reverse speech

Q: Yes, and can you just very briefly discuss the mechanics of Reverse Speech and how that works?

B: The idea is that you’re always, because you create a polarized reality experience, because you create physical reality to be a polarized reality experience, a quote/unquote "matter/antimatter experience," the idea is that there is always, interpenetrating in one

reality, two polarized opposites. So every expression of consciousness will always have the idea of a reverse aspect, because physical reality symbolically functions as a mirror, and therefore, any information, any communication will always have a reverse aspect or counterpart. Because, just as you see the reverse image in a mirror, physical reality, being a mirror, will always also produce a reverse image. In that you have, as a species, deigned to hide many aspects of yourself in the forward facing image, or what you consider to be the forward facing image, you will often then reveal the true state of your consciousness in the reversed facing image. And that is why in Reverse Speech, many times, you can hear the true intentions of an individual, no matter what they may be saying in the forward mode. Does that make sense to you?

Q: It does, thank you so much.

B: Thank you.