Animia; Are you worried about having abundance?

Guest; Perhaps, Perhaps,

Animia; Realize that when you focus your energy on upon the idea of worry about not having something, you are telling yourself that you believe that you will not have it. Your reality will reflect that belief.

You may simply again, allow yourself to know that the vibration of abundance is equal to your own.

Realize that you are creator, you are automatic creator, you do not have to know the how of acquiring, the how of creating.

Simply allow yourself to know that your self image right here, right now, of your time, as you know it to exist, is equal to that idea.

Allow the creation to take care of it's self. It will do so you know.

Otherwise if you focus on just this particular method you will close behind you all the other doors through which that idea may have come.

Being very stubbornly focused on only one gate, waiting and waiting, tapping your foot, wondering why it never showed up. When it is knocking on the door you have locked all the time.