my self definitions and reality

i had an insight this morning after i woke up. i realized i did not like my self. not that i did not like, but that the physical mind's job is to pick this one or that, to discriminate, to choose. i realized that my thought habit, my definition of my self is that i do not like this but prefer to be that.

hence, reality as a reflection of my vibration i see a lot of things i do not prefer. when i react to what is, i get more of what is. i see now that i basically have a definition of my self that i do not like my self. i see that now. i do not have to go through a process to change that definition. simply by seeing that definition, i have changed that.

i am now doing that practice of liking my self, of increasing my self worth, of appreciating my self. this is probably why i find it tough to lose weight. the definition is there. i create my vibration based on that definition, by reacting to what is.

i see that now.