hello, Kelsey
good question
Yes I can share some of that
would you like the long version or the short quick one LOL
I did it by training, many years of meditating and focusine till it becam who and what I am I losten always to the highest and the best input form higer guidance and teachers of wisdom and consciousness to be with friends and traon my brain and mind consciousness to connect with it as ONE - I wold think with my heart and my consciousness together not limited mind and utilze my mid brain area quite well too form channeling training inthe past I found that I channeled my higher self and that works for me
though through intentionand develpoemtn practise can link with others on a higher plane also like telepathy whichis instant and directly connects us all right
It was a discipline I have done for many years with set purpose
I now went to to teach meditation from the heart chakra which is a living breathing life force and intelligence. As well became a good lightbody energy worker transformer, fun to align energy into wholeness much fun and better than making hubcaps all day LOL as I tended to get bored easily always a new and inspiring challenge and growth factor came.
with focus and intent and guidance you can turn off the world outside the illusion and I have now had the heart vortex of consciousness as my driver and developed lightbody for many many years now. Because it was FUN and brought me the most and highest joy and excitement and knowledge and empowerment and to clearly see the creation you make come into being for the greatest good of all is the journey and the purpose really, for many of us here, so many.
I have had great joy watching this heart centre evove with love, frequency and grow and glow and expand and now Whoosh ou tin a new bubble format, ( that recently happened ) and so bring others into my environment to share with. I use it with respect guidance total trust and discernment for living in the light here on earth, and in multi dimensional realites, that I am made aware of always.
It always seems to know what to do and when to do it I listen from within, and not without.
there are many wise ones and higher beings who will commuicate with you from this portal and that is where we all link and communicate As ONE I have been taught, and form my feedback position IT WORKS
mostly to get it going just as der basahr says Have Fun and follow you highest excitment, boy does it light up and GLOW THEN
so perhaps maybe most certainly I will see you in my dreams and we will talk more
hugs Annula 144