I joined this challenge on miles for march 2011.

Either I increase my daily run to 8.3kms (every other day) or run the same 5km but 2 days on, rest on the third. I think the latter is better, easier for me and less time consuming. Running 8km just like that is a 50% increase in mileage. There's a lot of options to consider here, but the 5km 2:1 run is best for now. I'll start tomorrow morning.

I did not get to run this morning. I woke up before 2am this morning and felt dizzy. Weird. I felt like throwing up and at the same time wanted to poop. I had to go easy getting up thinking I might faint. It must have been something I ate during the day. My bowel was loose, but I did not throw up. I got back in bed and made the decision I am not running until I can gauge if I am feeling better or not.

The rest of the day today, I was OK. It must have been something I ate. Will resume training runs tomorrow morning.