I woke up around 1am this morning, itchy from dives. I fired up the pc and did something, I forgot what it was. It probably had sometihng to do with my learning how to program. After an hour or so, I went back to sleep and had a good sleep. That was one extra hour for me in my day. That is something that I am doing here.

Still no balance in my account. I think I can puh the funds back in there. There are still a lot of players in pokerstars. This means that if the US is too uptight, then they won't be in on the party. not my loss, but theirs. I can resume with the business. And part of that business is automating the process. I am learning how to communicate with the .c so I can tell it what to do. The level I am on cight now is manual.

There are a lot of resources on the internet. What happened is that I have become an autodidact. A self learner. Self taught. And I am learning how to use the ruby programming language. I think I am doing progress with it because it is making sense to me. And I am not so bored with it. It's not an end all. It is a jump off point. I might do well with it, or it might shift into something else along the way.

I try not to have any expectations about the things in my life. Natasha is here again. She is not sleeping over. Things feel lighter with this. I used to have a lot of resistance with this issue. So what has changed? I don't know. Maybe because her mom brings food to help out. Maybe I had some compensation issues about this.

I guess I am not treating her as a guest anymore but respect her presence as part of the family. She is always here anyway and spends a lot of time with the kids, so...

Writing is not as fast, not at the speed of thought. I was thinking it might be easier if I made a cheat sheet for the ruby thing, but I haven't done anything about it. That tells me it's not part of the process right now. So be it. Let's just get to the other side for now and be in the moment.

What else to do around hece? I will resume studying ruby when I finish these. The kids are playing in the living room. It is all quiet. That means they are getting along well playing together. The eldest kid is shifting out of childhood, so she doesn't or isn't as interested lately. At least she is behaving more responsibly and helping out with some of the chores around here.

Wife is in the office. She is going to be out the whole day. I think I can run later tonight. I am feeling better compared to yesterday. There is more itch because of the hives, but it will be gone in a few days. At least it is all good practice for me to be in the present. I observe the itching and try not to scratch them. That somehow puts me at ease.

I am learning a lot lately. I am shifting my frequency so I will be more aware of the present. That helps a lot. I don't think I want to choose to visit the doctor while the kids are on holiday. I wonder how much they charge for child care around here? Should I charge them for this service? Not really. This is part of the synchronicity and I welcome it.

If I get paid for it, then well and good. If not, things will be attracted in a lot of different ways. ANd I am open to them even if these doesn't make sense in the beginning. I stopped posting to the tumbler blog. People actually read those. Or maybe I should post there again?

We will see. I don't have to pay attention to that, but we will see what happens. What else is there for me to write about? There is no jollibee around here. Thank goodness. It gets tiring eating there all the time. After they stopped serving mustard with their ketchup, I do not enjoy their burgers any mor.

I wonder who else serves mustard? I think the local wendy's store has mustard on their burgers. I enjoy that. I like going there. But today is the start of the new me. I am now raised my frequency. Raising my frequency, correction there. It is a process. Everything is a process. That is how you make things malleable, flexible.

I think...

It's fun to mess with the kids.