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hi yuki
thanks for the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. is it possible to be in a reality where there is no war? yes. and no. a paradox we shall get to in a moment.

first off, let us examine how one shifts to a state where there is no war.
3 steps:

1) IMAGINE the person you would be if you lived in such a "state".

2) BE that person; meaning, act like that person at ALL TIMES. eat like that person, walk like that person, breathe like that person, laugh like that person, etc... be that person and YOU ARE THAT PERSON which means you will have only that person's experiences.

3) LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Or put another way, ALLOW the reality around you to continue to be as it needs to be. this is very, very, very important. For even though you have shifted to the state of being that contains no war, the world about you may still contain a reflection or idea of war. LET IT BE, let it be, let it be...

the quickest means by which to "effect" change is to ALLOW whatever is to be AS IT IS, while radiating another example, your preferred state of being-ness.

put another way: you very well might find yourself walking around your country with a loving, beautiful smile on your face, radiating joy and happiness while all about you the world is fighting. just know you won't be affected by another's reality, for you are your own YOUNIVERSE and all you ever ultimately experience is your own energy.

it is okay to know that war is not your preferred vibration and as a god you are given the free will to experience the vibration you prefer.

but if you judge another "part of ALL THAT IS", if you invalidate it or declare it to be LESS THAN something else, then that part will come screaming toward you with a singular message "love me, validate me, accept me too, for I exist, I am part of ALL THAT IS."

war is but one part of ALL THAT IS. does it belong? of course, or it would not be.

do you have to experience it?


you can have the blissful state you prefer and the way to that state is through paradox:

ALLOW WAR; INTEGRATE WAR into your being, and you will paradoxically release war from your conscious judgment, thereby releasing the negative charge you have placed upon it and in turn giving yourself the freedom to experience the beautiful.

love without condition is the greatest act you can now give yourself and all of life.

**one last thing in regards to your urge to leave the country... remember, your higher self, (the mind standing upon the hill and looking over the valley) offers you direction through your imagination, through your feelings, and if you FEEL it would be best that you move, then perhaps that is you feeling the message being sent by your higher mind.

in other words, don't listen to me, listen to yourself.

waves of love to you,
wife has been cold again. i think there is an issue here. maybe she has issues with her work and i have issues with self worth. i think that's it then.

yesterday, the camarilla pivots failed to work. i did not get a trade in. that was a good thing. i decided to look for a different indicator and i did find one. it doesn't show historical data, but it's ok. i trust the pivot levels. i can trade with this. at least my attention is focused on the here and now.

there was no water last night. it was strange. there was no notice, but maybe it was in the newspaper and we did not see it. at least we were already finished with washing for the day. and i was about to go to sleep. i had dreams again last night. it somehow clarified issues with me. that i can use this indicator. and that i can trust and be open to what is. the intention is tehre. just trust it then.

what if i made changes to the lines here.

what now? just do this. feed marcus in a short while then i can do yoga. i can trade today. i have my levels in place now. the template works. work with what you got. this is now, this is all there is.
Oh Shauna ... I like your style!!! I think that you and I could live life LARGE if we were together!!! Yippee ... who cares what someone else may think ... dance as if there is no tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the wonderful images!!!

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I love it! I, in fact, do still have that sense of wonder, and often (I believe) am thought of as crazy because I stare at fluffy clouds and smile when I'm flying in a jet, for instance. I love it when another jet passes at such high speeds right near us and always wonder why no one else is looking!? Oh, here's a post I wrote about that in May.

I look up at birds and beautiful skies with a mad grin when I'm walking, and I dance and clap and sing whenever I'm happy - which is often! In fact, from Tony Robbins I learned to identify my personal gestures that make me feel happy and empowered and clapping excitedly is one of them, so I do it often. Perhaps people think it's immature, but I've had my share of loss and of growth and I KNOW what's important... just wanted to articulate this to the group. Thank you so much, Donna.

In this spirit, here are some things which bring me delight - I re-commit to always choose delight and fabulousness!

Red shoes
Sparkly things - water in the sun, fountains dancing, gems, sequins
Beautifully colored birds
Secret places - coves, caves, crooks of trees watching things or pondering (I still climb trees - my daughter is so proud! [and her Dad says SHE'S immature for doing so, at 12! pffft!]), riding a train behind people's houses where 'normal 'people don't get to go, being up in the middle of the night, esp. if it's for a trip
Luxury - beautiful things, exquisite food, decor, hotels, penthouses - yum!
Beautiful music - contrary to the site 'Stuff White People Like' I actually do love both classical and jazz, as well as reggae and lots of other music, and use it to regualte my moods.
Turquoise water and palm trees

Life is SO good, you know?!

Shauna Arthurs

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Shauna, pertaining to your last email, I would love to share with you an epiphany I had during the last 40 Days of Affirmation.

Shauna wrote:
I mentioned this conversation and was further pondering... about how, when we are kids, the world and life seem so magical, and somehow we lose that as we grow up...and isn't all of our dreaming and searching just looking for that feeling again? So, again, if we can just define for ourselves, what brings us that fabulous, magical feeling we can do more of those things - by choice.

How lovely!

Donna's email:

DAY 28

How I love to watch the clouds
Peacefully, peacefully drifting by
Silently upon the breeze
They ease across the clear blue sky.

How they build and roll and tumble
Just like angels out to play
Dancing with the sylphs and fairies
Head o'er heels along the way.

Each new shape is quite amusing:
Puffs to great majestic towers
Building for their loving gift
To bless the earth with vital showers.

Marshmallow- Fluff clouds fill the sky, and the air is sultry and damp - so damp that you can almost wring it out! The rain water has collected in great puddles on the sidewalks and the roads, and the leaves glisten and drip huge audible drops from the branches of trees, (drip, drop ... drip, drop ... the sound is almost hypnotic.) The pungent smell of the earthworm-ridden, rich, dark soil permeates my senses, and I am transformed back to my childhood. I remember how much fun it was to scoop up great globs of mud into my make-shift pie pans, and how perfectly wonderful the taste was, (worms and all, LOL). I made the BEST mud-pies ever!

It's such a shame that we lose that sense of wonderment ... the belief that we were capable of anything and everything. We weren't embarrassed to dream, and we lived magical lives ... we knew that whatever we wished for we could have! Somewhere down the road of life, we lost the "Secret" ... we listened to others who told us not to be silly - not to dream senseless dreams. We became disillusioned, sober, and narrow-minded. How did this happen?

Our society believes that dreaming is a waste of time ... nothing more than child's play. I am going to reclaim my Inner-Child and find the "magic" once again. I am going to believe in miracles, and I am going to once again make the best darn mud-pies on this planet, and I'm going to savor every bite! The only limitations to my dreams are my doubts, and I will no longer allow these crippling thoughts to erase my potential. I am capable of achieving great things ... a happy family, a loving relationship, a life of abundance and good health. I believe this, therefore I will achieve and receive these things!

Life is there ... waiting for me to reach out and grasp it. I am welcoming it with open arms!

being, all that is

I don't think anyone notices...but this IS the unification, it does explain all of science....and yes,it is that simple.

So start taking it serious...start to verify it...start to question it...because this is the thing that will get you all enlightened. ..through exact science.

The matter in cosmos...stands for 'Beeingness' ...Bashar mentioned this many times...he calls it 'All that IS'.

Now science makes big stupid mistake...thinking there is a particle behind every other particle..or anti matter,or superstrings. ..whatever it is...they think its material...they are about as stupid as thinking earth is flat...they insist the final answer is some material one...and so will not find it.

That what explains all behaviour and shapes and colors of the matter all around the field it stands in.

And that never noticed,because you might think it is empty space...nothingness ...meaningless.

But it is an actual actual Entity...the exact opposite of matter...the field of 'Not Beeing'...aka Heaven.

And this is not only hard to understand.. .but also not needed to understand what this field consists off.

What is important... .is to place it next to all the matter....and then see...if this field does explain all behaviour of matter...then when you tried like a douzen things on it....physics being the easyest..... then it might start to dawn on you...that this could be truth.

And i am so sorry...that unification is that simple...a huge dissapointment to all ppl...showing you this whole complex society where everything is devided and proved to be a hoax...because all the hype about how the hell this cosmos false.

The answer is absurd simple...and thats why none sees it....not even when you get it spelled out in front of you.


Do i ask you all.....TEST heaven next to all matter....and then ask yourself.... does it explain the behaviour of matter?

May i say also that this is truth...this is way cosmos works...and yes it as about as old knowledge as when men started thinking.... its not new at all....the chinese call it the Tao.

But i garanty you...that no scientist has verified this....none thinks cosmos can be this simple....none dares it.

I give you an objective knowledge of universe.... that is provable...verifyab le....and will lead to revolution on earth

And the unification. YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS.

And when mankind does realise this is the unification. ..and does learn this...the conscious of mankind will will become full knowing...all powerfull... it will cristalise.. ..humans will turn into grey aliens...into beings nolonger affected by material laws....mind over matter...superhuman s.

Because the conscious is what created universe itself.And consists of the 2 things...that cover all....being and not being. And in the physical split up in eather male or female...but your spirit...your conscious... is both.

I got lot more to tell about this...i basicly expect ppl to question this as serious as serious gets....TILL YOU ARE ENLIGHTENED. ...with logic....with the truth.

bashar - worthiness

"...Bashar was talking to me about fear, fear of the unknown, generalized fear. I worried that with all the spiritual learning, perhaps I was doing something wrong & keeping myself away from my good. And he finally said: "Your physical manifestations are not an arbiter, an indicator, or a harbinger of your worthiness. You are worthy (all that you want) simply because you exist. This is a fact, whether your physical mind agrees with this or not"

- Bashar 8/18/09
hello, Kelsey
good question
Yes I can share some of that
would you like the long version or the short quick one LOL
I did it by training, many years of meditating and focusine till it becam who and what I am I losten always to the highest and the best input form higer guidance and teachers of wisdom and consciousness to be with friends and traon my brain and mind consciousness to connect with it as ONE - I wold think with my heart and my consciousness together not limited mind and utilze my mid brain area quite well too form channeling training inthe past I found that I channeled my higher self and that works for me
though through intentionand develpoemtn practise can link with others on a higher plane also like telepathy whichis instant and directly connects us all right
It was a discipline I have done for many years with set purpose
I now went to to teach meditation from the heart chakra which is a living breathing life force and intelligence. As well became a good lightbody energy worker transformer, fun to align energy into wholeness much fun and better than making hubcaps all day LOL as I tended to get bored easily always a new and inspiring challenge and growth factor came.
with focus and intent and guidance you can turn off the world outside the illusion and I have now had the heart vortex of consciousness as my driver and developed lightbody for many many years now. Because it was FUN and brought me the most and highest joy and excitement and knowledge and empowerment and to clearly see the creation you make come into being for the greatest good of all is the journey and the purpose really, for many of us here, so many.
I have had great joy watching this heart centre evove with love, frequency and grow and glow and expand and now Whoosh ou tin a new bubble format, ( that recently happened ) and so bring others into my environment to share with. I use it with respect guidance total trust and discernment for living in the light here on earth, and in multi dimensional realites, that I am made aware of always.
It always seems to know what to do and when to do it I listen from within, and not without.
there are many wise ones and higher beings who will commuicate with you from this portal and that is where we all link and communicate As ONE I have been taught, and form my feedback position IT WORKS
mostly to get it going just as der basahr says Have Fun and follow you highest excitment, boy does it light up and GLOW THEN
so perhaps maybe most certainly I will see you in my dreams and we will talk more
hugs Annula 144

facing difficulties

Every problem faced and solved, with capacity and courage, is a long step forward. You will meet again, in another guise, perhaps even more exacting, every problem that you run away from. No one who habitually runs away can know the luminous security of he who is conscious of Diving help in solving his difficulties.

my self definitions and reality

i had an insight this morning after i woke up. i realized i did not like my self. not that i did not like, but that the physical mind's job is to pick this one or that, to discriminate, to choose. i realized that my thought habit, my definition of my self is that i do not like this but prefer to be that.

hence, reality as a reflection of my vibration i see a lot of things i do not prefer. when i react to what is, i get more of what is. i see now that i basically have a definition of my self that i do not like my self. i see that now. i do not have to go through a process to change that definition. simply by seeing that definition, i have changed that.

i am now doing that practice of liking my self, of increasing my self worth, of appreciating my self. this is probably why i find it tough to lose weight. the definition is there. i create my vibration based on that definition, by reacting to what is.

i see that now.

the "i already have what i want" list

- i already have a person who loves me, as i am. my wife.
- i already have four great kids, and they are all marvelous, and healthy and loving.
- i am already running my own business, managed fx. i already have clients, i have a marketing and sign up website.
- i already know how to trade and now trading well, making at least 2% a week in profits.
- i rode my bike yesterday along beach road going to long bay, and i had a great time doing so.

i made this list so i can focus on something that i want and already have, rather than worry about something that's in the future and i don't have, which is pointless and does not serve me.