See that huge run up from breakeven? I've been trying to replicate that, focusing on doing things outside-in. Looking back, I was losing weight, getting out more, having a grand time, hence the reflection shows on my experience reality.

These days, as you will see on the latter part of the chart, I feel like my frequency is lower. I haven't been feeding myself well. I am in the neggies most of the time.

I'm going to shift now. I am going to feed myself well--this is primary. When I am ingesting healthy foods, I feel better about myself. I lose weight. I am more active. I'm not doing this to get the chart moving up again, but to feel better as a whole person.

Soon as I close this browser, I am going to do yoga.
i removed skype from my system last night. this so i'd stop wondering whether the deal was going to push through or not.

last week, i sent out messages to two potential investors whether they are interested or not. yesterday, i had the skype open, the two were online. one didn't respond back, while the other one kept me on hold for half an hour--twice. that's not how i'd play if i were interested. and it got me pushing uphill.

after i made the decision to give it up and allow what is, i still kept wondering at the back of my head if they replied or not. best way to get around it was to get rid of skype altogether. now i have peace of mind.

i am feeling better now.
i get it now. my poker has been on a downswing since last month. i found the trigger. my wife told me she had 6k in credit card debt. i had been racking my brain trying to figure out HOW to solve this issue.
i just got a message from the universe/higher self--stop looking for stakes.

somehow i had this notion that i need outside help to improve my poker. looking for a stake, things were a bit uphill going for me. it took all morning for me to realize that this was synchronicity telling me to look someplace else. it's not outside.

i quit my skype, took a walk, took a break from life and now i feel better.
Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking, that other people won't feel insecure around you.