i once observed a child throwing stones at a pair of ducks.

my body welled up with "no!" and i wanted to put a stop to the act.

however, i allowed it, and did not feel good about that allowance.

and so, i asked bashar about this challenge.

his first reply was "did they duck?"

i laughed and said 'yes, they ducked"

bashar replied; "ah, good, then they were being true to themselves!"

after i stopped laughing i asked bashar about allowing others to cast stones when it does not feel good to observe the casting. this was his reply:

"you are recognizing a vibration that is contrary to your true, natural self. your process is to radiate an example of how else it could be done but without the assumption or expectation that they must follow, because, only through unconditional allowance do you actually give them the best opportunity to change their behavior."