choosing. Why will you suppose you would create for yourself superfluous identities that you have no use for? Creation being completely self-contained, being completely aware of its own purpose, creates no extraneous portions; it is always self-contained.

Your awareness will focus on what you have told yourself you need to focus on. Always know you will be able to draw from an endless well. As you choose to allow yourself to do so, you will always find more and more of yourself to draw on. You will always be able to constantly create, in a sense, greater and greater more integrated realities containing more and more awareness of various consciousnesses, both upon your world and upon other worlds and within other dimensions of thought. The further you are willing to look at yourself as a complete and total creator, the more of creation you will allow within your reality.

Q: When you say “getting to know all the different parts of yourself,” are you also referring to those parts of your personality that are perhaps dormant or could exist?

A: Yes. They are not dormant by any means. Realize, that in order for you to create physical reality you have created the idea of polar opposites and paradox. You have allowed this idea for you to create a sense of time, past, present, future, darkness and light. It is the willingness to understand that you have created these ideas within yourself to make yourself complete within this realm of reality, and that none of those personality portions can ever do you harm.

If you allow yourself to emerge into reality from the center; the center between both sides, recognize the fact that you can allow the energy of both sides to serve you in positive ways. Recognizing that anything you might deem to be a negative experience in dealing with those portions of your personality – that you deem perhaps, in your terms, less suitable than any other portion – can be used instructively for you to create positive circumstance out of that lesson you have given yourself.

Realize that the stronger you focus upon the idea of suppression of those portions of yourself, the more energy you give to them. The more solidity you give to them, the more you shift your balance of energy over to them, then the more prominent you allow them to be in your life.

When you recognize that each and every portion of your personality is completely equal to every other portion of your personality, and completely equal collectively to the whole identity that you are, you will exist, in a sense, in constant momentum, perfectly still. Again, the paradox; do you follow the idea, constant momentum, yet perfectly still?

AUD: Not completely.

A: All right, you may imagine that in creating all of your reality round and about you, extending your perceptions out from your own center, you can accelerate your idea of shifting, your idea of growing, your idea of experience, your ideas of sharing, your idea of blending, of living, of being. You can accelerate those ideas round and about you, bring to yourself all that you will need, all that you deserve; which is everything. Did you get that? Everything. All that you deserve is everything. You are already everything. Why would you exclude a portion of yourself from yourself? You contain everything; you are the creator, you have everything, you are everything. There is no outside, there is only you, there is no outside of you.

Since you contain everything, you may allow everything to work together without fear. You contain fear too, yes, you will never get rid of fear, so you might as well learn it is equal to every other portion of yourself you have created. Once you realize that fear is equal to every other portion, including joy, you will recognize the purpose for which it was created. You will allow it its due; you will allow it its place. You will allow it to function, in your terms, harmoniously with all of your other portions.

You will begin, therefore, to recognize yourself from a central viewpoint as a creator. You will recognize the purpose in the lightness and the dark, in having wished to experience, in your terms, the creation of physical reality. You will see your own purpose for yourself, your own purpose as a creator, your own purpose within the entire universe – multiverse consciousness, if you wish – when you allow yourself everything you deserve. And you deserve everything. Do you follow that?

Q: Yes.

A: How does that make you feel, a little bit nervous?

Q: Yes.

A: So you are saying you can never get rid of fear?

Q: Yes.

A: Allow it to work with you. You have created this fear simply as an idea for yourself to understand certain of your own abilities. Allow it to manifest its own energy in positive ways. Allow it to show you that it exists as a reminder that you are as powerful as you wish to be. Do you follow?

Q: Yes.

A: Do you feel comfortable with that idea? You may, if you wish, play, play, play with your fear. It will be more fun that way.

Realize you were never meant to struggle. Nobody. If you wish to create struggle, create struggle for the purpose of finding out that you do not need to struggle. Once you have done it, it is enough. You may learn to experience joy, creative joy, in every other endeavor you undertake from that point forward. All right? Play in your imagination. Image, image, image, you have created here, for yourselves, what you term to be a visual reality, yes. That is one of the primary features of your physical dimension.

You have created what you term in your minds, a visual reality. You have created, in fact, minds with which to experience the idea of visual reality. You have created from your consciousness the idea of mind. It is mind, in and of itself, which is responsible for sustaining visual reality, which you think of as physical. Physical reality is only visual experience; no more, no less. Therefore, use the tools you have created with which to experience this reality.

Imagination, your imagination, your mind’s visual capabilities are the tools that form what you term to be your physical reality and that connection of your imagination which bridges this visual experience as the dream reality. Still visual, but maintaining no direct sense of physical, as you say, “laws,” which you have created for this visual experience. It allows you to circumnavigate your own direct visual physical dream state, which you are now in, and your hyperconscious awareness state.

It is a direct working tool, a direct bridge between this reality and your hyperconscious awareness that is the dream reality. It is also very real, and you exist there, very, very consciously right now. Right now. You are all conscious in the dream reality. Simply, you allow yourself to become aware of it when you cease to practice visual physical reality. That is sleep – when you cease to practice visual physical reality. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

A: You allow yourself focus of consciousness within the dream reality in order to work out for yourself what you wish to experience in your visual, physical reality. Everything, everything you experience in your visual, awake, physical reality, you have worked out in your dream reality first. Everything you experience in your dream reality, you have worked out in your hyperconscious awareness reality first. Everything you have worked out in your hyperconscious awareness reality, you have known first; known from your center, from yourself. From your creatorhood, you have known that which is created. Do you follow?

Q: Yes. If we create it already in the dream state, even though we haven’t created it visually in this state, why do we have to act it out?

A: This will seem quite simplistic and possibly even funny to you. Since you have chosen to create physical reality that is why you have to act it out.

Q: Then why don’t we just act it out without, umm…

A: It is your choice. Realize there are many, many consciousnesses that have not chosen physical reality. Since you did, I will assume you had a reason.

Q: Is the reason individual?

A: Yes. You are here for your own reasons, no one else’s. When you allow yourself to completely integrate with all of your portions, those reasons will become more and more clear to you. Not that you have to go off, as you say, on a wild goose chase to find those reasons, no. That is when you can set traps for yourself. You can allow a great portion of your energy, and many of you do, if I may say so, in trying to figure out why you are here, and in so doing you miss the reason: simply experience, living one form of yourself as a creator – now that is the overall general reason.

You have your own reasons as individual creators if you simply allow yourself to live. If you simply allow yourself to experience the reality you have created for yourself, you will find yourself understanding the reason for having created the reality. One idea will support the other. Do you follow me? You will unerringly arrive at whatever goal you have chosen, no matter how you get there.

Q: Do we all choose unerringly?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we in a continuous flow of no error?

A: You may create the idea of error if you wish to experience that idea, but realize that in creating it you have complete control over the situation and as such, in a way, there is no error. It is all up to you what you wish to experience, and experience is the key. You are experiencing; you may continue to do so in any way shape or form you wish. Change is the only constant factor within experience. It is up to you.

Q: Do we inherit knowing the difference between right and wrong at all times?

A: You have allowed yourself to believe that you do not consciously; and only consciously does that concept exist. Only consciously, physically, does the concept of right and wrong exist. You have created those concepts of right and wrong for yourself to experience. Again: the existence of a paradox and polar opposites, which form the reality of physical existence.

You will find when you become consciously non-physical – in your terms, that is when you are asleep, while you are out of your body, as you say – you will understand concepts of right and wrong in a very different manner. You will understand them as the balancing of energies. You will see very transparently some of the purposes that your ideas of right and wrong can serve.

Realize there are many, many negative results that can occur from your concept of rightness in your world. There are many, many positive results that can occur from the concept of wrongness in your world. And also realize that your concept of right and wrong will vary, not only, as you say, from country to country, but from individual to individual. All of it is contained within your higher self where each and every one of you together, collectively, understands exactly what you are doing. You cannot hide from yourself on that level. You can sneak around all you want down here if that is what you have created.

Anima gives way to Chepop, a fiery being from Sirius:

Chepop: All right. Now, Anima, I will say, in your own terms, has a tendency toward leniency. You will not get that from me.

Q: Why not?

C: Because you do not need it, and it is about time you thought so. How about that? Allow me to tell you that the energy was very, as you say, quiescent before. It was the calm before the storm. Now the storm will be your own recognition of your own momentum, your own energy, your own creativity. Now, I will not let you get past that.

Realize I am going to create for you very brief moments of what you term to be anxiety. Realizing that you have chosen to live, I am going to allow you to make yourselves take those choices.

Now, you will learn how to use your anxiety to positive benefit. You will allow it to spur you to make the decision to live, to flow with the momentum you have created for yourselves. It is your own choice. You have allowed me to come here to tell you that. Thank you.

Q: I have been trying to not use anxiety and instead switch to choice and preference, and they don’t seem to have the same intensity.

C: Then that is why you will learn how to use anxiety’s energy – if you cannot understand that choice and preference have the same amount of energy. If you understand the energy of anxiety, then you can use that energy positively. Get it?

Q: Yes I do, but how can I learn that preference and choice have the same equal energy?

A: When you give in to the fact that you can use the energy of anxiety to give you your sense of momentum. Once you allow yourself to fall into your own momentum, you will create for yourself a viewpoint in which everything will seem equal. At that point you will recognize that you could have got in there by using choice and preference, but you chose not to, and you will see why. Get it? You are learning about yourself; you are learning about your chosen path.

Q: Okay, I got it.

C: Thank you. Who else feels anxiety with the idea of being forced to live the way you have chosen to live, fully within faith, fully trusting yourself that you are not going to do yourself in? Who feels anxiety taking that step? Go ahead, raise your hands, speak out.

Q: I do, I do.

C: Just because you say I do, does not mean you will necessarily have to do it immediately, but you can say I do as a separate incident. Who else? Come on…

Q: I feel it only when there is no trust.

C: All right. Who else? – I’ll take that as a yes.

Q: An evasive no.

C: No, a manifested no. Understand a manifested no: meaning, yes, I am exploring the idea but I am allowing it to elude me for the moment. But I am getting the hang of it, it is becoming very clear to me, but I need a little more time; but that is ok. It is a realized no. At the same time, therefore, it is an acknowledgement that it exists; if it was allowed to manifest so strongly, it is a recognition. And recognition and allowance of that portion of yourself is the first step.

Now you can expend that energy sometimes in what you call dis-ease. It will take the idea away from anxiety that may be looked at as having fear. You do not wish to have fear so you have dis-ease instead. Get it? It is another manifestation of that anxiety. It is all right… it is very creative. Since I am here, I will assume you wish to become more able to simply take that energy, that anxiety, and use it creatively, purposefully, transparently; and make yourself live that dream, live that idea which creates so much anxiety for you when you measure it up against other things, and only then. When you measure it against the background of the reality you have created for yourself in your visual physical reality, you allow yourself to create in your mind the concept of anxiety.

Q: How do we interpret the physical diseases by deciding that creatively?

C: You have created so many ways of avoiding using that energy that it continuously manifests into new undiscovered diseases. You constantly project your fear, your lack of willingness to simply be who you are, into more and more ways of avoiding even having the ability to look; in other words, incapacitated. You are telling yourself that your senses will not function well enough to even work on the problem.

You are sick: “leave me alone; I do not feel like thinking about it, I am sick. I take your sympathy. Ok, I will let it go that far; ok, but that’s all. If you do not sympathize with my sickness, what is your term, “misery loves company,” you can go away. I like having created my misery, it keeps me from looking too closely at myself – then I might be more miserable.” But really, it would be your instantaneous cure, and also that is what is responsible for what you term, miracle cures, not a mechanism, just the realization.

Full acceptance and acknowledgement of that portion, portions, if you wish, which were not being looked at, full acceptance, full trust — full trust of self always brings you back to your zero rest point of perfectness. Always.

Therefore, in any endeavor you wish to undertake, you may always comfort, if you wish to say that, comfort yourself in realizing that you will always be able to bring yourself back to your rest point by simply keeping the trust going. The more you trust in the endeavor you have chosen, the easier it will be for you to stay on that path, because you will always be operating from your center.

Q: If you don’t know what the illness is, can you just accept the illness itself?

C: If you wish you may work it that way. Again, you have created many ways – any way you can conceive of, you may look at yourself. If you wish to simply view the experience through the viewpoint, backwards, at yourself through your dis-ease, you may do so. You may come from any direction you wish since you have created them anyway. It does not matter; that is primary, it does not matter, the energies, they are interchangeable.

You, as a society, now know this to be so — inter-changeable matter energy, both again, polar opposite ideas from a primal existence. The center point that is you: existence, you at the center. Existence manifesting in your creative magnificence the idea of matter and energy, rearranging those ideas into various separate components around you, creating separations out of the matter and energy and allowing them to interact and blend and form a panorama for your amusement; also for your education, but education through self-expression; that is reality, central self-expression.

Now before any view that comes to you, comes anything that you create for yourself; which seems to come to you through one of your self-chosen perspective games. And which, ok, you will realize is part of the self-expression. Anything. Trust it. Where else can it come from but you? Because you have created this idea here, and you have created those ideas from here, so you are already blended.

Allow yourself to realize that it is because you are blended that you can even come across this idea, and then this one, or this one. It is creation; it is your creation. They are there because you have put them there to simply reflect back and forth to show you, you are always in the center. Negative is not bad. It is there to form the other mirror; otherwise if it wasn’t there you would not see the center path. You would not maintain your sense of where you are. If you looked in on one side only, the reflection would go off into infinity; you would see no center.

Therefore, know that you can rejoice when you find negative and positive; it shows you you have your paradox. It shows you you have your balance; it shows you you are creating from your center.

When you allow for the dark and the light to come up anytime, as we have said, anytime you allow paradox, both ideas, to exist simultaneously within your life, when you coexist and blend two ideas which seem to be opposite together in your life; when you allow those things to manifest in your life so you are forced to look at them yourself, you know you are being with your higher consciousness, because you are ready to accept both sides and create for yourselves a reminder that you are always in the center manifesting outward all that you see which reflects back to center, in, out, in, out. All right?

B: Margo, we can explore one or two ideas about your research.

MARGO: There seems to be no written explanation, at least what I have gotten from you and Seth about the vacuum in the center of the brain; and the explanations I get from you are very difficult to correlate with what I am reading.

B: Now you will find there are, at this time, very few cases in which your doctors as you call them, your scientists, as you call them, have discovered this idea with regard to, only recently, the idea of disease. Now realize, they are relating this idea to the idea of disease at this time. They will find, in your near future, that there are certain individuals choosing to review this state of physical existence so that they may understand the nature of the brain, in that term.

That is, you will find certain of your scientists have recognized that there are individuals who can function quite well with large portions of the center of their brains totally evacuated. You will find this to be a direct manifestation of this idea that the further you enhance your own understanding of your own sense of evolvement, you will need to use less and less of your physical brain to accomplish more and more awareness.

You will allow that center communication point to the rest of yourself to increase symbolically in size. Until it reflects the idea that the outer shell of the brain, such as your body, has been created to represent, in a sense, the outer shell of your soul, as necessary for you to understand everything you need to understand about your physical reality. Do you follow me?

MARGO: Yes. How does the energy that you manifest through the channel – how does that have anything to do with the vacuum in his brain?

B: It will, upon his allowance to perceive himself as becoming more integrated, provide, in a sense, a very comfortable background energy which will allow him to begin to manipulate, without what you term negative effects, those portions of his physical shell which he will find is necessary to alter for the purpose of representing, symbolically, yet physically, the idea more completely to himself of utilizing the minimum amount of solid energy that is physical matter necessary to perform certain functions. Particularly as he will find them necessary with regard to the idea of, in your terms, travel through hyperspace in the future.

You will find that the majority of individuals who have achieved what you term to be the technological, all right, “breakthrough” into traveling through hyper-space will have already achieved, to some degree, a lessening of the physical material within their brain structures; an allowance of that enlargement, that symbolic enlargement, which represent more reliance upon the center of self. More direct access to the center of self. Do you follow me?

MARGO: Yes. Then why is Lazaris having us do meditations to enlarge the hemispheres of the brain? You say those hemispheres are getting smaller.

B: All right, now, just as you may find that for very many, as you say, physical phenomenon, the less that is contained within, forms a situation where the remainder will expand. Again it is, in a sense, a physiological symbolic reaction to those laws you have created within your physical reality. You will find that less substantial ideas will tend to expand outward again, symbolically enveloping a sense of enlargement of scope. It will be a direct reaction to that evacuation of the center that the remainder of the exterior will, in a sense, seek to expand outward, hence the idea of enlargement.

Now, thank you all very much for having chosen, whether you consciously realize it or not at this time, for having chosen to live, instead of continuing to practice to live. Again, simply by your own choosing have you determined that you will not give yourself, in your own terms, much time left to practice.

You are bringing in mass consciousness momentum energy, right to the very forefront of your conscious awareness. Dissolving, bit by bit, moment by moment, that idea of separation between the various portions you call your conscious awareness, unconscious, subconscious, hyperconscious, and mass conscious awareness. You are allowing the walls to fall. There are beginning to be patches of light leaking from one level of consciousness to another — light bridging the gap across the different consciousnesses.

Q: Is that what I see when I see lights and sometimes patches of color?

B: To a degree, you are also perceiving, along your own physiological nerve system certain activities of energy, which you are creating, which will exist beyond your physical capacity to hold them. They are, in a sense, released as discharges. But it is indicative of activity going on, on levels of your consciousness which you are not allowing yourselves to physically, consciously, perceive at this time, yes.

It is a very, very normal thing for your civilization to experience, in that you have not yet allowed those barriers down between the levels of consciousness. You will find yourself experiencing them, in a sense, more often in your future but you will find they will take greater form. To a degree, you may even begin to experience, in your terminology, real time hallucinations. Do not be afraid, they will simply be your ability to scan, if you wish, through your library of potential realities. You will simply be giving yourself the opportunity to understand that you have access to any portion of yourself you so choose. Have fun.

Now, allow yourself to go through the week boldly, not timidly. All right? Thank you all very much, again, for allowing us to be a reflection of you. Thank you. Goodnight.

AUD: Thank you.