we just had diner at kfc, and i am stuffed!

my local mind is having an issue about not having a diet. already i feel my tummy extended and feeling like i am headed to 200lbs. with thoughts and feelings like these, it is going to be a certainty. what do i do?

i can be open to the idea. if my local mind thinks i need to do low carb and follow my excitement to lose the weight, then that will work. as long as my local mind is resisting the not knowing, it's going to be tough and that conflict, resistance and anxiety is going to put me out of the light.

i wouldn't concern with that right now. i am already stuffed. i'll just enjoy the rest of the evening. the wife and kids still have ice cream. i don't think i want to have that. then i am going to bask in that knowing that i chose not to have ice cream anymore.

that much is different.

i can review poker hand histories instead, maybe play a game for an hour or two.