100 Pokemon Brought to Life through Creative Art

Time to write. I woke up from a pleasant dream. I can't remember what it was about anymore. It has already faded. Wife left for work. I let myself affected by her comments about me doing the laundry then it rained. I have been upset about it all day long. I did not want to hear anymore about it so I bit back. One thing about the weather, you can't tell what is going to happen next. My daughter asked me to wash her bedsheets as it was making her itchy. So I did. The morning sun was up while doing the laundry and did not turn sour until hours after. I didn't know.

And, who cares?

Moving on now. I am that state of being that I prefer. I am not letting outside reflections nor outside reality tell me otherwise. It is all me. I am aware of that now and am conscious about these things now. I can change the font size on this so I don't have to squint to see these. I found a great ruby tutorials site last night and was going over it when the wife got home.

At least this way, I am setting a good foundation for my basics. I am learning one thing about ruby each day. That is all that I need for now. Anything else that I will need will come along as I need them, not a second too early, and not a second too late as well. Do I need to add old school mates that I did not interact with back then? No need for that. I can tell the difference and that if the need arises. I think, I feel like I have everything perfect at this time.

What am I having for breakfast? There is grilled cheese sandwich for the kids. I can make them that. Rubbish is collected this morning. I will attend to that after I finish these. My little boy wants to be first with the wii. I can't help him with that. He will have to get up early for that. Who else reads blogs like these? People who needs to read them. Welcome i you are reading these.

These are like practice pages for me. Do I need to go out today? I have become a stay at home person over time. Back in manila. you will seldom find me inside of the house. I stay at home mostly in the morning, but after lunch, I am out of there and wouldn't be back until after midnight. Those were the times when I was still single.

I guess my kids are going to go through that as well. I am going to get used to that idea then. The kids, they are smart. They can figure things out as well. Like when I tell them to use their heads. On those times when I insist that they do what I say, they tell me that I told them to use their heads and that they were only doing so. They are correct.

Was that the trash truck I heard? I think it is too early for that. They usually come around after lunch. In a few instances, they do come earlier. I mill attend to that after I finish here. No need to rush things. They will be back next week anyway. Things are perfect as they are. Am I just sugar coating things here?

In a sense, yes. What you put out is what you get back.. If I do not define things the way I prefer, then it will be defined unconsciously. Then things will from from that. I would rather have things in the light so I can see where I am going. On those times when I can't see the light, I sit in the dark and find that thing that will take me to the next level. It always works out for me. This is how things are in my reality.

I am writing so much more these days. When I start writing about how much I have written, that tells me that I am getting bored with this and want to move on. But I am still here. That tells me that practice is still in progress. No escape. Simply be in the moment then. Wife is not pregnant. That is a relief of some sort. But her body is telling her something else. What is it?

I think she needs to listen to her body more. Maybe she does. We will see what comes out of this. As usual, it is all for the better. No need to see it as good or bai. It is only so.

Three more minutes to go into my writing. The cat, I gave him the leftover spaghetti sauce. I don't think he liked it. I will go check later if he finished it. I lost that train of thought there. Rather, the ego missed something there. But the higher mind caught it and in is in there somewhere. I am moving on and forward from here.

What else to write about? Nothing much. I am simply running the time down so I can finish these. Natasha might come over today. Will she ask for a sleepover? I think she asked her mom by now. I think they will defer that until next week.

100 Pokemon Brought to Life through Creative Art