i get it now. my poker has been on a downswing since last month. i found the trigger. my wife told me she had 6k in credit card debt. i had been racking my brain trying to figure out HOW to solve this issue.

as bashar said, the local mind is not capable to know how things will happen. it is only designed to know how things HAPPENED. me trying to figure out how to overcome the credit card issue was getting myself out of the light.

my imagination tells me that the poker business will work. all i need to do is to put in the volume and not be concerned about results. no expectations. i call this the supernova marathon. this is composed of two things:

- attaining supernova status
- running the auckland marathon on oct 11, 2011.

these two ties in together. i haven't run a marathon before but i used to run a lot. it's hard getting started but the key is to find something you like about it, a positive definition. i enjoyed running because i get runner's high plus i lose weight. losing weight increases my frequency. to run a marathon, you only tie in the kilometers together. one kilometer at a time.

to get supernova on poker, i don't have to worry about variance. it works all the time. i just put in the volume, one hand at a time. just see the flop on each hand. if i get the nuts, then good. if not, fold and see the next one. it is not my job to know how i am going to get supernova from uNL. i will never be able to figure it out i a hundred years how to do that. all i need to do is to act on my insights. when i get an insight, it is the higher mind telling me which way to go. if it doesn't work out, at least it gets me going in a certain direction.

and that's all i have to do. day in, day out.