My inerest led me to writing a blog, but my ego is trying to figure out how I will get supported doing so. My curiosity led me to google blogging, now my ego wants to keep reading articles online on how to make money blogging.

I am going to let this go now. No sense for the local self trying to figure out how. As bashar said, the physical mind is not capable of know HOW.

So what got me into writing? I have several blogs on every topic that interests me. I have been doing morning pages since the start of this decade. I write a lot not to make a living out of it, but because it is a means to self expression.

I blog about almost everything that interests me; from riding my bike, playing poker as my business, being a house husband, giving my opinion certain topics--everything I can think of.

I have lost count how many blogs I am maintaining. Right now, to stop from obsessing about blogging for money, I write. I just write whatever comes to mind. No need to edit. I just write whatever comes in.

Sometimes, I edit these, most of the time, I leave them alone and just hit publish post.