Ship to Ship

Bashar’s ship is 2979 miles above Sedona. He and others are balancing the energies for our transformation. There are great fluxuations in energy. Bashar and others will aid in creating a buffer, positioning many ships in areas. Creates entrainment, frequency to guide you toward your higher self.

You will come into contact with more parts of yourselves. You are always being guided by a buffering energy of unconditional love. Forming the more whole being that you all are. Balance between physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said that his ship is a representation of their higher selves. They are linked telempathically from the heart. We can create this type of connection, an energy bubble around you, commonly known as the aura. It is the link between the physical self and the higher self.

Bashar means messenger. The vibration of Bashar’s ship would translate as Nexus. You can communicate with his ship using this name.

You can create your own ship. The SS Relationship. It is a relationship with yourselves. A harmonious relationship between the physical mind and higher mind.

Bashar said he would use a Star Trek concept of a neutral zone between two forces. A border, a barrier.

The center of the brain is the corpus callosum. Vibrational energies come together here. There is a neutral zone where the energies of the pineal gland, the corpus callosum and the base of the stem of the brain come together in a neutral zone.

Imagine a circle split in half. The bottom half is the physical mind. The top half is the higher mind. The line is the template reality. In the center create another small circle. This is the neutral zone where the higher mind, the physical mind and the template level come together. It neutralizes everything. Like you throw bleach on everything. Everything is undifferentiated. It creates a state of neutrality. Definitions that are not working for you, feelings, everything out of alignment, give to the neutral zone, like throwing into a washing machine. And, it comes out new. The neutral zone is truly neutral in attitude. No, expectation, > everything you throw in there comes out neutral. It is all about hyperspace where everything exists blended together into one neutral vibration.

Even your scientists are recognizing that every single thought changes the direction of the neurological pathways in the brain. When you aim them at the neutral zone it will change them rapidly. When it seems that things are going too rapidly you can neutralize that.

As you form stronger relationships with yourself , you will form greater relationships with us and all beings.

You are on the verge of great acceleration.

Everything is in perfect timing if you stay in the vibration of your higher self. Be on the vibration of the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

When things accelerate, the more resistance you have to your natural self the more painful it will be.

Clean out the old beliefs that do not serve you. Create new beliefs you prefer.

Change your definitions in ways that serve you.

Following you excitement is the compass needle that points to magnetic north.

In response to a question about which way to go: There is a third reality created by the two. That is where the true power resides.

Q. What is the significance of Bashar’s ship being positioned over Sedona. Sedona is a vortex. It is a neutral zone. It is like having your hand on the main control switch. Since it is a vortex all of the energies are harmonious so they are more easily worked with. Bashar’s ship connects his physical mind and higher mind. Shifts in the collective consciousness resulted in Bashar’s move from above Cairo to Sedona. It was a collective understanding of how they needed to reposition themselves—like a dance. Others in his society are positioned around our planet forming a grid. Someday he will tell us where they are.

Telempathic; communicating with the heart.

A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered “That data is no longer available from this terminal”. He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

About fear: The mantra that works for us (Bashar), “So What?”

Bashar asked the questioner what he was afraid of, the answer was something like that I might not exist. Bashar told him that in order to no longer be afraid of this he must experience ego death. He said “Ask for it and it will be given to you.”

Location is a variable that exists within the frequency vibration of an object. Nonlocality.

Downloads. Open up and it will come. Get in touch with the energy that you enjoy doing this. In the blank space of joy you can receive the download. (the woman that asked the question enjoyed music) chords that make you feel centered are the best vibrational state to receive downloads.