"Constructive thoughts do not simply affect the system for good in some sort of a generalized fashion, nor do destructive thoughts simply happen to affect the system directly.

The effect of any thought is a quite precise and definite one that is set into motion specifically because of the nature of its own electromagnetic identity.

The physical system operates best within certain electromagnetic patterns, and is adversely affected by others.

These effects change the actual molecular structure of the physical cells of the organism, for better or for worse, and because of certain laws of attraction a habitual pattern will operate.

A destructive type of thought, then, is dangerous not only for the present state of the organism, but dangerous in terms of the future.

Poor health is indeed caused mainly by habitual destructive thought patterns which directly affect the physical system, because of the particular range within the electromagnetic system in which they fall; and despite any objections I will stick by this statement.

The bad health, for example, does not occur first, resulting in unhealthy thoughts.

It is indeed the other way around."

Session 198