I used to enjoy watching oprah, now I don't. It feels heavy, it's like watching the news. I feel bad after I turn off the tv. It's good to keep updated, but at the cost of me feeling bad about it.

So why am I feeling bad about it? What would I have to believe is true to feel that way? That I have no control over it? I, as in the local mind, really have no control over anything. Trying to control everything is futile. You can't. I can't, I mean. What then?

Just be in the state of being that I prefer. Then everything falls into place. Like this gabriel method thing. I don't really know how it will turn out. Already, I feel bloated for all this eating. So what's next? Start clearing the system. I ate bread. Ordinarily, I'd get junk food. I did not. I had a big loaf of bread for lunch, and butter. That is progress. Plus I walked going to the grocery.

Where am I going to get the fun part? I don't know yet. I am just open to all this. Let's see what happens from here.