Seth: "...Your Christ had abilities which I still do not have...and he did appear in your form, but he was not of your form...Your people saw but a small fragment that they could understand.. .a fragment that was part of a larger reality they could not understand.. ."

"There is no real division between you and God and I...only a unity that you cannot as yet understand.. ."

"Prayer is very important... "

"You are part of God in that you are part of the consciousness that is, but you are not apart from a god who looks down on you and speaks...There is indeed as you conceive of it no hell or heaven...These ideas have been distorted through the ages...You could call hell a separation from the main stream of consciousness called God, but this is impossible actually..."

Peggy asks what religion in his opinion, comes closest to God as defined by Seth:

Seth: "I do not want to puncture your idealistic balloon. Buddhists
are perhaps closer, but no religion comes close really...

The man or woman feeling identity with each day that passes comes close.

Sentiment is practical.

The idea of birth and death each day is close.

Those who cry when they hurt a flea come close.

Those who appreciate the consciousness in every rock, tree, bird come close. Fools and idiots are often wiser than the wise man.

Hatred is death.

All things are sacred and every thought is a reality and has it own
potential for creation and destruction.

Experiencing every moment comes close...

I myself am not known for humility. Nevertheless my existence is dependent upon many things of which I know not. I learn through many existences, but I do not set myself up as many of you set yourself up, and I do not determine what shall be destroyed or who or what shall remain...such actions...are based on cowardice...

...Any idea of a God, no matter how distorted, will triumph, for He exists in everything that you know.

And when you kill so much as an ant, so do you kill part of Him in most practical terms.

When you kill in thought, you kill indeed."