Blessings to you both, Alba, I somehow missed your original post but saw your original question in this one. Bashar has reminded us many times that life is eternal. We never really die, we just change forms. When we come into this life we have set up the circumstances which may involve a lesson, something we want to work on, or it may be by agreement with others to serve as a reflection for the others that the person comes in with. At any rate I don't think that there is any need to believe that if a person does not complete something in this life that they will have to repeat in the next. We do not know how the suicide served their higher self's purpose.

I was reminded of what Bashar said in the recent channelling about souls that come in for a very short time. He spoke about souls that wanted to experience just a little bit of physical reality and so move on very quickly through crib death or stillbirth or even abortion. Looking from the outside we can not see that their purpose was accomplished and that they moved back into nonphysical.

I know that it is often difficult to discern my own higher purpose and impossible to know someone elses. I don't think we need to be concerned about things like karma and punishment or having to repeat the lesson. I know that this is what we are taught but I think that its much simpler and that we just need to trust that the higher self knows what it is doing. No matter how disconnected a person may seem from their higher self I believe that they are still connected. Going back into the nonphysical eventually reestablishes that connection.


annula144 wrote:
> Hello
> ineresting, as i read this I realisxed I have some input on this > subject/topic as it haapened to someone very close to me in my family
> and I sought wisdom,understandin g and clarity on the event and I
> personally have some knowedge on this. But can you be a bot more
> specific or clearer on what you are wanting to know
> then I can give me piece of the puzzle
> Hugs from the heart
> Annula
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> > Dear All,
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> > Bashar said once that suicide only means that a person cannot bear
> > anymore the circumstances he/she created and so he chooses to break
> > free from them. In other words, suicide bears no consequence on the
> > soul, no damnation, karmic punishment etc, it is simply a matter of
> > choice. Does anyone know anything else he explains on this topic? Is
> > there anything I could say to someone who finds relief in these words
> > of Bashar and says that circumstances he created are so unbearable to
> > him and others that the only excitement he finds is to get rid of
> > this incarnation?
> > Please forgive me for this question, I am aware it is not fair to
> > burden anyone by asking advice on such a delicate matter, but all the
> > discussions here have been so enlightening and helpful, that I
> > strongly believe it is worth asking the people who can look at this
> > situation from a bigger perspective and a deeper understanding. One of
> > the problems I see with this choice, is that one probably creates the
> > same circumstances in the next incarnation, because as long as you are
> > not able to find a way to distill the lessons learnt and transform
> > yourself in the person you want to be, you probably start all over
> > again next time. And yes, this sounds like self damnation, after all.
> > Anyway, looking forward to hearing your insights on this,
> >
> >
> > Thank you very much.
> > Alba