I have been not dieting these last few days. There is a noticeable bulge in my midsection. This is to be expected. My body is still on echo mode, wanting to be sure if this is what I want. I have been practicing being in the moment, acting on my excitement. I started a thread on the gm forums to journal my results.

I went out for a brisk walk this morning. It was getting upstream on the tables so I decided to take a break. When I got home, I did not diet and ate what I wanted. I first had an apple, showered while I had two chicken thighs roasting. I then had a salmon kinilaw for appetizer and for the main meal, two chicken thighs with three servings of brown rice. I then had two cups of coke lite to wash them down.

I feel like my body is getting fat, but that's ok. I don't mind. I am shifting into that reality where my body is no longer in fat mode.

I remember those times when weightloss was so easy. I was eating as much as I wanted and I was having fun. I did not have any worries, or not as much. I was in the light. Now I am getting back that. There are the usual things to worry about. I just remind myself that if I cannot do anything about them right this moment, then I will not entertain those thoughts.