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Just notes on what I feel I need to remember for later when listening to the session.

Bashar 11/15/2009 – Bricks Walls and Beliefs
Morning session

You are automatically propelled to reinforce your beliefs

2 basic motivations in life
• Move towards more pleasure
• Move away from less pain

Manifestation – your desire already exists in your reality; it is the process of giving yourself the ability to know that your desire is already here, already existing in reality; your belief system makes it your desire invisible to you; to obtain your desire requires an alteration of perception.

The power of paradox – because you can perceive both realities, they are coming from the center of your being

First comes intention, focus and concentration which works on higher levels, this is the first 15 minutes
Then comes surrender and letting go, letting go means you really know your higher mind is doing its job

You need to clear out your negative beliefs first

By focusing on your desire you expand your energy and the frequency goes up, you "collapse the wave form"; expanding your probability net with all probabilities; as you let go it collapses the wave form down to your highest probability, the path of least resistance, most likely probability to allow the desire to exist in your reality

All beliefs are ephemeral and have self-reinforcing mechanisms to exist, which inspire you to continually choose belief since every moment is s different reality

Negative beliefs, energy dissociates, polarizes, it's like a crystal, it's rigid and it has tricks to you make you not see the light.

In contract positive beliefs are fluid and can expand

Negative beliefs lock into your fear-based survival instincts, if you don't follow the belief you think you will die, which is a fallacy because you always exist, makes you think if you change the belief you will commit suicide and die, neg beliefs make it seem like you cannot ever change them; neg beliefs say to you "there is not doorway here, this is your entire universe, you cannot change".

When you are positive and in an enlightened state, you see all choices, you always have a choice to go back into the light.

Negative beliefs uses positive reinforcement (reward) to get you to buy into the negative beliefs, it makes you feels safe, protected for choosing the negative belief.

Give light to the negative belief, validate it as an equally valid belief, tell the neg belief that it will not die, expansion is the product of inclusion not exclusion

Everything has light, even negative beliefs; keep the negative diagram in front of you to remind yourself what the structure of a negative belief looks like

(note to self to research – is there anyone else in new age, growth and development movement, talking about negative beliefs as having a structure, like a crystal? Bashar makes it seems to simple. Most negative belief technology out there makes this stuff so complicated. Seeing negative beliefs as a three-dimensional structure makes so much sense.)

Negative beliefs can sometimes make you feel nauseous because you are experiencing vibrations that are out of alignment with your true self.

"What would I have to believe is true about this situation/people to generate this feeling?" (heard this statement at Landmark communication course leadership training in late 90's)

You need to behave as if the manifestation has happened, take the actions to know that show the reality is real.

Negative beliefs don't disappear, they are integrated as an equal choice; they are a mirror and can be used a great tool.

You can change a core shared agreement like gravity if it's relevant or probable to your expression in this life.

"chop wood, carry water" – never assume the physical and spiritual are not the same

If you are living your excitement, it does not contain the idea of destitution

All pain is resistance to the natural self

Entropy – from absolute equality can come the seed of a new creation

When there is no action to take, all the rules are gone and you can do what you want

Karma is self-imposed

Notes from after the Holotope Experience; Afternoon Session: After 15 Minutes and Counting

It only takes 15 minutes to go from plasticity to hardwiring a thought into your system

Manifestation – making the invisible visible; Bashar's counterpart is Anima

Stories allow you to experience the person's story energetically, so you feel, tasted, see and smell the experience.

Bashar told a story about learning to become a first contact specialist

You always carry a piece of your home world with you.

The "I am discourses" from St Germain are combination of higher self and physical mind

On UFO sightings, there will always be observations made and allowed to test a person's frequencies.

Blood type is an indication of the theme you are exploring

The threshold of believability – it's only your belief system that determines the timing of when something will happen;

Once you become aware of a situation that it is out of alignment with your true self, and you know it's not a habit or a pattern, you can examine the structure so you know the negative beliefs that are driving the situation

You cannot change what you do not own

Question about schizophrenia – making the infinity symbol with your hand makes the brain cohesive for a few seconds

2010-2015 the span, highest opportunity to rid the rest of the wave, any deviation from your true path will be experienced as pain

2013 – incidents of political relationship changing
2025-2033 – contact with ETs

Anything is possible, but is it relevant to your expression for this lifetime?

72 million years ago, the annunaki (from Sumerian history) came and created hybrid creatures with dinosaurs, what we know as reptilian ET.

Time travelers - could be shifting from parallel realities.

USO – Unidentified submerged objects, there are temporary ET bases under the ocean floor, in the crust of the earth

Bashar said some of us have travelled to our past.