yesterday, i chose to go with my wife to a seminar. the seminar was about nz immigration. there were three lawyers who were supposedly 'experts' in the subject.

while i enjoy travelling and going to places i have not been to, the trip going to the venue was exciting for me. it was in a different part of the city. how i wished i could go there by bike. maybe in some later now, a different parallel now.

when we got there and went inside the seminar room, the negative energy started to creep up on me. i know that my reality is an illusion and only a reflection of my state of being. but so are theirs too. the people there, including my wife as you know, offered their vibration, and i was accepting it. i chose to accept thinking i can make something out of it.

i was going out of the room now and then. my wife thought i was bored. i was going out to find my center. either i'd go to my son who was in the other room playing with the other kids and match his vibration, or i'd go out of the venue and realign my self with nature, with all that is.

in the end, i chose to process the negative energy and i stayed outside of the light for the rest of the day. i was trying to figure out how to get, instead of allowing my higher self and be open to synchronicity.

the timing for that is not at hand. i am still in the process. i see that now. this morning i found, by being open, that i was in a vibration that i did not prefer. i was in want. i was in fear. i was in doubt. i was anxious.

i see that now.

at this moment, i choose only to be in the light, in this moment. i do not know what will happen in the future. i have no need to know that now. for now, i will be in the light.