I have been experiencing a lot of resistance lately. My poker business isn't happening as expected. That tells me there is expectation there instead of allowing things to simply be. At the moment, I feel like I am trying to make things happen. I see that. Maybe that's why these things are here. They serve as a reflection telling me where, or who I am.

Not that I will change these things, but I will allow them to be, and in the process, change myself and shift into that parallel earth where I am more of who I am.

This is why I write. These come out. I see them in front of me.

I have also been following my interests lately. I can't say they are exciting, but something that piques my curiosity. One of which is that I installed linux ubuntu on my pc as a dual boot. The pc, after I press power on, will boot up ubuntu first by default. If I wanted to play poker, I select windows vista to boot up. The poker software that I am using in my business rely on the aero theme of windows vista. This is not available in linux at the moment.

I don't know where this interest will lead to. No need for me to see further down the road. The process is for me to be in the moment and be more of who I am.

I feel like I don't have to listen to bashar mp3's anymore. I feel like the tools they gave, I am aware of, using them and are inside of me. When I find my self out of alignment, upset and in resistance, I am able to apply the tools. Listening to them feels like it's getting me out of the moment, so it's best for me to just be.

PC needs a restart.