I made some adjustments to the cheat sheet in front of me, adding tighlights to the home row so it is easier for me to locate them. After thise, I will resume studying ruby. I played a session of poker ayter watching glee with the kids. It was a sideways session. I get a lot of those. It is more the norm. Those homerun days are highlighted because of these sideways days.

This means that, all I need to do to make good with this long term is to be patient. If, when I rush things, wanting to be something else than what I am now, I hit a lot of road bumps, but I do learn my lessons and I move on from there. I think that is key here. There were like, 80k players in the poker sihe today.

Again, compared to the other poker sites, they have the most number of players, bar none. That is important in a poker site. There is varietp, and there is a higher percentage that there'd be fish on my table. Fish, meaning, someone who will pay tuition to learn how to play better. Meaning, they'd showdown with their stack with no better than top pair. It happens.

I ran late this afternoon. It was a good run. I ran better than I did a few days ago. The kids aro excited that their mom is going to get them more wii cd's. That's ok if that is what she wants. This is part of her process. Since this is my blog, I am going to air my opinion on this.

I think it'd be better if ste got a pc for the kids. It is almost the same amount, but the pc has more functions to it. The wii, it is just games. They can't even use them for homework. The games they will find on the internet are limitless. plus, these kids, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them will be interested in procramming their pc. I got hooked myself. Plus, the wii, they get emotionally affected and that starts fights. And I am the one who has to deal with that.

Oh well. That's her decision. That is her life. I am not going to let that affect me. Sometimes I allow myself to get there, out of the light. This morning I was out of the light. I think my normal routine was disrupted and I was mean to her, in words, telling her that she was fat. I felt bad doing that. Oh well.

I can't, do not prefer to dwell on that so I am going to move on from there. I get afferted myself when playing poker. It is called tilt. I get out of the light and lose mf center. That happens. That way, I am made aware that I can get easily thrown off. That way, I can deal with it better in the future.

It is easter weekend. It is quiet whet I ran. I think I ran faster but it didn't feel leke it. I felt I was running in a slow average pace and I was ok with it. I think what made it fast was that I wasn't really forcing the pace. It was a more natural pace for me. The train of thoughts was easy.

I will do that again tomorrow. I am running two days on, one day off. That way, when something comes up, there wouldn't be a big two day gap in my training routine. These kids get emotional playing the games. I wonder if the wife is aware of that. I think it is just part of them growing up. Should I intercede? It is none of my business if that is going to get me out of the light.

I wonder why natasha comes over all the time? Does she not have friends some place else? Maybe this is part of the synchronicity. These kids get emotional with their games. Then when things get out of hand, I need to, or asked to interceie. Maybe I just don't want to be the bad guy in the situation. That is part of life. It is part of the process.

I wonder how the wake is doing. I'd be there if I was in town. But I am not. This is part of the process and I make the best out of it. I wonder when we can come over for a visit? That is the top of our to do list, more is more like my bucket list. I don't know nor want to put expectations on it. When it is going to happen, nothing can do anything to stop it. I don't even have to make a lot of effort. Things will happen so fast and easy.

When we left manila, things happened like it was easy. Looking back, I was forcing things to happen. I know better now. Why are the kids upset? They watch too much conflict on tv that it becomes like the norm for them. Is there something I can do about it? I can set a good example by how I live my life.

Any other way?