Host So it's fair to say if we are experiencing a reality that is less than pleasant for us, in no small part, we are responsible for that.

B: Yes, but we do not mean to imply that that means blame.
Responsibility, TOTAL responsibility, for the creation of YOUR reality means ultimate freedom in that way.

And it takes Acknowledging that YOU have created perhaps Acknowledging, that YOU may have unconscious, or sub conscious beliefs, or fears within YOU that can attract these realities.

Negative though they may be to YOU.

And in recognizing that YOU have those beliefs, in Acknowledging that YOU have those fears, then YOU own them. And simply remember if YOU wish to change anything, YOU cannot transform something YOU do not own. So first YOU must own the idea that what YOU do experience in YOUR life is YOUR creation. That puts YOU, as you say squarely in control, as you say, in the drivers seat. And then YOU can steer YOUR vehicle through life along the path YOU desire, once YOU know, YOU are firmly in control.
But the easiest way to do that is to recognize that the realty YOU experience is YOUR creation to begin with, even though it may be a subconscious creation.

Host: And that element of fear it would seem that what you're saying would back up what is commonly held in psychology, and I think religion, and certainly in philosophy, and that is; Fear is our biggest enemy.

B: In a sense it was truly stated in YOUR world that the only thing that YOU do in fact have to fear is the fear itself.

Because there is Nothing, Nothing, No Thing, inherent about any circumstance or situation that needs to create a negative result. Only the Fear, the Doubt, the Belief, in LACK of self empowerment generates the negative effect out of the circumstances that YOU then become fearful of.

And becoming fearful of the effects YOU generated with YOUR belief, to begin with, YOU may then reinforce that fear through the experiences YOU create.
But the experiences YOU have in life, they do not create the belief to begin with. The belief within YOU creates the experience which may then reinforce the belief and then re create the experience and catch YOU up in that cycle that YOU call your catch twenty two.

So simply it takes an understanding that if belief creates the experience. Once YOU change the belief, YOU will change the experience.
And we guarantee YOU 100 % that is the affect that will occur.
YOU can do it for yourselves and create the proof YOU need for yourselves to see that it will occur.