synchronicity and meaning

B: All right, I’ll say, how are you all this day of your time, as you create time to exist?

AUD: Perfect. Great. Etc.

Allow us to begin this interaction this day of your time with, once again, the laying down of foundations of the idea we will be discussing. Do you all love coincidence? “Synchronicity and Meaning” — which, if you wish, may be your entitlement for this particular interaction.

Synchronicity: we have discussed this a few times with many of you. What is it? Synchronicity: coincidence. As we perceive the interactions we have had with your civilization, we perceive that you think of coincidence more often than not as a fortunate accident. Maybe an unfortunate accident — but an accident many times nonetheless, random chance. “Oh, it just happened that way.” One in a million, as many of you are very familiar with the idea of, “Oh, it’s just the odds. Had to happen sooner or later.”

But the idea, you see, is that co-incidence is quite a bit more than that. Synchronicity: the right place, the right time, interacting with exactly who you need to be interacting with at that moment is far more than random chance. It is representative of the very foundational structure of existence itself, at least as far as physiological reality is concerned.

How does it happen? What is it? And how, perhaps, can you create more of the positive form of coincidence in your life, always knowing you’re at the right place, always knowing you’re at the right time, always knowing you’re interacting with exactly who and what you need to be interacting with to serve you best and to be of best service? How to increase that phenomena, as you say?

Well, first of all understand what it is and why it occurs. Synchronicity is your physiological indication of the interconnectedness of all things. Everything is connected to every other thing. Everything is an extension from every other thing. And why is this so? From our perspective because of the following idea: because everything is the same one thing, manifesting in all the multidimensional ways it possibly can. You experience this multidimensionality stretched out in a linear time frame because linear time is one of the ways you have of experiencing your physical dimension. But all things that occur actually exist all at once simultaneously.

“What do you mean by that? Not everything is happening right now, if it were, I wouldn’t be able to do one of these things. Everything would be happening all around; I’d be very confused.”

Yes. But that is why the definition of physical reality contains the ability to perceive linear time, in a sense, as many of you have already said, to keep everything from happening all at once, because your physical senses are not built to handle that. That does not mean they still do not exist all at once. To describe and explain this briefly, once again, refer to what we have called your radio analogy. You all know what the device is on your planet that you call radio, that all the programs that you could possibly listen to on that radio at any given moment are all there at the same time, all coming to the radio all at once. But the only one you hear at any given moment is the one you have your dial attuned to.

Physical reality is like that; this is an appropriate analogy. At any given moment, your focus of perception, your definition and your beliefs, your emotions and your thoughts represent the idea and the station, the frequency, if you will, that you are tuned into. And so that’s all you get; that’s all you pick up; that’s all you receive — is what you are focused to receive. All the other possibilities, all the other programs are still going on, and you could be receiving any number of them. But you only get the one, at any given moment, that you are most attuned to, and you are attuned because of how you have been taught to be attuned, through your perspectives, your attitudes, your point of view. That is your dial of reality, of physical experience.

Now, how do you change that dial to a program that perhaps is more to your liking? Very simple, you get in touch with the idea of the definitions you already have bought into that are generating the program you’re already getting, asking yourself: what kind of beliefs, what kind of definitions would I have to buy into in order to have the types of experiences I am having in my life, in my programming?

Once you get in touch with what those definitions are that are responsible for your original program, in rewriting them and redefining them, you are then switching the dial to another program. Because physical reality is only, and always has been, and always only shall be, the absolute, 100% mirror reflection of your strongest beliefs, your strongest definitions, your strongest programming.

Even your own physiological scientists now, your theoretical physicists, as you call them, are beginning to realize that physical reality does not actually have an empirical existence by itself, that the definitions, the perspectives, you have been taught are actually what is responsible for generating what you have for so long thought to be a separately existing physical reality that you just happen to exist within. You are beginning to realize this is not so, and that everything you have experienced your physical reality to be has always been the product of your strongest belief systems about what it could be, or might be, or what you fear it will be; for your strongest beliefs and your strongest emotions combine to generate a manifestation of that reality.

If it is a positive emotion, a positive belief, that’s the blueprint you’ve created; that’s what you activate, that’s what you get. If it is a negative blueprint, a negative emotion, you will get a negative pattern. This is simple physics. In many of the things we will be discussing with you, this day of your time, realize we are not speaking philosophically so much; we are not speaking in analogies so much; we are not speaking figuratively so much. We are talking pragmatic tools that actually are responsible for the generation, manipulation and manifestation of your physiological day-to-day experiences. You are the creators of your reality. Whether you do that consciously or unconsciously is up to you.

Now, synchronicity, having what you call a life that is blessed — always running into exactly who you need to — a charmed life, having exactly what you need at your disposal when you need it; not a second too late, not a second too soon, just right there — this is what you usually in your society call luck. There is no such thing. Not really, not in the sense you mean it.

You know, an aside for a moment, many individuals now in your reality, in your world, are beginning to explore what you have called metaphysical concepts, and some individuals find that they cannot believe that such ideas exist. However, they will still believe in luck; a more metaphysical concept I cannot imagine! The idea to imply that, “Oh, it’s just luck,” completely detaches the idea of that experience from any kind of physiological cause and/or effect.

The idea of even what are being discussed as metaphysical principles, they are not above and beyond the idea of physics. They are simply another state of physical understanding that have their own laws, that follow their own rules, and are tied very strongly into the idea of your physical reality. The so-called supernatural is simply another level of nature. There is nothing really beyond nature about it. It is simply, perhaps for now, a little bit beyond your typical day-to-day understanding, but that does not make it disassociated from the ideas of your physiological reality.

Luck, the concept of luck, to some degree implies even more deeply than any metaphysical concept that something could occur which is not attached to the mainstream of cause and effect. It does not really exist. Everything that you have called luck, both positive and negative, is the result of setting up a momentum, a synchronicity momentum, that takes its cue from the patterns of belief and definitions you have bought into most strongly in life. How you generate synchronicity in your life, more coincidence, is utterly determined by the type of meaning you put into the circumstances that happen in your life.

We have discussed from time to time with many of you the idea that no circumstance and no situation has built-in meaning. All situations are summarily blank, devoid of meaning to begin with. Empty. They do not bring meaning with them. They are simply neutral props, arrangements of surface symbols that have no meaning unto themselves other then the meanings you have been taught to give them. So automatically do you apply meanings to certain situations, because they are so ingrained within you to do so, that you think that the situation brings with it its own built-in meaning.

But it doesn’t. It’s just that you very quickly apply a meaning on a very unconscious level, because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. “When you see this, sonny boy, or little girl, it means this. Don’t forget it or you’ll be in big trouble.” “Yes mother; yes father.” “Over and over and over again, I’ve told you when you see this, it means this. Steer clear, or do this or do that.” “Yes mother; yes father.”

Pretty soon — doesn’t take very long at all — you absolutely buy, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the meaning you have been instructed to believe a circumstance had is the only meaning it can have, and that it takes you sometimes a very long time to realize, “Oh, wait a minute. It could mean this, too. Doesn’t always have to mean that. It could mean this.” But then you go through a long process on your planet of unlearning the old ideas to give yourself an opportunity to learn new applications. It doesn’t have to take that long.

And we are not necessarily suggesting that many of the things your parents tell you are not for your own benefit. But the idea in your society has been carried to an extreme, where you simply buy into every single idea that you society tells you — very automatically, more automatically than you think. And you automatically apply the meanings you have been taught to every given situation, and do not understand why certain things keep repeating in your life — because you are not consciously in touch with the fact that the meanings you keep applying to the circumstances that happen are what cause them to perpetuate themselves in endless cycles of repetition.

The idea, therefore, is to understand that while everything does exist simultaneously, you are still in the act of co-creating it with the Infinite Creation, and the way you, as aspects of Creation — and all beings within Creation, as aspects of Creation — create and co-create and continue to expand the idea of creation is by applying meaning to the surface symbols that already exist. The meaning you give them determines their content, determines their effect, determines the life you experience. The giving of meaning is the act of creation on your physical level. That’s what determines what you experience.

And also, the type of meaning you start to impart to the circumstances in your life will then create a momentum that will determine what kind of circumstances, even on the surface, begin to crop up in your life, and what kind of meaning or significance they have for you. Now, understand this: every single event, no matter how small, every single action, no matter how seemingly insignificant has effect and impact on your life. And you are inexorably intertwined with every single thing you experience. You have helped create it for one reason or another. Now, certain events may not have as high a degree a significance for you as it may have for someone else in that event, but your presence in the event, your coincidental presence in that event has still created the factors necessary to help set it up, so that whoever needs to get the impact out of it can.

There are no accidents, and I am talking down to the most fundamental idea. There are no accidents about all of you that are present in this interaction today. It is not an accident who you are sitting next to. It is not an accident what they are wearing. It is not an accident what you ate for lunch, if you did eat lunch. It is not an accident what you notice, what you hear. The smallest scrap of paper that blows in the wind at your feet is not an accident. It is all your choreography; it is all your orchestration.

Granted, a large degree of it is automatic, on automatic pilot, as you say, so that you don’t necessarily consciously have to be aware of every single detail and organize that. That would be too much for your mentality. But the idea nonetheless is that whether it has a great deal of significance for you, or a small amount of significance, it still has some significance if you experience it at all. You are incapable of experiencing any event in your life that doesn’t belong there. Nothing in your lives is superfluous or extraneous. There are no extra creations. Everything fits, every single thing.

When you begin to look at life that way, when you begin to realize that where you are is exactly representative of who you are, then you can get a handle, as you say, on the definitions of who you are, and if you don’t prefer the definitions of what it is you are experiencing, you can change it. It is in your power to do so, and always has been. Always. And it is a very simple thing to do. You have created all that reality to begin with, anyway, and you have done it automatically, effortlessly — so effortlessly you don’t even necessarily know you’re doing it.

You can still create any reality you want with the same degree of effortlessness and automatically. Just because the idea has been ingrained within your society that having a life of ecstasy is harder than having a life of pain doesn’t mean it really has to be so. That’s only one of your society’s shared consensus definitions. You don’t have to buy into it any more.

There is absolutely nothing inherent within the idea of positivity and negativity that says, “Negativity will happen more often than positivity. It is easier to come by, and negativity is more representative of reality than positivity is.” Look at the tales you tell in your society. You tell a tale, and individuals in that tale — oh, perhaps there may be a moment or two where they are having a good time, but then they are involved in a great deal of conflict and struggle and strife. And you say, “Oh, that was a very realistic story!”

But then you go and watch a story and everyone is having a good time, and everyone finds and discovers exactly what they need, and works the situation out and lives happily ever after. “Huh, nice fairy tale. Too bad life isn’t really like that.”

Why not? There is no reason why one should be more representative of life than the other, except the definitions you have chosen to buy into. The only reason your society has bought into the idea is because the type of society you have created yourselves to be is highly focused in physical reality, one of the most highly focused we have ever discovered. And because of that a particular idea came along with that degree of focus, the ability to forget that you created it to begin with.

You have played the game of forgetting for thousands of your years of counting. But now you have played all that limitation and forgetting out, almost completely. So now you are as a society beginning to wake up and say, “Well, wait a minute; there must be something more. I have been living a particular type of dream. We have been walking in our sleep; now we are waking up… into another dream, a dream we prefer. A dream that lets us know we are more than we previously thought, and can be anything we really wish to be.”

All reality is a dream; all dreams are real. You are dreaming right now. I mean that quite literally. This interaction, in every sense of the word, is a dream. It is simply that you have labeled that this dream shall have the aspect and image you call solidity, reality. It is no different than anything else that passes through your imagination, except that you define it to be more solid than anything else. That’s the only difference, that one definition, that one concept.

But you see how powerful those concepts are. Because that’s all it takes — is that one definition to create everything your society has held to be true for thousands of years. That’s all it takes, and that’s why it’s very easy to transform your lives. Because once you get a hold on the idea that the definition is the only thing responsible for any seeming barrier in your life, once you redefine it, away it dissolves, back into the essence, the energy from which it was created. And what crystallizes in its place is the new definition. It is as simple as that.

Now, there may be many techniques and rituals that will aid and assist you in the processing of this understanding, to arrive at a time where you can allow yourself to change your reality very quickly. If you desire such processes, if you must take time to do this, then that’s your choice, and you can learn much from it. Do not berate yourself for taking the time; it is what you need, according to the definitions you believe you are capable of. That is not cause for bereavement or self-judgment. But the idea simply is that these things do not have to take as long as they have taken and this is what we are here to assist you with — to understand that the meanings you give to life determines utterly the type of synchronicity you experience. Whether it be positive or negative, conscious or unconscious is up to you, but you are the creators of your reality, both individually and collectively by telepathic agreement.

You will generally abide by the rules of the game that you have all agreed to play, but there is a lot more leeway, as you say, in those rules than many of you have thought. It is not as rigidly structured as you have been led to believe. And especially now that you are in your transformational age where you are exploring the idea of what consciousness really is is there a great deal of freedom to express, what you have called for so long, your free will, but really don’t ever consciously know you’re using. Now is the time to become conscious on your planet that you really have free will, and what that really means.

At this timing, in return for your willingness to interact with us as ambassadors of your civilization, and allowing me to function as an ambassador of our respective civilization within the Association of Worlds, we will let you know that your interaction for us is a gift. Our unconditional love creates ecstatic joy in your willingness to co-create this interaction this day with us. Because through you we are allowed to see that many more ways that the Infinite Creation has of expressing itself within the creation that it is. And this is a gift to us.

We thank you for this gift, and your willingness to create this interaction this day of your time. In return for this gift, I will ask you now, how may I serve you?