wife has been cold again. i think there is an issue here. maybe she has issues with her work and i have issues with self worth. i think that's it then.

yesterday, the camarilla pivots failed to work. i did not get a trade in. that was a good thing. i decided to look for a different indicator and i did find one. it doesn't show historical data, but it's ok. i trust the pivot levels. i can trade with this. at least my attention is focused on the here and now.

there was no water last night. it was strange. there was no notice, but maybe it was in the newspaper and we did not see it. at least we were already finished with washing for the day. and i was about to go to sleep. i had dreams again last night. it somehow clarified issues with me. that i can use this indicator. and that i can trust and be open to what is. the intention is tehre. just trust it then.

what if i made changes to the lines here.

what now? just do this. feed marcus in a short while then i can do yoga. i can trade today. i have my levels in place now. the template works. work with what you got. this is now, this is all there is.