allowing what is

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hi yuki
thanks for the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. is it possible to be in a reality where there is no war? yes. and no. a paradox we shall get to in a moment.

first off, let us examine how one shifts to a state where there is no war.
3 steps:

1) IMAGINE the person you would be if you lived in such a "state".

2) BE that person; meaning, act like that person at ALL TIMES. eat like that person, walk like that person, breathe like that person, laugh like that person, etc... be that person and YOU ARE THAT PERSON which means you will have only that person's experiences.

3) LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Or put another way, ALLOW the reality around you to continue to be as it needs to be. this is very, very, very important. For even though you have shifted to the state of being that contains no war, the world about you may still contain a reflection or idea of war. LET IT BE, let it be, let it be...

the quickest means by which to "effect" change is to ALLOW whatever is to be AS IT IS, while radiating another example, your preferred state of being-ness.

put another way: you very well might find yourself walking around your country with a loving, beautiful smile on your face, radiating joy and happiness while all about you the world is fighting. just know you won't be affected by another's reality, for you are your own YOUNIVERSE and all you ever ultimately experience is your own energy.

it is okay to know that war is not your preferred vibration and as a god you are given the free will to experience the vibration you prefer.

but if you judge another "part of ALL THAT IS", if you invalidate it or declare it to be LESS THAN something else, then that part will come screaming toward you with a singular message "love me, validate me, accept me too, for I exist, I am part of ALL THAT IS."

war is but one part of ALL THAT IS. does it belong? of course, or it would not be.

do you have to experience it?


you can have the blissful state you prefer and the way to that state is through paradox:

ALLOW WAR; INTEGRATE WAR into your being, and you will paradoxically release war from your conscious judgment, thereby releasing the negative charge you have placed upon it and in turn giving yourself the freedom to experience the beautiful.

love without condition is the greatest act you can now give yourself and all of life.

**one last thing in regards to your urge to leave the country... remember, your higher self, (the mind standing upon the hill and looking over the valley) offers you direction through your imagination, through your feelings, and if you FEEL it would be best that you move, then perhaps that is you feeling the message being sent by your higher mind.

in other words, don't listen to me, listen to yourself.

waves of love to you,