It is only now that I am writing? I guess so. Daytem, I played poker, but most of the time, I was paying tuition. After some time, I decided enough and focused on learning about ruby instead. And I learned a lot this time. I read about ruby and using input/output methods, specigically, about databases.

The app I am making will use database almost all the time. This is one aspect of learning that I am concentrating on. My cousin is visiting oz. It must be very exciting for him. I am happy for them. It was exciting for me to travel to nz with my family. By taking that trip, I hope, I think he will gain that frequency in such a way that he can use it to shift into that reality that he prefers.

That is where my practice is at the moment. The kids have a new wii game cd. It is keeping them happy and occupied. That is what's going to get them busy in the coming days. The eldest daughter went out this afternoon with her friend to hang out at the mall. Just the two of them. They are exploring their independence.

When I was a kid, I think I started exploring malls at around grade five-ish. I think. If I remember correctly. It is because it was around that time that I was already taking the public transport to get from here to there. I usually wont to the mall with my cousins. It was a group artivity for us. In the end, before going home, we would stop and buy donuts. That was the cheap thing we can afford with the money that we had.

Today, I don't know how much it would cost for my kids to have such an adventure. My daughter showed me this necklace that she bought for herself. She had her own money when she left I suppose. She got home at the same time that the wife got home. Then and there, I went out for my run.

After dinner, I resumed my ruby learning. I stopped because there was this symbol that was part of the code that was causing an error message. I had to take a screenshot. post it to my blog, then share the question to the ruby forum. I think I can check the answer for that tomorrow.

The poker funds are still pending. I have a few more days to wait this out. Do I want to deposit that with pokerstars? They have the most number of players, bar none. No question about it. I am definitely putting my money there again. I am doing so to be able to play higher stake levels.

I think I can play at 10nl but with 100bb buy ins. That way, I can earn more points that way. I think that will work out good for me. Now to allow them funds to reflect in my reality. I will check again tomorrow how things are doing in the background. Am I typing as fast this time? I think so. This is definitely faster than that time I first shifted to this new layout.

I posted a quote in facebook and got a like from the target demographic--women. Wife said she likes facebook but don't like the idea of sharing her life with the world. I don't mind posting stuff there, but not the everyday things that is happening in my life. Sometimes I do so, but only to point something out.

Most of the time, I just share things in there that I found on the internet. Sometimes I change my mind and delete what I post after less than a minute. Reason? Taste. If it don't appeal to me after I see it on my wall, then I take it out. I miss times in manila. Things are different here. I feel like I don't quite enjoy going to the malls here. I think that reflects my definitions. I see them. I can change them as I see fit.

There is no need to keep definitions that dousn't fit me. Otherwise, it is someone else's luggage that I am holding. Soon as I realize that, I let go. I realize these when my emotions are in the negative. Soon as I feel that, I check in with myself to find what the belief is. That is what or how my days go along.

Lately, things seem to be negative. I feel like I am in resistance a lot of times. Why is that? I try not to wrestle with it. When I am made aware of it, the least I can do is to sit with it--allow it to be part of my reality. That way, it doesn't get more power over me, and I learn the lesson that comes with it.

Either the font is bigger, or I am writing more these days. Either way, this is good practice. The sleepover kid is coming over tomorrow. That I tag as synchronicity. That it is there to show me something. In the past, I would classify that as a nuisance. Not anymore. The kids are again playing star wars. There is no school tomorrow. They can stay up late.