i made the switch to using the dvorak keyboard layout today, I am typing so much slower now, I am going to put in time to practicing with this in the coming days, I am allocating twenty minutes everyday to doing this, just like what I did with morning pages.

Man, this is slow typing. I will get used to this over time. Small price to pay for efficiency in the long term, The lawn service guys were here a few minutes ago. They have gone now. I am doing my morning pages, not as easy as I thought it would be but I will get used to this, Over time, Maybe do this for a month and I will be better than my old typing speed,

After this, I play poker. The punctuations are foreign to me. When the ego takes over, things slow down. Just practice. Keep writing. Practice each day... I will get there. The left hand will get used with the load it has been given. What else do I write about? I don't know. Just keep fingers moving and things will get easier. What is making it hard for me is comparing now to how I used to type. That's ok. I feel like a robot. Time's up!