trust. allow. open.

yesterday was big ego day.

i place an intention, and dig it up now and then to see how things are going. i noticed that in my self yesterday, so big ego day yesterday wasn't bad. it wasn't good, but since i learned something from it, then it became positive.

i learned to practice trusting, allowing and being open to what is.

by being in this light, the ego will not be taking over to see how things are doing. by checking how things are doing, i tend to point upstream. i react to what is, which is usually what i do not prefer, and i am in the shadows.

when i allow what is, i see the light. it is not that i should follow the light, but be the light my self.

they say that creation was made in the image of god. in quantum physics, all that is is vibration, which is the image of god. following this analogy, since i, myself is an aspect of creation, then everything is vibration. everything that i am, that i do--everything is about vibration.

all is well.