“You are now beginning to allow yourself to know that the dream reality and the physical reality is no longer on this hand, on that hand – this or that. It is one and the same experiential reality. One and the same! With slightly different definitions to how you allow yourself to experience it. So! What will be a result of your allowance that you will literally begin to live, physically live your dreams. You will know that physical reality is a dream and therefore can be recreated in any format you wish. Physical reality is very malleable, very malleable! But because your physical reality dream contains the belief that it is not, then you don't experience it as such, in a conscious way, even though you experience it all the time."
Bashar's famous aphorism: DEPRESSION IS MEDITATION JUDGED.

Not implying that you are or consider yourself depresssed (you don't sound like it) but..... there are times when the world is overwhelming, confusing, and the only obvious thing one wants to do is curl up in a ball and sleep.

When that is the case, one should do that, just retreat and let the internal processes do their thing until you come out clearly knowing your next path of action. Bashar said (paraphrased) that that is a meditation, it is very necessary, good and right to do, and should not be labeled as "depression" or anything else as that is inappropriate putting down of self, a judgment of "there's something wrong with me because I can't cope with the chaos like everyone else does".