Animia; Are you worried about having abundance?

Guest; Perhaps, Perhaps,

Animia; Realize that when you focus your energy on upon the idea of worry about not having something, you are telling yourself that you believe that you will not have it. Your reality will reflect that belief.

You may simply again, allow yourself to know that the vibration of abundance is equal to your own.

Realize that you are creator, you are automatic creator, you do not have to know the how of acquiring, the how of creating.

Simply allow yourself to know that your self image right here, right now, of your time, as you know it to exist, is equal to that idea.

Allow the creation to take care of it's self. It will do so you know.

Otherwise if you focus on just this particular method you will close behind you all the other doors through which that idea may have come.

Being very stubbornly focused on only one gate, waiting and waiting, tapping your foot, wondering why it never showed up. When it is knocking on the door you have locked all the time.

"Constructive thoughts do not simply affect the system for good in some sort of a generalized fashion, nor do destructive thoughts simply happen to affect the system directly.

The effect of any thought is a quite precise and definite one that is set into motion specifically because of the nature of its own electromagnetic identity.

The physical system operates best within certain electromagnetic patterns, and is adversely affected by others.

These effects change the actual molecular structure of the physical cells of the organism, for better or for worse, and because of certain laws of attraction a habitual pattern will operate.

A destructive type of thought, then, is dangerous not only for the present state of the organism, but dangerous in terms of the future.

Poor health is indeed caused mainly by habitual destructive thought patterns which directly affect the physical system, because of the particular range within the electromagnetic system in which they fall; and despite any objections I will stick by this statement.

The bad health, for example, does not occur first, resulting in unhealthy thoughts.

It is indeed the other way around."

Session 198
comment from basharList:

"...Since we've been so trained that we must maintain focus, be in control, make things happen, keep our eye firmly on the ball, etc. etc. -- well, the second part of letting go, surrendering (meaning releasing it to the other aspect of ourselves that does the next part - that being the higher mind) ahh...

Abe has spoke of handing it over to The Manager and allowing the Universe to surprise and delight you.

And Bashar goes a little further, explaining the physics of reality creation, that once you've done the imaging, it must be released, because the creation doesn't come from the physical realm, the physical mind must let go of it's control and allow the higher mind to do it's job of bringing you to the experience you're desiring. That if the physical mind is still holding on to it, it's still telling itself it doesn't have it. And if it's still telling itself it doesn't have it, then it can not be the vibration of having it. Letting it go and knowing that the mechanism automatically works, that you don't have to make it happen, that physical reality is not designed that way -- letting go and then acting as if, allows you to be the vibration of what you say you prefer. SWEET!

I remember Bashar saying that Creation doesn't take place in time and space. So yes, we must release it to the larger part of ourself, our higher self, to allow the creation wave to "collapse" in the physical realm -- and then all we need to do is to continue following our joy in each moment, and enjoy the incredible ways the higher self delivers! Our job is to 'enjoy the ride'!"
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Just notes on what I feel I need to remember for later when listening to the session.

Bashar 11/15/2009 – Bricks Walls and Beliefs
Morning session

You are automatically propelled to reinforce your beliefs

2 basic motivations in life
• Move towards more pleasure
• Move away from less pain

Manifestation – your desire already exists in your reality; it is the process of giving yourself the ability to know that your desire is already here, already existing in reality; your belief system makes it your desire invisible to you; to obtain your desire requires an alteration of perception.

The power of paradox – because you can perceive both realities, they are coming from the center of your being

First comes intention, focus and concentration which works on higher levels, this is the first 15 minutes
Then comes surrender and letting go, letting go means you really know your higher mind is doing its job

You need to clear out your negative beliefs first

By focusing on your desire you expand your energy and the frequency goes up, you "collapse the wave form"; expanding your probability net with all probabilities; as you let go it collapses the wave form down to your highest probability, the path of least resistance, most likely probability to allow the desire to exist in your reality

All beliefs are ephemeral and have self-reinforcing mechanisms to exist, which inspire you to continually choose belief since every moment is s different reality

Negative beliefs, energy dissociates, polarizes, it's like a crystal, it's rigid and it has tricks to you make you not see the light.

In contract positive beliefs are fluid and can expand

Negative beliefs lock into your fear-based survival instincts, if you don't follow the belief you think you will die, which is a fallacy because you always exist, makes you think if you change the belief you will commit suicide and die, neg beliefs make it seem like you cannot ever change them; neg beliefs say to you "there is not doorway here, this is your entire universe, you cannot change".

When you are positive and in an enlightened state, you see all choices, you always have a choice to go back into the light.

Negative beliefs uses positive reinforcement (reward) to get you to buy into the negative beliefs, it makes you feels safe, protected for choosing the negative belief.

Give light to the negative belief, validate it as an equally valid belief, tell the neg belief that it will not die, expansion is the product of inclusion not exclusion

Everything has light, even negative beliefs; keep the negative diagram in front of you to remind yourself what the structure of a negative belief looks like

(note to self to research – is there anyone else in new age, growth and development movement, talking about negative beliefs as having a structure, like a crystal? Bashar makes it seems to simple. Most negative belief technology out there makes this stuff so complicated. Seeing negative beliefs as a three-dimensional structure makes so much sense.)

Negative beliefs can sometimes make you feel nauseous because you are experiencing vibrations that are out of alignment with your true self.

"What would I have to believe is true about this situation/people to generate this feeling?" (heard this statement at Landmark communication course leadership training in late 90's)

You need to behave as if the manifestation has happened, take the actions to know that show the reality is real.

Negative beliefs don't disappear, they are integrated as an equal choice; they are a mirror and can be used a great tool.

You can change a core shared agreement like gravity if it's relevant or probable to your expression in this life.

"chop wood, carry water" – never assume the physical and spiritual are not the same

If you are living your excitement, it does not contain the idea of destitution

All pain is resistance to the natural self

Entropy – from absolute equality can come the seed of a new creation

When there is no action to take, all the rules are gone and you can do what you want

Karma is self-imposed

Notes from after the Holotope Experience; Afternoon Session: After 15 Minutes and Counting

It only takes 15 minutes to go from plasticity to hardwiring a thought into your system

Manifestation – making the invisible visible; Bashar's counterpart is Anima

Stories allow you to experience the person's story energetically, so you feel, tasted, see and smell the experience.

Bashar told a story about learning to become a first contact specialist

You always carry a piece of your home world with you.

The "I am discourses" from St Germain are combination of higher self and physical mind

On UFO sightings, there will always be observations made and allowed to test a person's frequencies.

Blood type is an indication of the theme you are exploring

The threshold of believability – it's only your belief system that determines the timing of when something will happen;

Once you become aware of a situation that it is out of alignment with your true self, and you know it's not a habit or a pattern, you can examine the structure so you know the negative beliefs that are driving the situation

You cannot change what you do not own

Question about schizophrenia – making the infinity symbol with your hand makes the brain cohesive for a few seconds

2010-2015 the span, highest opportunity to rid the rest of the wave, any deviation from your true path will be experienced as pain

2013 – incidents of political relationship changing
2025-2033 – contact with ETs

Anything is possible, but is it relevant to your expression for this lifetime?

72 million years ago, the annunaki (from Sumerian history) came and created hybrid creatures with dinosaurs, what we know as reptilian ET.

Time travelers - could be shifting from parallel realities.

USO – Unidentified submerged objects, there are temporary ET bases under the ocean floor, in the crust of the earth

Bashar said some of us have travelled to our past.
Pirate Mike,

Thanks for the question. I appreciate the opportunity to describe my perspective and my experience. Composing this response was incredibly helpful to me. Thank you for your question!

· Bashar and other teachers have said that the past and the future are illusions. Only the present matters.

· Einstein said – “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

· There is a relevant quote that I really love:

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the ‘present’. “

· The ‘present’ is where everything happens.

· Living in the moment can be a challenge.

· In the now, I have less connection to the past, and fewer expectations of the future.

· Rather than expectations, I have a knowing. I know everything works out eventually. The timeframe may vary, but everything always works out for the best.

· When we worry, we are not able to appreciate the wonder of it all.

· I envision the universe as a great machine which is like a masterful clockwork that meshes the desires and needs of everyone in a grand symphony. This concept works very well for me.

· One of my sayings is “It’s all good.” And indeed it is.

· No matter what seems to be happening, I remind myself that “It’s all good.”

· The more I go with the flow, the more the flow goes with me.

· When something seems to be going off track, I remind myself that there is a reason.

· I believe, no, I KNOW everything works out for the best. This allows me to go with the flow. I see it as completely coordinated and not at all random.

· I look for the synchronicity that I know is everywhere.

· I find so many syncs now that it’s truly amazing. If you are alert for them, they are everywhere. I would give you an anecdote, but there are so many that I can’t choose. It would be like telling you about a particular breath I took. It’s that pervasive and ever-present. There are hundreds each day.

· If I’m in a traffic jam, it’s for a reason. I know the sync is there. I just keep going with the flow.

· Sometimes the syncs are very visible, often they are subtle.

· Sometimes the syncs happen quickly, and sometimes the experience you just had syncs up weeks, or months, or years later.

· Instead of worrying, I work to observe the syncs. They are always there, but if you aren’t alert, they can be easily missed.

· I engage people in conversation. I look for connections. I ask questions, and they are everywhere.

· When you are open, and friendly, and positive, people open up to you and bang, you get tons more syncs.

· In focusing on the now, I get to be more conscious, more present, more engaged. When I see others who are focused on what is coming up, or what has already happened, and I can see how they are missing out on richness of the present moment.

· Remember, what you put out is what you get back.

· When I take the perspective of the now, I see things as more connected. I see the past and the future more as a part of the present. I see how things got here, and I see where they are going, all at once. As I do this more, I can see more of the past and the future possibilities that are present in each moment of now.

· When in the moment, I look for how I can be of service. This is HUGE. Sometimes the best way to be of service is to let another person serve you. I accept it with great appreciation and gratitude.

· I am less scheduled. I have larger blocks of time with less specific ‘deadlines’. We still have deadlines and such, but they are less of an effort.

I recently read a story where someone asked a monk how meditation can ease pain. He said something like, the pain is still there, you just don’t care about it anymore. Another aspect of pain is the anticipation of more pain. This is less of an issue if you stay in the moment.

Also, my friends seem to go with the flow better than ever now too.

The positive expectations are contagious.

No worries.

It’s all good!

Of course, I’m still human and I’ve got some stuff that worries me. Those are my projects. I work to apply the flow there too. They are more challenging because the sync timing is a lot longer. It’s taking months and months for some things to line up, but I can see it lining up. I can see the symphony of orchestration unfolding. Part of the reason some things are taking longer, is because I’m less clear about my goals. I think I want X, but then I play it out in my head, and I can see how X has all these drawbacks. So then I think about Y, and then I see the drawbacks there too.

I am trusting that my higher-self knows what it is doing and that I just have to be patient (one of my greatest challenges). Rather than go down a path that’s off track, and then get on another one in 6, 12, or 24 months, I’m seeing these alternative paths materialize and dematerialize in days and weeks instead. The pace is incredible.

Everything is a sync. This question of yours is a sync. It helped me to put into words some ideas that have been floating around in my head. I wanted to get them down in writing, and along comes your question. Bam, there’s another SYNC!

Just did a search on sync and found this book “SYNC: How order Emerges from the Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life” by an MIT Mathematician, (Released in March 2003.) com/SYNC- Emerging- Science-Spontane ous-Order/ dp/0786868449


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Hello everyone,

I am new to this group, and have been reading all of your interesting bytes of information. I have a question rather to pose to the group for discussion.

How do you live in the moment?

That is a personal question to each of you, not a rhetorical question.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in these discussions!

A note to a friend that is putting on a show and they Believe they can't
make ENOUGH with the tickets already sold.

I refused to pray for you because you come from LACK.

This is my thinking (energy) If I/We/Us create more participants you
will not see them as ENOUGH either.

Because as long as you are not happy NOW, you won't be happy WHEN.


My thinking is, I'll jump on your energy train of lack and help you
co-create your reality of it, by not participating either.

For in this you will FEEL that LACK does not serve you, (icky, icky
feeling) so in that, it will encourage you to choose Abundance.
(pleasant, pleasant feeling)

Lack is only a sign post to help ones become aware that they are fooling
themselves with a Belief that they NEED more.

When in fact, they have all they NEED, or they simply would Have More.

So I BLESS the lack of participants. Because their no show has
co-created lack for you, showing you, that you simply would prefer,

And far be it from me to inter-FEAR with your sacred choices.

As the old saying goes; There is MORE to been seen than can ever be

Bless All and Kiss it with Love.

I Love Love Love your LACK, for on the other side, is just waiting a
break through of your Utter Abundance!

So Lickity Lack, Lickity Lack, I choose to create you back onto the
Abundance track!

lov yah