A note to a friend that is putting on a show and they Believe they can't
make ENOUGH with the tickets already sold.

I refused to pray for you because you come from LACK.

This is my thinking (energy) If I/We/Us create more participants you
will not see them as ENOUGH either.

Because as long as you are not happy NOW, you won't be happy WHEN.


My thinking is, I'll jump on your energy train of lack and help you
co-create your reality of it, by not participating either.

For in this you will FEEL that LACK does not serve you, (icky, icky
feeling) so in that, it will encourage you to choose Abundance.
(pleasant, pleasant feeling)

Lack is only a sign post to help ones become aware that they are fooling
themselves with a Belief that they NEED more.

When in fact, they have all they NEED, or they simply would Have More.

So I BLESS the lack of participants. Because their no show has
co-created lack for you, showing you, that you simply would prefer,

And far be it from me to inter-FEAR with your sacred choices.

As the old saying goes; There is MORE to been seen than can ever be

Bless All and Kiss it with Love.

I Love Love Love your LACK, for on the other side, is just waiting a
break through of your Utter Abundance!

So Lickity Lack, Lickity Lack, I choose to create you back onto the
Abundance track!

lov yah