I think i'm on day three of the no more diet way. I'm eating whenever and whatever I feel like eating. This so my consciousness will know that I am no longer on a diet, and that I am open to that reality/experience where I will have perfect health simply by acting on my excitement.

I remember instances in my life when I was in perfect health. I remember those times that I was at peace at the least, or having a grand time living. In contrast, there were times when i was strictly following a diet and yet the pounds peeled off very slowly.

I've been on a diet for a long time now. i think synchronicity has shown me that there is a different way to do this, a more fun and enjoyable way of having perfect health. And I am, I have shifted to that reality.

In the past, after a carb meal, I always feel lethargic, feeling antsy. I don't feel that anymore when I have healthy carbs. I only get that way when I overdoes on junk food. This morning I had ice cream but saw to it that I ate nutritious foods first, have my fill, and then I ate ice cream. I did not finish the remaining ice cream. I did not feel like finishing it. I already was satisfied.