I revealed to my wife that i was doing a variant of the gabriel method. I explained to her how the mechanism works as I understood it, but only from the physical point of view and not the metaphysics side--I'm not sure she is ready for it.

I allowed myself to have wine gums and a big pizza bread yesterday. I did not feel as drunk as I did before. In fact, I enjoyed that meal and chose not to feel guilty or bad about it. I do not really know how this is going to work, but I am open to the concept, plus there is the forum where other people have made it work in their lives. With models like that, I too, can make it work with mine.

This morning, I had my salmon, and a burger patty, plus coke lite. I drove the wife to work, and the kids came along as wife wanted to buy them churros. Marcus didn't want his so I ate his.

vian has basketball practice after lunch. There's still one burger patty plus chicken schnitzels for the kids. Wife might grocery when she gets out from work.