comment from basharList:

"...Since we've been so trained that we must maintain focus, be in control, make things happen, keep our eye firmly on the ball, etc. etc. -- well, the second part of letting go, surrendering (meaning releasing it to the other aspect of ourselves that does the next part - that being the higher mind) ahh...

Abe has spoke of handing it over to The Manager and allowing the Universe to surprise and delight you.

And Bashar goes a little further, explaining the physics of reality creation, that once you've done the imaging, it must be released, because the creation doesn't come from the physical realm, the physical mind must let go of it's control and allow the higher mind to do it's job of bringing you to the experience you're desiring. That if the physical mind is still holding on to it, it's still telling itself it doesn't have it. And if it's still telling itself it doesn't have it, then it can not be the vibration of having it. Letting it go and knowing that the mechanism automatically works, that you don't have to make it happen, that physical reality is not designed that way -- letting go and then acting as if, allows you to be the vibration of what you say you prefer. SWEET!

I remember Bashar saying that Creation doesn't take place in time and space. So yes, we must release it to the larger part of ourself, our higher self, to allow the creation wave to "collapse" in the physical realm -- and then all we need to do is to continue following our joy in each moment, and enjoy the incredible ways the higher self delivers! Our job is to 'enjoy the ride'!"